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Friday, April 17, 2009

Book winner...

Oh my goodness.  Okay... so life has been busy for me.  A little bit of junk (you know), a lot of family and church activities (Easter - so fun!), a really special boy's birthday (and a surprise trip to Disneyland - just me and him), and getting ready for our upcoming photography workshop - let's just say BUSY!
So, I am sorry to say that I completely forgot about the little book give-away!  I went to www.random.org and #9 is the winner - so, Beth with your sweet comment:

"I have been wanting to read her new book. Didn't you feel temple worship was such a big part of conference. I would love to read waht she had to say!
I have enjoyed reading your blog and think you have a great talent for writing. Never sale yourself short as a daughter of God you can do anything. You just happen to write very well! 
I enjoy seeing your gorgeous family!


You are the winner!  Please leave a post with your e-mail and I'll get your info and send it over to the author.  Yay for you!

*Also, Salsa Mama, I need your e-mail address too!  I need to get you the workshop info!*


Beth at Aunties 9:24 PM  
This comment has been removed by the author.
Beth at Aunties 9:33 PM  
This comment has been removed by the author.
Salsa Mama 8:31 AM  

Here's my email: pswhetten@gmail.com

Thanks soooo much, Holly!!! :)

Kristal 10:19 AM  

Um, for your next giveaway, giveaway a trip for someone to tag along with you on a shopping trip to Utah! I'll enter under all of my many different names...Kristolia. haha!

Hall Fam 4:24 PM  

my email is jdhall05@gmail.com
i'll call you when i get back in town the first of may so we can do lunch!

Mike, Chelsea and Co. 9:49 AM  

Hi Holly,

I'm signed up for the photog workshop and paid thru paypal but my paypal email hasn't been working so I'm not sure if I've missed any information for the workshop. I emailed picturelife@live.com back when I signed up to let them know of my email (mcostler at hotmail dot com) and haven't received any info. Just wanted to make sure I'm not missing something that I'm suppose to know or do before the workshop.

Thank you,

Megan 10:59 AM  

Hi there, you used to have a tutorial on your old blog about how to post pictures on your blog and make them BIG. I was wondering if you could post that again, if it's not too much trouble??? Thanks!

Holly 12:45 PM  

Are you Chelsea from "Fairy Tail Bows"? I feel horrible that you haven't gotten any e-mails.... let me know....

Tamee 8:06 AM  

Ok HOLY CRAP, Holly! I came to read your blog because Vonda posted a referal to your blog about all the crazy that is going on with your pictures. Wow! Who would have thunk that society could become so corrupt, and that so many people would have varying opinions, or twisted truths. What a mess to have to deal with. Vonda has been bugging me to go private....I guess you have now convinced me of the yuck that is really out there.
Take care of you and your great family. Love ya.

ellen 1:39 PM  

I'd love to still read your blog - patton_ellen@hotmail.com. It was one of my faves.

Jennifer 3:14 PM  

Hi Holly,
I am desperate to get the name of the company where you got your canvas picture(s). You had it on your blog and I always meant to go back and check but didn't! I would so appreciate the name, if you would just leave a comment on my blog. Thank you so much!

Holly 5:27 PM  

Canvas picture? Where I have my canvases printed? Sorry... sometimes my memory needs a little help! Ha!

Who knows what he will say next 3:53 PM  

Hi Holly,
We would love to get an invite to your family blog when you go private. Deke and I love getting to see what you guys are up to. Thank you again for the cute pin board for Avery it is absolutely adorable in her room. Did you make that? You are so crafty :) Our email is dekeandmekell@hotmail.com :) Love, Deke, MeKell and kids

ejamanda 8:18 PM  

Hi, Holly, I am so sad that your blog had to go private. I love your pictures, your house, your decorating. I loved seeing your Halloween pics of the kids in their costumes. I would love to be invited to your blog, but understand if you do not want to. Here is my email address, but is not my main one, as I don't want to share it here ejamanda@hotmail.com . Do you have to be a member of blogger to be invited?

I don't have a blog but have been wanting one. Now this kind of makes me leery. I'm not sure if you're on facebook or myspace, but I am and can share my profile (it's private)with you so you know who I am, or can email you a picture of my family.


shawni 11:28 PM  

Hey Holly, I just came over here because I'm finally getting back to some of my old comments and found all this crazy stuff about pictures being stolen. I'm SO sorry you've been going through this! So, my question is this...if I have sitemeter is that a "blog patrol"? Am I crazy not to be private? Now you're making me worried. Anyway, sorry you've had to go through this and let me know if you have any advice for me.


cara 6:13 PM  

HI Holly,
Not sure if you are checking this, just wanted to tell you that I miss visiting your blog. I only posted a few times, mostly commenting about your fabulous photos and asking about lens suggestions.
I would love to be invited into your private journal, but totally understand if you are inviting people you know better.
Best of luck

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