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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Homeschool help....

I had no idea SO many of you homeschool!!!

Okay, so I honestly still don't feel like I REALLY know what I'm doing or know where each of my children are in different subjects....some I do, some - well, not so much.

So, I guess I thought it'd be fun to have you share with me your favorite websites where you go for inspiration, blogs, activities, favorite books, your most favorite memory of homeschooling, favorite programs, etc.

I just feel like I have a LONG way to go.....a REALLY long way. I guess I'm just feeling overwhelmed and need something to brew a little excitement inside of me!

Thanks a bunch! Mwah!


Mary 9:17 AM  

Hi Holly,
I go to HomeSchoolReviews.com for curriculum help, or pioneerwoman.com for ideas, and Titus2.com, and also www.whyhomeschool.blogspot.com.

SHURTER'S :) 10:02 AM  

I have lots...





and the list goes on and on...
I can give you more if you need them! :)

Ashlee 10:01 PM  

I don't have a lot of ideas but I do like homeschoolshare.com

Timeless and Treasured, Photography by Heather 11:34 AM  

This lady is quite a source of inspiration....


Ashlee 7:28 PM  

I Thought this new blog had a useful idea...


Lois 2:07 AM  

A friend in AZ has been homeschooling for years now and does an amazing job at it! Her children have been able to make the transition from home schooling to Universities successfully. She is still teaching her younger children at home. If you'd like to give her a call or email her let me know and I'll give you her information! Keep up the great work! Also have a UT friend that was homeschooled as a child and now homeschools her children. They meet with other homeschooling groups in the area several times a week.

carolyn peeler 1:42 PM  

Holly, have you been getting my emails? I'm wondering if they're being blocked as you're usually awesome at getting back to me :)

Imagination Destination 10:08 PM  

Hi Holly,
The resources are endless and can become very overwhelming. I would suggest to not get too involved in your resources because it can consume all your time. Since this is your first year, and you haven't had any time to prepare, I would take it very easy. Mainly focus on the curriculum for your oldest because you don't want him to get behind. The younger ones can catch up quickly. Stick to the basics for the first year, reading, writing, arithmetic, and science & social studies for the oldest. It will all fall in line. Call me if you need any help organizing your schedule/curriculum.

J. Paige 4:41 AM  

I wouldn't home school high school again unless I used BYU's program- for little ones I really like Singapore math- lot's of pictures and really kid friendly. Games are great- scrabble slam for spelling, etc. Good for you!

Labyrinth Gal 9:47 AM  

http://thatartistwoman.blogspot.com/ is an art teacher & has some GREAT lessons & ideas.

Classroom Direct is a one-stop shop for getting teacher supplies. You can get lesson planning stuff, educational games, books, supplies, etc. Also, GREAT books for making your own educational games with household items.

When I taught first grade, I did tons of Brain Gym with them and had learning stations set up around the room. If I could turn it into a game, that's how they learned. Classroom Direct REALLY helped me with supplies, planning, etc. I had state curriculum goals I had to comply with, but HOW I taught students was up to me. (The link is WAY too long to post, here. Just Google "Classroom Direct").

Also, as a former classroom teacher, I can tell you that so much of the school day is wasted time. Don't think that you have to schedule EVERY moment. Cooking meals can be a math lesson, a journal entry, a reading exercise.

Here's a great blog for some fun ideas, too & to remember that childhood is FUN! http://kimandjason.com/blog/

All the BEST, :-) Hali

rsr 2:15 PM  

Hi Holly!

www.lessonpathways.com :)

Rosie in IL :)

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