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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Thankful {Day 3}....

for my baby! I know...he's hardly a baby anymore. In fact, he's well on his way to being all grown up. But he'll always be MY baby! After Little Miss was born, I was quite certain we'd be "Brimhall - Party of 5" forever. Her never-ending tears and my deep dark depression was telling me my life wouldn't be as I'd always imagined...with a church bench full of blonde-headed, chubby cheeked, cheerful children. Luckily, Heavenly Father knew better than I and decided to bless us with another sweet baby.

Grant, I've been loving all of our one on one time together. Yesterday we stopped at Wal-Mart on our way home from the gym. I only needed a few things, and you wanted to explore. I laughed as you squealed and ran towards a huge poster of "Scoopy-Doo"....ha ha! I'd ask you over and over, "Who is that?" "Scoopy-Doo!!! Scoopy-Doo!!!" I love that you bring me tangerines and ask me if you can eat the "pumpkin". I love chasing you around the park, now that the weather is finally cooling off, making you laugh so hard that you collapse in a giggling heap in the sand. Last week, Grandpa and Grandma offered to take you home for a few days to hang out with Garrett and Brexton, who had already been with them for a few days. Even though I REALLY enjoyed being able to go the temple WITHOUT having to find a babysitter and loved getting to help at the Halloween parties at school with daddy, I REALLY missed you. I'd lay down in bed at night to go to sleep...and it just felt weird. Like something wasn't right. And it was awfully unsettling for me. I love how you've recently started opening up your tiny set of scriptures when it's your turn to "read" and watching you move your finger over the words while you repeat your scripture. Grant, I'm thankful for YOU!

I LOVE this little set of pictures....





HollyC 11:53 AM  

Hi! What a little sweet pea you have there! I have two children that seem to be ignoring my orders 'not to grow up' and I'm so thankful to God that he's allowed me to be their mother! Blessings to you and your family!

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