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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Honesty is the best policy....

Last night we decided it was TIME to have another family home evening lesson on honesty. We had caught some kiddo's telling some little white lies here and little white lies there. And a lot of over-exaggeration going on. And it was starting to get to me.

We shared some different situations about people who had been honest and people who had been dishonest and then discussed how their decisions to tell the truth or lie affected their lives and their feelings and their relationships. The kids actually sat and listened and participated and discussed things with us. That doesn't always happen....often there are kids rolling around on couches, other kids poking the person next to them, etc. But the stars must've aligned last night, or something, because it went really well.

We introduced an "Honesty Under Pressure" Award....because let's be honest...sometimes it's hard to tell the truth. We let the kids think for a few minutes and then they each got to share an experience from the last week about how they were honest. It was great to hear about the times they had chosen to be honest. We took a vote and this person was the first one in our family to receive this special award....


Grant was pretty excited about it and is proudly displaying it on the side of his bed. Jarom told us that he had asked Grant if he had made the mess upstairs, if he had gotten all of the toys out. And he said, "Yes!" The kids all agreed that was being honest under pressure....because that meant that he had a big job of toy cleaning up to take care of.

PS Yikes...those fingernails are nasty. Time for a trim and bath, obviously! Ha!


k. novella 1:26 PM  

what a wonderful idea holly! i love that you gave out certificates for it too. love this idea!!!

Kristal 8:43 AM  

This is super cute. We're having the same issues around here. Mostly a 5 year old and an 8 year old. The 5 year old caves pretty easy, but the 8 year old....it's cake for her to lie. We'll have to try something like this.

Tori 2:52 PM  

He is precious, Holly and this is such a great idea!! I love that you are always evolving as a mother, and the lessons you teach will be appart of your children forever.
Pat on the back :)

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