Hi! I'm Holly Brimhall, a newborn photographer in Gilbert, AZ. I am the mother of 4 and a lover of ALL things baby. This blog is where I share the life of my family and favorite pictures of my newborn photography sessions.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

It just stinks....

that I have to do this.  But I HAVE to.  There is no way around it.  I have been in tears all morning - a total wreck, sick to my stomach, hands shaking, wrenching sobs, feeling like I've been irresponsible as a mother.  My pictures have been stolen AGAIN... and this time it's just gone too far - WAY TOO FAR!!!!  This website makes me want to kneel next to my toilet.... let's just leave it at that.  I have to leave my blog up for a few more days to work with the "owners" of the website to get my images deleted to prove that the images are mine.  Why is this world filled with sick people?  I have been taking screenshots and am hoping this will be resolved soon... but my blog will be private.  I will continue with my craft blog.  All of my posts from this blog have been transferred to a private blog - all of my comments, all of my links, all of my precious family memories.  PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE protect your families.  Put some kind of blog patrol on your blog.  Watch your statistics.... watch where your visitors are coming from, look for suspicious behavior, or JUST GO PRIVATE!

*I'm still mulling this whole thing over in my head.  This blog may stay open... just without pictures of my kids faces.... or maybe not.... I just don't know*

UPDATE:  Everyone who reads this needs to install some kind of sitemeter or blog patrol on their blogs.  Google it and you'll find one to use.  Watch it closely.  However, you will not be able to keep all of the weirdo-s out, I'm certain of that.  Check the stats regularly - take action if you see anything suspicious.  The "people" who stole my images say that they are harmless and didn't know people wouldn't want their images used by strangers.  For real?  This website is FULL of kids - just random snapshots taken from blogs, modeling agencies, etc.  Supposedly all harmless... but I didn't see it that way.


megan 9:27 AM  

I'm sorry, Holly. It is sad that someone would repeatedly take advantage of you, and it hurts all of us who gain inspiration from you in more ways than one.

megan 9:28 AM  

And you are not an irresponsible mother! There are so many of us who do the same thing you do with our blogs. The only ones who are irresponsible are those who do sick crap like steal photos of precious babies.

Debbi 9:34 AM  

I am so sorry to hear this. Your photography and blog are inspiring to me. So sad......

Kelly 9:47 AM  

I really hate to hear this Holly! It makes me so mad that people would even think of doing such a thing. You blog is so inspiring to many that don't even know you personally including me!

Anonymous 9:51 AM  

I'm so sorry that you are taking it private. Your pictures are so amazing of your beautiful children. I'm not a photographer, just a mom, but your pictures always inspire me.

Dawn 9:53 AM  

Such sad news. Your thoughts and photos inspire me and I know many others as well. Thanks for sharing your life with so many, you will be missed.

Michelle P 10:10 AM  

So sorry to hear this Holly! You are an awesome mom...people just stink more times than not it seems. Hope it all works out for you....lot's of love coming your way!!


I was shown your blog via my googlereader and love reading your updates. Your story about your accident was such a touching one. I am sad I will no longer be able to learn from reading your blog. Good luck with your situation with the thieves...

Jennifer 10:12 AM  

This makes me so sad. I'm so sad that it happened to you at all - let alone AGAIN.

I had a car stolen from me once (used for joy riding probably by teens) - oh wait, it wasn't even my car. It was my mission companion's that she lent to me while she went home for Christmas. It was the most sickening feeling. It was impossible to tell her. I had no means to replace it. I parked it in the lot while going to work just like everyone else, but it was gone when I finished for the day.

I'm just so sad that so many of us love and enjoy your photos, your example, your stories - and somebody is taking that away from all of us. I'm sick about it too.

Again - so sorry.

slivengo 10:16 AM  


I am so sorry to hear about how you have been hurt. I can only imagine, as a mother myself, how ill I would feel. There are so many of us who share pictures of our children, and it could happen to any of us.

Do you mind sharing how you figured out your pictures were taken? It scares me to think this could be happening to many people who have no idea.

Mindy 10:18 AM  

Why?! I hate that we can come from such an uplifting weekend, to have to wake up to a reality like THIS.. you are such an inspiration and will be SO missed!! You are an AWESOME mother.. don't let those negative thoughts corrupt you and bring you down. The agency of others sometimes sucks.. I will be following your craft blog, I'd just miss YOU too much!

Diana 10:22 AM  

I am so sorry to hear that this happened to you. It's such a shame and you have every right to be angry, sad, and hurt. Please know that there are people out there who read your blog who are genuinely good. We are inspired by your family, your stories, and your photos. I'm hoping you let a few of us switch over when you go private. I can't imagine going through my Google Reader without reading your blog! Hugs to you!

Chris and Andrea 10:25 AM  

I am sorry that this has happened twice. You are a wonderful photographer and a great writer. I wish nothing but the best for you an your family. Good luck and keep us posted on your craft blog Ü.

Bekah: 10:27 AM  

so sad! I am so sorry!

Rachel 10:32 AM  

I'm so sorry that this has happened, why do people have to do this kind of stuff??? I have always loved your blog, your photography is amazing and I always love your craft ideas and your decorating style is to die for!


MW 10:34 AM  

I am so sad to hear what has happened to you. Even though I don't personally know you, I have followed your blog for a while. Your pictures have inspired me and lifted me. You are a gifted photographer and will truly miss seeing your blog. Good luck getting through this mess.

Melanie 10:38 AM  

I just wanted to reiterate what others have said. I am so so sorry that this has happened to you again. I can only imagine how sick you must feel about it. It is sad that there are people out there like that. I am sad that the rest of us will now miss out on your talents and inspiration, but I appreciate the efforts you've made to share them before this incident.

Hall Fam 10:39 AM  

i am sorry all this has happened. that is crappy. i would love an invite so we can stay in touch! love ya! devryhallatgmaildotcom.

Hall Fam 10:39 AM  

btw- i think you are a great mom so don't ever doubt yourself!

sarah 10:46 AM  

i am so bummed- you truly inspire me to be a better person and photographer. If you have room, please send me an invite- sarahblamires@gmail.com

christa 10:54 AM  

I'm sorry this world is filled with such big fat, inconsiderate, stinky, unimaginative jerks. I really hope you get you images back--that violated feeling must be sickening. I also really hope that who ever took them cannot sleep at night and the diet coke they drink the rest of their lives tastes like dirt!

Best of luck, btw, I am really looking forward to your class in May!

Ashley 11:00 AM  

I'm sorry Holly! That stinks. I made my blog private and I'm so glad I did. I will miss reading about your family! I realized I never invited you to my blog, but if you would like an invite, just email me at arluntatgmaildotcom.

Erin 11:09 AM  

Boo!! I hate that you have to go private. Your blog is one of my favorites, but I understand that you have to protect your family. I'd do the same.

Ashley Madsen 11:13 AM  

That makes me so sad! I have loved your blog for a long time now and have always looked forward to your neat ideas and gorgeous photographs. Your family is gorgeous.

Amber R. 11:14 AM  

I honestly don't understand why people do what they do! That is just ridiculous... I am soo sorry!


maureen 11:14 AM  

I am soooooo bummed. I love reading your blog Holly. Why do mean people ruin things for nice people!! So upset that your precious photos were taken. Sick...just sick.

Lindsay 11:27 AM  

I always hate it when the few ruin it for the rest of us! So sorry that you have to deal with this. I will miss your blog and all your amazing pictures.

Mandy McMahan 11:33 AM  

I am so sorry ... that is just disgusting that someone would steal your pictures. I am fearful now ... I have two blogs (family and photography) and have considered going private on my family blog. How did you discover that someone stole your pictures? You are AMAZING and every time your blog comes up in my Google reader I am thrilled because your pictures just energize me! I'm sad you're going private but only in a selfish way because I so want to continue seeing your beautiful work.

I know you're probably so busy with taking care of this terrible mess, but I would so appreciate hearing your story about this whole thing. I need to learn how to be proactive with my blogs and I am grateful for your warnings.

Thanks for sharing this news (cruddy as it is) and for reminding us to be safer with our postings. Best wishes to you as you navigate this yucky experience.

kristen 11:50 AM  

so sorry that this happened to you again. your photos are such an ispiration to me and they will be missed but i totally understand. take care.

Deb Hanna 11:54 AM  


I am so sorry that this has happened to you again. I will miss your blog and your beautiful children but I, like everyone else, understand your need to protect your children. Thank you for your inspiration and wonderful storytelling.

Debbie 11:58 AM  

I'm so sorry Holly. Sorry for you... sorry for us who enjoy reading and seeing photos to accompany your words. I hope it is resolved soon.

*Amy R.* 12:05 PM  

I'm so sorry to hear that. You are a good mother to protect your kids. I love your blog but I don't understand why people are so sick in this world that they would mess with your innocent kids pictures. Do whatever it takes to bring those sickos to justice and go private. I will miss seeing your inspiring posts though but I would do the same.

Shawna 12:05 PM  

It really is sick, what some people do out there. I will miss your posts and photos of your cute kids. Just looking at your photos taught me so much about photography and has helped me see what kind of photos I want and how to take them. If you have extra invites I'd love one. shamoms@cox.net.
looking forward to your craft blog!

elizabeth winsby 12:09 PM  

i am so sorry Holly. I have to say I am totally freaked out. Can you go into more detail so that we can all better protect ourselves?

Ashlee 12:17 PM  

I am so sorry something happened. I have enjoyed your blog so much. Thanks for all the tips along the way. If you are able, I would love to know what happened so we can all better protect ourselves.

onehm 12:19 PM  

SO SAD! I really enjoy reading your blog and will miss it terribly. I understand why you have to do it though.
People are seriously crazy.

Christina 12:22 PM  

I am so sorry that this happened. I'll miss your wonderful pictures, but family comes first. Hopefully things will be resolved quickly.

angeliclenore 12:23 PM  

I am so sorry! It is awful that there are such bad people in this world! I will be sad that your blog will be private, but you HAVE to protect your babies first! Good luck!

Timeless and Treasured, Photography by Heather 12:25 PM  

I would love to know more about what has happened. I love your blog too - I am a mom and photographer, and love to decorate my home (you are such an inspiration!). Now I'm worried and don't know what I need to be worried about! Can you please share how we can keep our kids and their pictures safe? My e-mail is hlosteen@comcast.net

Joneel 12:26 PM  

Hi Holly, I'd love an invite also.
(I'm Christine B. in your ward)friend. I met you once. Went straight home and checked out your blog, and have enjoyed seeing your many wonderful posts since. I hate to put my e-mail right here for people to see. Maybe I'll e-mail you with my e-mail, if you can give me an invite.

stace 12:30 PM  

so sorry holly!! that really stinks. I would love an invite to your blog.

ellen 12:38 PM  

You are a wonderful mother and I am so sorry you are dealing with this. I can't imagine.

Would you mid telling us how you found out? So we can be sure our blogs are okay? (Not that my pictures are ANYWHERE near the quality of yours...you just never know)

Thanks in advance!

Megan 12:41 PM  

This is probably sounding tedious, but you're absolutely adorable and real and I'm bummed that you're going private. I got hooked on your blog several months back and I look to you as an example I'm definitely one that knows about the sick, jerky people in this world and I'm sorry they've affected you. I'd really like to hear your story as well so that I may protect my own blog. Good luck!

MMW 12:42 PM  

So sorry to hear. Your blog and pictures have been one of the highlights of my google reader time. So... how do we protect ourselves? How can we know if someone is stealing our pictures or stalking our blog? Where can we look to find out?

Jennifer 12:52 PM  

Oh Holly, I am just SICK for you. I'm so sorry this happened to you again. Your blog has been so inspirational to so many of us and I'm heartbroken you won't be able to share anymore. If you end up bringing some of us over, I would love an invite.
I also want to hear how you found out and how to protect MY blog. Ugh. SO scary. I'm SOOO sorry.

AZmommy23 12:57 PM  

Hi, I check your blog out every once in a while through a link on a friend's blog. Your photos are always amazing, and it disgusts me that people can be so greedy and selfish. Like the other comments, I'd be very grateful for any info you can give us on protecting our photos and blogs. You mentioned checking status, etc., and I have no idea how to do that. How did you find out someone had stolen your photos? Technology is so cool, and so creepy at the same time.

Shelley 12:59 PM  

Oh Holly, I'm so sorry this has happened to you again. If your kids weren't so darn adorable ; ) Lots of people will miss out on the inspiration you give. I'd love to have invite if you're giving any. Hope your day gets better.

southerninspiration 1:06 PM  

oh, that is awful......I LOVE your blog, seeing your pics, reading about your faith.....and that you openly share. I am very sad that you will go private and I would love to be able to keep up with you. I'm with some of the others...how do I find out who is coming to my blog, and from where????


Are You Serious! 2:20 PM  

♥ I can't understand the methods people have at all! I'm so sorry this is happening! I've really enjoyed all of your posts and pictures! Take care, Melissa

Lisa 2:53 PM  

Unbelievable! Just as President Monson said on Sunday, the internet can be used for wonderful and enriching purposes (like YOUR BLOG!), but also for ill...

So, so sorry. You are a gifted photographer! Your photos have inspired me to learn more about photography so I can preserve memories in a more beautiful way. If you have roomin your private list, my email is lisaowens99atmsndotcom. Good luck!!

Heather 2:57 PM  

Oh Holly, I'm so sorry. If your blog had never been public, I never would have happened upon it through pinching your pennies, and I never would have gotten to attend your wonderful workshop! I'm so grateful for all the inspiration you've given to ALL of us. I'll truly miss seeing your posts in my feed reader everyday. Your family's safety is what's most important though. God bless!

Brad and Kimberly Lester Family 3:15 PM  

I am so sorry. You are truly an inspriration to so many people. We all benefit by knowing just a part of you that you share with us and it would be so sad to lose that. I hope that we can be invited to your private blog. I look forward to the time that I can meet you. We have emailed each other a couple of times about photography. I would love to take a class from you. I am from AZ, but moved to UT last August. I think one of your sisters told me that you are related to Gale and Sherry Brimhall. They are close friends of ours from the ward/stake, and an inspiriation to us also. I hope to still be able to stay in contact with you through your private blog. Our email address is: BRKYL7@MSN.COM

Take care...you are a super mom...protect your babies.
Love, Kimberly

Wife and Mom 3:16 PM  

I look at it and enjoy it everyday. Please invite me at esaxon@bellsouth.net if it ever goes private.

cara 3:18 PM  

I am so sorry that you are dealing with this again.
I will miss visiting your journal and learning from you, but I completely understand-Family must come first!
Good luck getting this all resolved.


Heidi 3:35 PM  

Wow! How horrible. I am so sorry you are going through this. I love your blog and it is so disturbing that people can be so hateful. ((BIG HUGS))

carolyn peeler 3:44 PM  

Gosh Holly, I'm so sorry to hear this.
Totally understand your feelings on protecting your beautiful family.
I'll be praying that you can get everything sorted out soon and that the heavenly father will bring peace to your soul.

Hang in there!!

Melinda 3:52 PM  

Holly I am so sorry to hear this! In no way are you an irresponsible mum! I love following your updates and the beautiful pictures of your children you provide inspiration on so many levels and I only wish I could achieve the same gorgeous photos of my children that you do of yours. I wish you all the best in sorting out this incident and hope one day your blog will return so we can all share in your amazing creativity again!

Lauren 3:57 PM  

so sorry this happened to you. i will miss your posts and beautiful photography. you are such an inspiration.

Alicia King 4:08 PM  

So sorry to hear about this, I love looking at your blog, very inspiring. I too...would like to know how you discovered how your pictures were being stolen.

Hilllary Howland 4:11 PM  

So it's pretty obvious due to your comments that you have touched so many people through your photos and your words. So sad that this had to happen to you and your family. Hopefully you will be able to invite those who wish to continue to be inspired by the Sunshine in Your Soul!

Kameron 4:27 PM  

Oh Holly. I'm SO sorry. I can't even imagine stealing someone's personal photos! It's just mind-boggling. Keep up your personal blog, though; that's what this is really for, right? It's your family's journey. It's the Joy in the Journey (to steal from Letia's blog), and it's yours. Not anyone else's. Make the blog private and don't feel like you have to invite anyone - not a soul! We will miss it, but that's not what's important here. It's your safety and peace of mind that are important.

Tanya 4:43 PM  

I am VERY sorry, Holly! Unfortunately there are some sick people in this world and we got to do what we got to do to protect our little ones. I've come to regard you as my friend and been following your family's life and adventures for a few years. I am about the same age and have four children, 3 boys and a girl. You've been an inspiration since 2peas days. Best wishes to you in whatever you decide!

tiffunny 4:46 PM  

I'm sorry too. I don't get people. There are so many good people in the world, but sometimes the few stinky ones really cloud everything. Could you fill us in (if you ever get a chance and fill like it) with how you found out about it and how they were stealing your pics so the rest of us can try to prevent the same thing happening as well? Did your pics have watermarks on them? Was this a person posing as you again? I'm so sad that people did this to you & like everyone else, we will sorely miss getting read your blog. I've attended your classes and so i love checking up on some of your new photos & also your decorating! But protecting your family is way more important than entertaining & inspiring the rest of us! Best of luck!!

DeAnna 4:53 PM  

Holly, my heart breaks for you. I know we dont know each other, but I look forward to reading your blog. You are an awesome mother, great friend and a talented photographer. I am sorry you have been taken advatage of. I am sad that I wont be able to continue to watch you grow as an amazing woman of god and gain encouragement as a mother, but I understand that your children come first.

Mike, Sha, Kenna, & Kate 4:54 PM  

I have been following you blog for a little while-for the crafts and photography-love your skills. I have been debating about this too. What website is stealing the pictures?

Christine Sweet 5:18 PM  

Any way to be in on the "private" group. Would LOVE to remain a viewer/reader. You are such an inspiration in so many ways. Does it help that I'm a christian? he he! Check out my blog (that I haven't updated in FOREVER, but still at www.dasweets.blogspot.com
I truly understand your move.

The Reed's 5:34 PM  

Sorry to hear that this has happened. Some people just can't leave others alone. Thanks for sharing with us, you will be missed. Thanks for keeping the craft blog! As we have been counseled to do this past weekend, have faith and not doubt even as the world is a harsh place.

Cori 6:25 PM  

I recently found your blog and just love your photography and family is beautiful!! Good luck with whatever you decide to do, I would love to keep following.

christy:) 6:31 PM  

I am sorry this has happened to you!!!! Your blog is my all time favorite! And your photography is so inspiring, however I completely understand... you have to protect your family!

Nicki, 6:48 PM  

How horrible. You will be sadly missed and I'll miss seeing photos and reading (inspirational) stories about your wonderful family - but I totally understand and would be outraged if it happened to me. I am not allowed by my children to post any photos of them (teenagers!!) - but I will heed your warning and get a site meter on my blog.

Brock and Lisa McKeown 6:56 PM  

Sooooooo Sorry that happened to your family. I hope you were able to get all the picture off. I guess everyone needs to be careful like you said. How sad!

frillsfluffandtrucks 7:05 PM  

Oh my goodness, I am so sorry. That just is disgusting that somebody would do that!! UGH!!!

Your photographs are gorgeous and I'm sorry I won't get to see them any more, but I completely understand the need to go private.

~ Sarah

April 7:45 PM  

This is such sad news!
I do have the tracker on my blog but have not really been updating in such a long. I too have been really thinking about going private instead of not blogging. The world is not the place it once was.

If you send invites I would love it if you could keep me in mind: atkelley@sc.rr.com
Your pictures are so amazing!

Franklund 7:49 PM  

Holly I am so sorry to hear that this has happened again. I understand why you are going private. I just wanted to share this link hoping that you might post it and share with your readers. It is a right click protection for blogs.



melanie liljenquist 8:06 PM  


I cannot believe that. People are just crazy. It is so sad that it does have to come to this. I love you blog and truly love the great photographer you are. I cant belive someone would steal your photos that stinks. I truly think you give all of us so much hope and inspiration so I am sorry that somebody ruined it for everyone else. Keep in touch.


Shauna_Rae 10:57 PM  

I was sad to see your post tonight. It scared me with my blog. How did you find out that it was happening? I have really enjoyed your blog. You have made me be a better photographer with your inspiration. I just wish want to be able to take your class someday! I would love to be invited to see your private blog if you have any room.

Anonymous 11:31 PM  

...your little people will be so protected and your mind will be put to rest. I love your blog but love YOU more and know that we will stay in touch in other ways. Trouble is, I don't know if I have your email. I think you've got mine. Facebook helps so I'll leave my address on your account.

I love you.
Peace will come. I promise.

Kristen Duke 1:07 AM  

I keep my photography and family blogs seperate. No kids on my photog blog and family is private. It stinks to have to do that because I'd love to share my family with my clients, but I've never felt good about it. I think being a great photographer and having cute children makes you more susceptible (thats what I thought, and why I don't do it).

Kate 4:31 AM  

Thanks for the advice, Holly. Who would be so sick??? I LOVE your blog and often go back in your archives for photo poses, decorating ideas, etc. I'm so sorry this happened to you.

One question - did the person steal your photos w/ your watermark on them??? I didn't know if that ended up helping?! Just wanted to know so I can protect my little family.

Again, I'm so sorry. You have a beautiful family and DO NOT deserve this. Good for you for taking a stand!

Angel 5:17 AM  

Looks like I am not the only one who will miss this blog, I am always uplifted by your down to earth insights. You have inspired me to work harder on making my own photos better and making my own blog better. I will miss my visits here! Thanks for sharing with us, even though we are strangers! I am now going to figure out how to put a tracker on my own blog! Sometimes I forget that we live in a world where filth is all around us. Good luck and if you ever decide to invite more readers I would love to be on that list.

princessteach 6:38 AM  

I'm so sorry that this happened to you. You are a total inspiration to me. I love seeing your children's smiling faces, they help start my day. They are precious. You share so much with all of us, it is a very sad day.

Michelle 6:48 AM  

Holly, you've read it many times already, but I am sorry to hear that this has happened. If you are like me, you hope that people will visit your blog with hopes of finding a little inspiration both spiritually and creatively. You have been both to me. I would certainly appreciate being included in your private blog list, if that is possible. I would also love to know more about how you came to realize your photos were on this type of website. I do have a sitemeter account and have seen a couple of things that worried me, but was unsure how to follow-up on anything. Any information you would be willing to share, would certainly be appreciated. That sickening feeling you talked about, well, I am afraid to think what I could find. My email is michelleconwell@yahoo.com.

yvette 6:52 AM  

Holly I am so sorry this has
happened again to you and your family. Your blog will be greatly missed and I loved your photography because you gave me so many ideas as far as composition when it came to my taking photos of my kids with my rebel.I totally understand the kids come first. I will miss seeing your progress in decorating your home and now I will have no ideas to follow. I recreated your pumpkin pillows and the little wooden people with my daughter and darn I never copied the recipe for those little crackers you made since they were always available on the blog. People can be so cruel.
Take care and God Bless Yvette

Raquel 6:57 AM  

UGH! Why do people have to be so dishonest and cruel? I'm so sorry for what you are going through and even though I don't know you personally I can tell through your blog that you are a great mother. Your children seems so happy and content with their lives and that is what I wish for for mine. I would also love an invite if you are inviting people brauns5899@charter.net (if not I totally understand and will miss your fab photos-still think you should do a workshop in MN or even Chicago;))

Adventures on the Farm 7:20 AM  

Holly- I hate to hear that someone would do such a cruel thing to you and you family. As you know you are such an inspiration as I have contacted you many times via email. I hope you figure this all out and know I am praying for you and your family....You will be greatly missed

Monica 7:36 AM  

Hi Holly,
I am a dedicated follower of your blog. I am constantly inspired by your photography skills and your creative projects! I come here every few days for inspiration. As a brand-new mom myself, I find myself wishing I could take photos as well as you!

I am so sorry that you are dealing with this right now. There are a lot of sick people in the world and it stinks when you come in contact with them. It does not make you a bad mom.

I will miss your blog! Take care and hold your children tight! :)

The Olsens 8:17 AM  

I am so sorry. I will miss your blog. I have really enjoyed reading it. You have inspired me to be a better mom-- to enjoy my kids more and I love how you share your testimony of Christ in all that you do.

And of course, I love your photography. Attending your workshop was wonderful and I have grown as a photographer because of you. Thanks for sharing yourself with so many people. We are all better people for "knowing" you.

Take care of your cute family and yourself first. If ever want to add to your invite list, I'd love it.


Sarah Stephens 8:34 AM  

I'm so sorry. That is awful! I love reading your blog. You are inspiring to me with all your many talents. I would love to be added to your private list (stephaa@hotmail.com).

I am totally nieve to how people have bad intentions with others blogs. If it's too much to ask maybe you could do a follow up post on why people do this, and how to know who is doing it and what you have learned. I'm disturbed and confused by it all.

Amy 8:57 AM  

Like everyone else, I will miss your blog! I can't even remember know exactly how I came across it, but have really enjoyed your posts and of course your photographs! Best of luck to you and your adorable family!

Mandy L 9:03 AM  

I'm so sad to hear this news. I've followed your blog for a few months now and have been inspired to start my own just for journaling purposes...and YES, I have set mine to private. But I will miss seeing your beautiful photography and all of your wonderful blogging - you have been such an inspiration!

Julia 9:36 AM  

I'm so sorry this has happened to you. At least you found out what happened.

I'm also hoping you'll let us switch over with you...but totally understand if you dont.

Just love your spirit and that of your kids, you totally inspire me!

Crystalyn 9:39 AM  

holly, i'm so sorry to hear about this. it makes me sad, angry and a bit nervous as well. i would love to keep reading if that option is every available. i hope you are able to get this mess sorted out for you and your family.

like someone else mentioned, i would be so interested to know how you found out. i have site meter and watch it but sometimes have no idea where people are coming from and how to find out if they are doing anything. i need to learn more.

again, so sorry you're having to deal with all of this. you are a terrific mother and are so good to your babies.

Kori 10:11 AM  

So sorry Holly that this is happening to you! Sad to hear you will be private as I LOVE your blog, but completely understand! Please do not feel like an irresponsible mother...your character comes through loud and clear on this blog and is proof that you are an amazing mother!!!

Kylie 10:11 AM  

I am so sorry! :( It is a sad world that we live in. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog and would deifinitely miss all your gorgeous pictures, but I TOTALLY understand. Just one option, if you want to go private and invite more than the 90 limit or whatever it is. Create a log in an password that you can give to more than one person. We have our enrichment blog set up that way for our ward. It has a username and password that we give to everyone in the ward (because obviously we couldn't invitie them all). And then you could give that to people you trust? Just an idea.

Pajama Mama 10:56 AM  

I'm sorry it's come to that, but i never knew about your crafting blog, so I'm glad for that link! I'll also check out sitemeters...thanks for the info, and keep us posted,

Elise 11:06 AM  

Like the others have said, I too have found your blog inspiring as a new photographer. Your family is just so adorable and unfortunately people who don't have the best intentions think so too. So sorry this has happened to you....

Kami 11:10 AM  

That's horrible, and creepy! I understand completely though. I'm just gonna really, really miss reading your uplifting blog. Gosh I feel like I've witnessed your babies grow over the last couple of years, sniff sniff. Would love an invite if you decide to take some of us.

Nancy 11:26 AM  

you don't know me either but i find your photography so inspiring. some people are so awful. i hope you keep up a blog with some of your photography anyway!

Lauren 11:46 AM  

I'm so sorry Holly! I have loved reading your blog and will miss it dearly. You are truly an inspiration to many!

Rach 11:52 AM  

I am so sorry this happened to you!! I love your blog and SO enjoy seeing your photography!

Scrappinfor3 11:54 AM  

Wow! I will surely miss this blog. It's linked on my blog. . .not that I have a ton of readers or anything. Man, the nerve of some people!!!

Kevin and Andrea 1:44 PM  

Holly I am so sorry. Blogging is such a fun way to share our talents, brag on our kids, and just get a little outlet to the world of blogging buddies.

I am so sorry someone has had to ruin this for you. I have read your blog for over a year now, and I want you to know that you are an EXCEPTIONAL mother. You can't help what others do. You have done everything right to protect you and your family. I must agree though, that PRIVATE is the way to go. I feel SO MUCH better since I went private 6 months ago. It just gives me a piece of mind I didn't have before.

Also I hope you don't mind, but I put your story on my blog to let all my friends/family know how important and serious this really is. I have been telling them for MONTHS but I hope it finally gets through to them. Hopefully your story will i
inspire them to be safer bloggers. Thank you so much for sharing your life and beautiful photographs with so many of us over the years.

You TRULY are a talented woman. I will miss all your sweet, inspiring and uplifting posts.

jill marie barrett 1:46 PM  

i love your blog! i check it every morning. could you tell us what happened and how you found out so that it doesn't happen to us? and what steps you are taking after you found out. are you taking any legal action? you should give us their blog address so we can all go over there and give them our piece of mind

Jen Kesler 1:55 PM  

I love your blog! You are a wonderful inspiration (both your positive personality and beautiful photography)! I will be sad if it does go private, but I completely understand! Thank you so much for sharing your life stories and photos!!!

Anonymous 2:06 PM  

YIKES! and YUCK! Can we leave you our email addresses to be invited to a private blog? I would have to miss out on your genius talent! You inspire me!

Shannon Olson 2:46 PM  

I too, am sorry to hear that. Like so many others, I don't know you personally, but "checked in" with you to see what great things you were up to, so I will miss your inspiring blog.

Life Is Beautiful! 3:52 PM  

I would still like to read your blog so if you decide to invite those of us out there who are honest and have no malice..... I totally understand though. my email add is brettandkamla@yahoo.com. Sorry about the creepy people out there :(

shannon 4:47 PM  

How truly terrible. I am so sorry that has happened to you! your photography is so inspiring on so many levels. I love hearing about your workshops and so hope to attend. Will you be telling us about the workshops through your craft blog? Again I am so sorry for you and your family. How did you find that they were taken and put on the blog? Was that through a sitemeter? Thanks again!

Christine Dallimore 4:53 PM  

I am so sorry to hear what has happened. I am a photographer as well and it's just horrible that we always have to be so careful with these types of things. Please know that I have enjoyed reading your blog. I loved how you shared your testimony with others. What a fabulous example you are! Will you please continue to announce your future workshops? If you ever come to Salt Lake, I would love to take it!! :0)

Wendy 5:51 PM  

I am sorry this happened to you again. I know the feeling the same thing has happened to me twice and you feel so violated :( I hope things work out and you are a great mom that likes to share your life with the rest of us...who LOVE to read about! Best Wishes

Jenna 7:37 PM  

That is sooo sad. I did install the blog patrol. We will miss you!

noneya 8:04 PM  

just a tad over dramatic aren't we? wrenching sobs... shaking.... I mean.. I understand being upset... but your pictures weren't even watermarked or anything... how cna you not expect someone to steal your images..... I will admit you are a good photographer... and when you don't watermark your images... you are asking for trouble..... whether you disable right click or not....

Renee' Dezember 6:53 AM  

I am so sorry - it makes me sick and sad as now I will not be able to view your beautiful photography anymore I can only dream to take photos as amazing as you...you are doing the right thing by going private. Again I am so sorry :(

gini mars photography, the blog 8:04 AM  

holly sorry that this has happened to you. reading your blog brings such inspiration to my life. you are not an irresposible mother. your kids are your first priority-that is very obvious. there are just some people that have to do horrible things. i am sorry that happened to be you that they did it to.


Lettie 9:11 AM  

I have enjoyed your blog and have frequently visited. Your photographs are inspirational and beautiful.

Long Family 11:52 AM  

You are such an amazing mother. I don't know you you, but I have enjoyed looking at your blog. You've always uplifted me and inspired me to be a better mother. I'm so sorry this happened to you.

Nina 11:56 AM  

oh holly, that is so terrible. i know how you must feel. this same thing happened to me. this has nothing to do with you and what kind of mom you are... you are an amazing mother... it's so sad that the rest of us have to lose out because of someone else because i love watching your kids grow and seeing your beautiful pictures! good luck with everything!

thegoldfam 1:12 PM  

I am so sorry also... I know there isn't a whole lot more to add that hasn't already been said but I think the comment section alone shows there is more good out among the blog world than bad!

I would love to know how you found out someone stole your photos. While my photos are not nearly as good they are still my precious children and It does make me nervous if someone is taking them!

I would love to one day take a class from you! You are very talented! Best of luck to you family!

Ali 1:32 PM  

Holly, that is a terrible thing to happen to such a sweet person & good mother as yourself! I hope you'll share more details on how you found this and how to protect your blog before going private. Oh, and I hope you update your craft blog - didn't know you had one until now, but I have to say that I check your blog often for craft & decorating posts. They're my faves.

BTW, here's our # in case you go private and I lose contact w/ you. Call if you and the DH want to catch up. It would be fun. 275-8006.

Hugs, sympathy and a few good curses being sent out to those bad guys!

Ali T.

April Pizana 2:04 PM  

wow- ditto on everything said here. sorry to say i know how you feel. I had a previous client start a photography biz and used the pics i took of her baby as hers. she (like your offenders) said "oh i wasn't trying to sell these as mine". but it interesting how she removed my watermark in every pic. made me sick just like you feel.

anyway, i've followed you since 2peas and you are great at everything you do- decorating, being a mom, photography, etc. keep it up and hopefully you'll let people sign up with time. *hugs*

Pricilla 2:35 PM  

I have been following your blog for the last couple of months and am so inspired by your pictures. I will miss seeing your work. So sorry that this has happened to you and your family.

Heather H 3:31 PM  

I too am so sorry that this has happened to you, it was such a hard decision to make my blog private about a year ago so I understand. I will miss seeing your beautiful pictures.

kathy 4:39 PM  

I am so very sorry about all you have had to go through with this mess. I find your blog inspiring, uplifting and totally enjoyable to read PLUS it is through yoor blog i found out about your photo seminar with Amanda. I am heart-sick not to read your entries. I am very blessed to have found you. Let me know if there is a way to still get ahold of you and ask some photo ?. You are an amazing Mother and it felt like I had met a rock star when i was able to go to the SLC photo class. All the best!!

Tori 5:06 PM  

OMG, how are you coping? I hope all goes well and you get them back. I know you will never feel better about this, but maybe you can find some peace?
THinking of you, TORI
If you make your blog private, I understand- If you would add me, I would love that too. I love your work and your inspiration.

Nancy Armstrong 6:34 PM  

So sorry this happened to you!
Would you be willing to share with me the site...I have had some strange things show up on my site meter.
I'd also love an invite to your private blog :)

The Hill's - Jordan, Megan, Taylor, Bentley 6:34 PM  

Holly - You are without a doubt NOT an irresponsible mother! In fact, I think you are one of the most amazing mothers out there! I strive to be as great of a mom to my kids as you are to yours. They are always SO happy and doing such fun activities! I completely understand why you are feeling the way you are. I had to go private for some very disturbing reasons myself. It's just not worth it when it comes to your family! I would love to still be able to view your blog and get the inspiration I always receive when reading it. My email is jomeg143@yahoo.com.

So sorry to hear that you have to go through this. Hope your sweet family is doing great otherwise.

LuckyGabi 11:03 PM  

So sorry to hear that happened! It has happened to me and I don't understand how people think it is okay. I "thought" I had everything to protect me, no right click, site statistics and constantly search photos. Some people don't understand it is actually against the law and punishable by law or maybe they just don't care. You are not a horrible mother in my eyes, you have such a beautiful family and I hope the best for you and your family.

Ann 6:50 AM  

Yuck...that's awful! People can be so mean and sick.

I, too, enjoyed following your blog- your photos are beautiful and gave me hope for my own, LOL! I will miss seeing them! I would love to be invited to follow as well...annsalley@comcast.net

All the best-
Ann in SC

JakenDebbie 2:42 PM  

I am so sorry, Holly. How horrible. I would love to still have access to your blog...it's great to keep up with what everyone is doing.

Labyrinth Gal 6:39 PM  


Your blog was the first one I ever read, thanks to your FIL. Your BEAUTIFUL photography has been such an inspiration.

Take care of yourself and your family. I send you prayers for PEACE in your heart. You are an AWESOME mother! All the BEST, :-) Hali

MariaH 8:24 PM  

I'm sorry Holly! This is so outrageous, I can't believe there are people out there that would do this! We love ya.

sherida@blogspot 10:56 PM  

Holly, Holly, Holly I am so sorry! I just want to hug you right now. I hate that you have to go private, but I understand. Anyone would do the same thing to protect there kids.I look up to you more than you could ever know. You are an amazing mom!

Angi 7:03 PM  

Holly. So sad to hear of yet again someone cliaming things are theirs when they are not. How will we find out about your photo classes. I still have not been able to fit it into my schedule to be able to come but would love to be kept abreast of that. I really love the can can site and your crafty site. Let me know. Prov.3.5@hotmail.com
Angi Carlston - Dr. John Carlston's Wife

Keisha 8:42 PM  

I am so sorry to hear this. Love looking at your blog and photos. Keep being an inspiration to others. I know I as a mother will monitor my photos more closely because of you:) Thank you!

~Kim 10:09 PM  

Oh Holly, I just read this and am just sick that it's come down to this. I think you are absolutely doing the right thing. I often worry about my blog and rightfully so...we are the only ones that can protect out children!

I know there are limitations to the private blog, but I would LOVE to have an invite.

Thanks for all of the inspiration, tips, and reality of being a mommy Holly! You are a FABULOUS mom!


Leigh 8:37 AM  

I've been thinking about you all week. Hope things are looking up. I'd love to be added to your list:


Katie and Levi 11:35 PM  

Hi I am Karli's high school friend. In her blog she mention something about the probs her sister was having with the pics being stollen. It scared me so I went to your blog to see what was going on. Thank you so much for the heads up! I am thinking of going private now. I didn't want you getting scared that another stranger was looking at your blog... I just wanted to know what Karli was talking about. Thank you again for sharing your story with us. It is very much appreciated.

janapl 1:30 AM  

Protecting your kids comes first. Since there are so many who refuse to show common courtesy and basic honesty I support your idea of going private. Maybe on your craft blog you could continue to post about your life (minus the pictures and specific info about your kids)? YOu have blessed so many!

Amy 2:26 PM  

I'm so sorry to read about what has happened. I really enjoyed reading your post and seeing your photos. You are an amazing photographer and you gave me inspiration to be a better photographer myself. I wish you all the best.

Karen 7:55 PM  

that is really crummy. I hope I can get an invite to your private blog...

Lori Smith 10:25 PM  

I have checked in on your blog from time to time through your awesome cousin Cami! I am so sorry this happened to you & your family. I think you are extremely talented & a wonderful person. I hope it all works out & the thieves get the stricted punishment possible...like $2500fine per photo they stole! Take care sweet girl! We're praying for you in Idaho!

rebecca 5:28 AM  

So sorry to hear this happened to you. I found your blog a while ago and love your photography. You're old header inspired me to make a photo collage header on my blog. I think we'll be going private soon too.
Best wishes to you.

Elizabeth 11:42 AM  

Holly, I'm so sorry this has happened. I will miss reading your blog, you have been so inspirational to my photography and my family! Thanks to you, I installed blogger and I was shocked at the traffic I was receiving, so I'm glad I did and now I know where it's all coming from.

Caspers, but not the Ghost 6:02 PM  

hey there, I just read this, and am changing my blog to private! thank you for the information, i passed it along on my blog..with a link to your posts. i hope thats okay, i just want the people i love in my circle to be informed as i was. THANK YOU!

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