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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

A weekend at the lake...

is always a good time! Last minute, we changed our plans from going on a camping trip to a lake trip... and it was fun - not even close to perfect, but still fun, nonetheless. Thursday evening, we arrived at one of Grandpa's cabins to find a yard FULL of weeds. We aren't talking little weeds - we are talking weeds as tall as Little Miss. All 6 of us spent a good hour and a half yanking and pulling, raking and hoeing. We got about 1/3 of the yard done. That is hard work!

Friday morning we spent down at the river collecting rocks and teency, tiny frogs. We taught Moose how to skip rocks and he was soon addicted to that. We found one super cool rock.



Friday afternoon we spent some time cleaning out Grandpa's boat and making sure it was ready to go. We threw away some beer cans, cigarettes, and lighters. While we worked, the kids had a great time goofing off and being silly... super anxious to get out on the water!

We slathered up the kids with sunscreen, filled an ice chest up with drinks, washed a bag of cherries, grabbed our "beach bag" and filled it with towels, and we were off. We loaded the boat in the water, got out of the "no wake" zone, and the boat started beeping - a high pitched squeally beep. The oil pressure shot WAY up. We let the kids jump in the water and play for a minute while Brett checked things out... NO OIL IN THE BOAT. Not good! So we took the boat back in, docked it, grabbed some oil from Brett's truck, poured it in... not enough. We loaded the boat back up and went to swim on the shore for a bit. Bummer!

It's good to see the lake FULL - really, really full!

After a stop to get a bunch of oil it was back to the cabin to pull weeds for another hour and a half - got another 1/3 to 1/2 of the yard done. The Hub's little brother's family pulled up. We cooked a yummy dinner and stayed up most of the night talking. We LOVE being with them!

Saturday we took the boat back out.... it worked! I did a little wakeboarding on the SUPER choppy water, until I crashed pretty hard and then I was done. The guys didn't even wakeboard. Whatever! We pulled out the tube for a little fun! Good times!



We spent the rest of the day hanging out, playing cards, watching movies, chatting the day away. We headed home later that night and ended off the weekend with The Hub's family (aunts, cousins, siblings) over for a HUGE taco night... yummers!

Here's The Hubs, looking manly in my apron, frying up a whole grill of taco's.


Jami 5:20 PM  

LOL!!!! That apron picture kills me! And your swimming suit is darling! Do you mind sharing where you found it? I'm impressed that you did work on your vacation, and it looks like the rest of the time was fun!

Holly 6:46 PM  

Thanks! My swimsuit (it's zebra print) is from Modbe. I might be just a little bit addicted to their swimsuits. I only have 5. Shhhh! They are well made, LONG, and so stinkin cute! The cover-up dress is from JCPenney's (I think).

ryan, kristen, kate and sawyer 7:47 PM  

Holly, I can't get over how wonderful your pictures are and how well you document the fun of your adventures! I so just can't get over how glad I am you are blogging and sharing and inspiring the world again! I wish I still had your class to look forward too!

Jami 9:48 PM  

Ah, that's a cover-up. Very cute! Thanks! I've heard great things about Modbe.

cara 4:35 AM  

What a fun trip!! i am so impressed with how you just pick up and go with your kids. I need to do that more with my family!

Em @ Bunch of Scrap 12:35 PM  

How fun! I want to *plan* a spur of the moment trip like that. Like how I have to PLAN it? Love the macho BBQ apron too ;)

Pamela 10:50 AM  

I've been following your blog for years now, way back from my 2peas days. I am glad that you are back. Sorry about all the drama you went through. Not to freak you out, but I'm sure you've heard the latest story in the news...
Also, here is her blog...
It reminded me a lot of your story. Since all of that happened with you i've added Blog Patrol to my blog, but I am wanting to do watermarking and disabling the right-click 'save photo' option/ Would you mind emailing me to tell me how you do it? rpblythe@hotmail.com I'm just a bit freaked out right now. Creepy! Thanks so much, and again, thanks for blogging again. You are a VERY talented photographer!

Brittney Hale Photography 6:29 PM  

ok so i am speechless with the quality of your pics... absolutly fabulous!!! ever thought of doing a post about your settings and post processing secrets :) welcome back!

Karen 11:07 PM  

It was such a delightful surprise to see you, after reading your blog. I spoke your name before I realized it and I apologize for the intrusion. Thank you for the hug. I hope you had a lovely visit. Your family is beautiful. It was a wonderful day!

the bigger family 2:31 PM  


awhile ago [before all the junk with your blog] you had a picture of your daughter in a dress that you made like one in a store but you didn't want to pay what they wanted...is this ringing a bell? my m-i-l wants to make a similar one...

would you mind posting another picture of it [without her face or something] or just posting the website where the picture was?

Megan 9:03 AM  

Hi! I love all of your posts, and are so glad you are back. I have a technical question for you. How do you get your pictures to show up so large? I have mine set to show up large, but they never get as big as yours do. Any suggestions?

Sherida and Weston 9:37 AM  

Brett, Brittny and I think you look HOT in your flowered apron. The tacos were amazing, thanks!

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