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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

It's about stinkin' time....

is all I have to say. Hmmmm.....how long have we lived here? Over 3 years. Okay, wow! So, it's time. Time to put some curtains on my bedroom windows. Oh yes. You heard me right. Curtains. On my bedroom windows. Why in the world has this taken me so long? Well, you see, when we moved in I was tired of my bedding and even MORE tired of my headboard. We bought this lovely about 10-11 years ago (Amanda, do you remember if I bought it before or after Bear was born?)....used....while we were poor, poor students. I still remember just how excited I was to FINALLY have this headboard - because it meant that we could finally throw away this nasty waterbed frame that we'd had (with a real mattress in it, of course). When we got our "new" headboard, we karate chopped and kicked our old frame to pieces and tossed it in the dumpster at our apartment complex. THAT felt really good!

Okay, just so you know - YES, I did see the magazine on my bench and the dirty shirt wadded up on the floor before I took these pictures - but I was feeling a little lazy after my 2 hour workout this morning and all of my fabric shopping, and quite frankly, I didn't care enough to move them. So there they are. And there they will probably stay, until at least tomorrow!

So, I've been searching and searching for the perfect headboard. I thought that I'd found it, but am having second thoughts (good thing I didn't order it, huh?) BTW, what's up with all of my ( )'s? Okay, back on track. I would like your opinions. I was thinking of ordering an off-white-ish bed (to match my bench at the end of the bed), but am now thinking maybe a dark walnut. I don't really know. Normally, I'm not quite so indecisive. Oh goodness....just give me your opinion!

Today, I snuck out for a few hours and had some samples of some different fabrics cut. It was fabulous, wandering aisle after aisle of different fabric stores - no potty breaks, no whining, no teasing, no pulling on my leg. Just me and hundreds and hundreds of fabrics. That is pretty heavenly! I got home, narrowed them down, weeded some out, and this is what I'm thinking. I want to maybe add a teeny ruffle around the edge of the PB quilt....just to add a little something....so it's not so boring. I'm thinking roman shades mounted to the inside of the windows and then a long, billowy panel on either side. I want to do different end tables on either side of the bed - something dainty and girly on my side and something manly and boxy on The Hub's side. Then maybe some small chandeliers on either side of the bed (if I can't find the perfect lamps). But I'm committed to start this project (and hopefully it won't take me a year to get this thing done!)  I just want this space to be super-romantical for me and my favorite person in the whole wide WORLD!!!




southerninspiration 6:27 PM  

Such pretty colors!!! I bet it will look great!


Cami D. 8:25 PM  

Romantical. I love your guts! I say do a mix of two of them. I like the one in the middle the mostest. :) Can't you just whitewash your head board? Or do you want a new one?

Holly 8:28 PM  

Oh NO...I NEED a new headboard...even more than a summer home in Utah. Ha ha! I'm pretty sure that I'm gonna use all of the fabrics - the more pillows there are means the more happy The Hubs will be every time he helps me make the bed. Ha! Plus that bench needs some pillows - fabric, fabric, fabric. LOVE it!

Erica Hanks 8:50 PM  

I love the middle one. My second choice would be the first. The ice blue and brown are such a fab combination!

I love your white bench, but I'd probably pick the dark wood. I have a 4 poster bed that I love that is the same color as the headboard you have now. But I'm dying to trade it out for a dark brown or black!

Patti 10:08 PM  

I can only imagine how incredible this room will look when you are finished! Do you know off hand what colour/brand of paint is on your walls? Love it....just what I am looking for. Thanks! :-)

Robin 1:54 PM  

I'm glad you left the magazine and shirt in the photo- I was starting to think you were a witch or something, always looking so perfect. You're room is going to look great. Afterward can you stop by my house for some much needed decor?

Holly 3:42 PM  

Patti - it's funny you ask because the paint in our bedroom is the same color as the outside of the house. I cannot tell you how many times we've come home to some random person standing in our front yard with a paint book held up to our house...trying to match the color. Ha ha! We always have a good laugh! It is Dunn Edwards brand and the name is "High Noon". We have a lighter shade of it throughout a bunch of our house and the whole basement - "Cochise" and MANY of my friends and family have used that color in their houses as well. It's a good color!

Adventures on the Farm 7:52 AM  

Ohhh Holly do a dark walnut be with those Yummy fabrics.

There is no doubt the room will be to die for as that seems to be the case wit hthe parts of your home you have shared!

k8o 9:09 PM  

Can't wait to see it done!
I like dark wood... mix it up a bit is my opinion... I like eclectic, then it looks like you handpicked your furniture rather than just bought a set. kwim? Love the colors you chose!

The same thing happens with our house... I guess everyone likes our color, too. When we restuccoed the house it took me FOREVER to pick out just the right color... I looked at my neighbors houses and chose something unique and different from all the houses around us in our neighborhood. Wouldn't you know a couple years later our neighbors on either side of us were painting their houses and they BOTH picked very similar colors... just a few shades different. Boy was I mad... after all my hard work in picking the perfect color. I one of my next door neighbors holding the color swatches up to our house, too.
Sheesh! =}

karlene 11:10 AM  

I am all about dark wood, so that is my vote. Curious, where did you get the blue and brown damask pillow on your bed? I need that.

all my best on your headboard search

Joni 6:45 PM  

I love the quilt you currently have on your bed. Once you have the new bedding complete, let me know if you are looking to sell the quilt and shams, rochesterc@bellsouth.net.


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