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Monday, July 20, 2009

We are SOOOOO in trouble with this girl....

Like, a LOT of trouble! I think that maybe I should cut her eyelashes off, shave her head, and lock her in her room. Yes. That is a really good idea. And in 20 years, I'll let her come out. Little Miss is a charmer, for sure. She has been from the start!

We got the "family pass" to the public pools this summer and have really enjoyed spending most afternoons (when we are in town), splashing, sliding, diving, playing, and soaking up the sun. It's a perfect way to wear the kids out in the afternoon. We normally take a few extra kids with us and sometimes even invite whole families to go. It really has been a ton of fun! Since we are there quite a bit, a lot of the lifeguards have gotten to know my children BY NAME and I'll often hear, "Walk Little Miss!" or "Hey, Bear! What's up?" (Okay, they don't REALLY know my blog "code-names" - ha ha!)  Well, Little Miss has taken a particular liking to one of the lifeguards. When we are headed to the pool, she'll clasp her hands together, hold them over her heart, look dreamily into the sky and say, "I hope my FAVORITE lifeguard is here today." Oh dear! Most of the time, he IS there and she'll hang out around him, talking to him, etc. Well, the other day, he was posted at the end of the waterslide. She'd slide down and then hang out talking to him, while the next 4-5 kids came down. Around and around she went. She'd hang out and bat her insanely long jet-black eyelashes at him. Then she gave him a HUG. A BIG, LONG hug! And, of course, it's not like she chose an UGLY lifeguard. OH, NO! She chose a super-muscular, dark tanned lifeguard. I, obviously, am going to have to keep my eyes on her!





Letia 4:44 PM  

Oh, that IS trouble! The lifeguard probably loves it. haha
Where do you buy your pettiskirts? I hear they take forever to get so I am thinking I need to order one now for when A is one.

Holly 5:29 PM  

I've only ever done the "group buys" on twopeasinabucket. Grab a few friends, put in an order, and then you get them wholesale. I'm ALL about finding good deals! If I remember right you have to have 6 items shipped to one address. Not too hard!

Adventures on the Farm 9:11 AM  

Ohhh girls if you put in an order I would LOVE to be included and would pay to have mine shipped from your house to TEXAS...just let me know!

Tressa 8:37 PM  

ROFL!! Gotta love Little Miss. :) I remember Brinn doing something similar with some boys at church when she was little.

princessteach 7:32 AM  

So where is the picture of the super cute lifeguard. Just so we can visualize the story better and help support your case, lol

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