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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Pinky Promises....

I don't remember how the conversation came up at breakfast today, but I asked the kids if they would pinky promise me that they wouldn't marry anyone unless they lived in AZ or UT. Bear asked if he could think about it a little bit longer but the others quickly obliged. The Hubs said, "No! Not even Utah!" I told him that Utah would be okay and since he was going to buy me a that summer home that I NEED there, that it would be okay. He laughed! No really, hon.... I NEEEEED it! Just ask Cami.... she knows. And I'm totally fine selling this house, getting something smaller in order to make that happen. (Anybody wanna buy my house?)
I hear Moose mumble, "My wife is going to be HOT!"
Trying not so spit my breakfast across the table, I hear The Hubs say, "What did he just say? Why are you laughing so hard?"
I told The Hubs. He told the boys, "The harder you work as a missionary... the better looking your wife will be."
Bear said, "Dad, you must've been a really good missionary!"
K, now back to the house selling....anyone? Anyone know anyone that wants it? Ha ha!


Mindy 5:19 PM  

Yea! Here's hoping for that summer house in Utah :)

Jenna 6:20 PM  

That is so funny! What a ham. I can hardly believe some of the things your monkeys say. I can't wait until my kiddos are old enough to interact like that. Oh and I would love to buy your house (from the pics I've seen on here), except the whole, I live in the midwest thing. :)

Kim Dampier 5:44 AM  

Your house is gorgeous...you would sell it in a NY minute! (At least from all it's pics!) Glad you have all the kiddo banter captured, it's priceless!

Adventures on the Farm 7:50 AM  

Is you are seeling the house fully furnished and decorated like all the amazing pictures the I want FIRST dibs. I am willing to give up this TEXAS heat and head your way!! By the way has your dad started making the tin shelves?

Cami D. 9:31 AM  

Ahhh ha ha! Brett she really does NEED a "Summer only but live in Arizona for the rest of the time" home. If it's not that only, she doesn't need it! :) HA HA Good job for working hard so you could have a hot wife! :)


holly your house is my dream house! i tell willie that all the time! well maybe in another lifetime we could afford it! good luck with the sale

Tressa 7:45 PM  

Yep, Dad is making those shelves and such. His website isn't made yet, but he has a blog. :)

k8o 10:09 PM  

Little boys say the funniest things sometimes! I would love your house it is so beautiful!!!

Amanda 1:11 PM  

omgosh! just trying not to pee my pants over here!!!

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