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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I'm a bit of a slacker....

but that is what you are supposed to do in the summer, right? Be a slacker? No schedule... {sigh}. But I've been gone with the kids again - in Greer. And it was heaven! Well, almost...

Let's start with what I didn't really LOVE:
  • A cabin full of sick kids - every family there had at least a kid or two with the pukes, the squirty-poops (as my kids call them), or a fever, or all of the above.... on the FOURTH OF JULY! What the? I REALLY was looking forward to watching the small town parade in our new red, white, and blue outfits, going to the rodeo and BBQ, watching fireworks. What did we do instead? A LOT of diaper changing and even more laundry. Good times!
  • Running up there.... holy altitude change. Can you say dizzy?
  • Okay, so I can't really think of anything else.

  • Jammy days - days that we NEVER got dressed
  • Reading books on the porch, mountain breeze swirling through my hair
  • Teaching Little Miss how to ride the quad by herself
  • Painting birdhouses
  • Teaching Bear to sew - he made his own pajama pants
  • Getting ice cream at the local store
  • Going fishing and craw-dad hunting - mostly unsuccessful, but still fun!
  • Mountain thunderstorms
  • Endless hours of Solitaire on my iPhone
  • Hanging in the hammock
  • Yummy food
  • Cool weather - it never even got in the 80's. Perfect!
  • A few "mini-photoshoots" with the kids
  • Can't wait to go back!!!
Get ready for WAY TOO MANY PICTURES!!!




I am in LOVE with this picture.....because it's SO her!!! The super girly, glitz, and glam with a bit of mud caked on. That's our little girl! She's a super, duper girly girl - loving all things cute and pink and soft... but she LOVES getting dirty with the boys and can hold her own when it comes to wrestling.
Fishing as another storm started to roll in....




A few pictures from the iPhone... lunch at the Rendezvous Diner with Bear and Little Miss. The Hubs stayed back at the cabin with sick Moose and sleeping Chubs.

We LOVED the wildflowers!  Little Miss was sporting the new dress that I whipped out for her. I got the fabric for $1.50 a yard.  So the dress cost me  a whopping $3 AND I have fabric left to make a fun headband or something small for her.  Cool!


A different photoshoot.... fun, fun! I had a different spot picked out (had been then before), we got there and someone had pulled all of the weeds! No! Leave the weeds...c'mon.  The spot was just not that cool anymore.  So we drove around looking for another spot while the light was quickly fading. Oh well!  I got a few keepers!




ellen 6:47 PM  

I love your photos (especially the last one)! Looks like a fun vacation.

Emily 8:59 PM  

Love, love, love the photos. Looks like a fun vacation, minus the sick kids.

ellen 6:59 AM  

Looks like a wonderful time! And I love that you included a picture of yourself. Would you mind sharing how you do your hair? It always looks great...the perfect amount of fixed/natural.

{The other ellen}

Megan 8:14 AM  

So I've been scoping out your amazing blog for awhile now. A friend of mine recommended it because we've been collecting cool fabrics so we can make the pumpkins you made last year. Anyways, I love your pictures and was just curiously wondering which brand and model of camera you use?(maybe your favorite lens too) You can just respond here and I'll check it out. Thanks!

michelle 12:54 PM  

I so love your pics! You are incredibly talented with your camera in your hand Holly! The one with the hammock is amazing. Are you using a fisheye lense for that? Or your regular lenses? The effect is incredible. I meant to post earlier, but was in Utah and looked all over for some cute hats like your neices were wearing in the family pictures. Where did you ever find those? They are adorable!!

Raquel 1:40 PM  

It looks like a beautiful area! I love the lazy summer days.

Nicole 4:12 PM  

How fun!
I want a cabin in Greer SO BAD!!!
Absolutely beautiful.

Holly 4:55 PM  

Megan, I shoot with Canon and have a few different models. My husband tells me that I need to sell at least one of them. Ha! My favorite lens is Canon's 24-70 2.8L lens. And, Michelle, that is the lens that I used for this picture - opened to the 24mm, I'm sure. Um, Nicole....come with us sometime. It'd be tons of fun!

frederique 8:24 AM  

It does not sound like Heaven only, it looks like heaven. OMG, I'd just love to fly over the Atlantic and spend some time there. Amazing!

Joneel 9:48 PM  

my daughter dated a guy whose family went to Greer. Looks very pretty, and I love the pictures

Soon to be Brombergs 12:21 PM  

Okay so I love the dasies. Are you here in Arizona? Do you have a website where I could look at your work? I'm looking for family pictures

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