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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I am getting SO far behind....

that I sometimes wonder if/when I'll get caught up. But I've GOT to get things written down so that I don't forget.

The day that the Hatch reunion ended, The Hubs headed for home and I headed up to Greer with the kids - one last time this summer. We spent our days as usual - picnicking by the Little Colorado River, building dams, picking wildflowers, swinging on the hammock, watching movies....loving life! But this time Cyndi and her girls joined us for a few days. And it was fabulous! We crafted and sewed and shopped online while the kids built Lincoln Log castles, colored, played games, spent hours and hours playing hide and go seek, etc. Our time together went WAY too fast! Cyndi, when can we do this again?!?!?
Little Miss saw this girl walking her horse by the river and asked if she could pet the horse. Then the girl gave her the rope and let her lead him around. She thought that was REALLY cool!
Then she even let Little Miss ride him!
Um....one morning we had the doors open, enjoying the brisk mountain breeze, when a feathered friend decided to join us. We tried relentlessly for hours to help that birdie find it's way back outside. With two story high windows, we just couldn't quite capture him. We left, later that day, to visit some friends at the park in Eagar, have lunch at Sonic, etc. When we came home, the bird was gone. The kids quickly found him and screamed, "THE BIRD IS DEAD ON THE STAIRS!!!!" Cyndi and I both tried to scoop him up in the dustpan and just could not get it. We were screaming and then laughing at ourselves for screaming. We offered $10 to anyone who could get that poor birdie out of the house. Moose was brave enough to do that...

Picnics on the porch....
Bear was the master butterfly catcher....catching them with his bare hands. He kept this one for a little bit and then set it loose.


Tressa 6:59 AM  

Too bad my kiddos weren't there. Just about any of my kids would have done it in a second without money even. :) Probably because they get way too much practice getting rid of birds that our cat brings in to play with until they are dead or almost dead. Just yesterday my giant of a son had to dispose of a bird that was almost but not quite dead. Ugh!

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