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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Anybody want some mustard?

To go with all of this CATCH-UP? Ha ha! Whatever. I'm a dork!

Hmmm.....where should we start? Let's see. How about some cute pictures of The Hubs little brother and his family, before they headed off for Alaska. Kendra and I went shopping for the clothes before hand. So fun! Have you ever seen such gorgeous eyes?

Then, how about on to some pictures from a precious one month old baby girl? She was pretty alert for quite awhile, but she finally succombed to my powers and drifted off into never-never land. I'm glad we were able to get quite a few keepers in our short little photoshoot.

Let's see. What's up next? Oh yes....a few pictures from our last Picture Life Workshop in South, Jordan. We had such a NEAT group of women from all over the West. We laughed and ate and talked and talked and took pictures and laughed some more. As usual, I was on quite the HIGH after the workshop and Amanda and I could NOT go to sleep. We stayed up late brainstorming some other fun stuff. Stay tuned! Okay, and I really only took a few pictures of our cute little models - it seems I must've been busy answering loads and loads of questions.

Okay, I think that is it!

Oh, Amanda and I are looking for a few more newborns - HAVE to be born between October 19th and November 4th for newborn photoshoots in Mesa, AZ the beginning of November. The sitting fee will be waived and a small discount will be given on the prints. If you are interested or know someone or know someone who knows someone who might be interested - please send an e-mail to picturelife@live.com. Please include the mother's name, phone number, due date, e-mail address, and the gender of the baby.


Tressa 8:06 PM  

Can I just say that I have the CUTEST kids and nieces and nephews around. Seriously! I can't believe how big my Kade is getting. Miss A is gorgeous, and you just can't help but smile when Foof is being silly. And I love me some Tayla eyes. :)
It was fun hanging out even if it was just for a little while.

Letti 11:22 AM  

Your pictures are always so amazing. You have been blessed with an amazing talent. Your family is beautiful too.

Heather 12:16 PM  

You have a gift my friend. So, so beautiful.

Sniff, sniff. I'm still deeply disturbed about the pumpkins. Oh, well. You & I will just have to have a sewing day. :)

The Beautiful Life of the Schulte's 4:33 PM  

I love those pic's pf broc &the fam they turned out so cute man I'm going to miss them

Lisa 1:09 PM  

What great pictures of Broc and Kendra and family!! Holly your work is beautiful and you have such a wonderful talent. When I look at your blog I always feel uplifted because everything is so beautiful.

Rod & LaDawn Judd 11:34 AM  

Just stumbled across your blog by chance. Such beautiful pictures. What an amazing talent you have :o)

Summer 9:04 AM  

You can tell that little girl is your girls cousin, they have they could almost pass as sisters. beautiful photos, and can not wait to hear about these ideas you stayed up talking about!

ellen 7:41 PM  

I thought of you tonight when we sang "There is Sunshine in My Soul" at the Women's Broadcast. :)

emry@my little creative outlet 8:03 PM  

wow! you are an amazing photographer! i am jealous of your talent! what a beautiful family you have. my fav picture of all is the one with the baby sleeping in the egg/womb thing. just perfect!

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