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Friday, December 11, 2009

He still believes...

Last night I was so excited to take the three older children out to dinner and then to a beautiful concert put on by the East Valley Mormon Choir at the Mesa Fine Arts Center. It was beyond amazing and some of the kids want to join in the childrens choir. As we were driving from the restaurant to the theater, Bear said, "Mom. If I thought Santa could really give it to me, the only thing that would be on my Christmas list would be that I could stop stuttering. I wouldn't ask for anything else."

I reached over to rest my hand on his arm and told him how I hoped we could figure out ways to help him overcome it. It has broken my heart to watch him struggle with it...how he recently hasn't wanted to tell stories or talk to people that he doesn't know as well...afraid of being embarrassed. My little Bear, who is so full of life and excitement and love for everything...afraid to share it with those around him

As we found a place to park, he said, "It would really change my life."


The Olsens 8:35 AM  

I feel for you. My son struggled with stuttering too. I was so worried because it was getting in the way of everything for him. With lots of speech therapy, he no longer stutters. Good luck to you and you sweet little boy.

southerninspiration 8:44 AM  

Awww......I hope that he is given the grace to deal with whatever comes his way. As a result of the hard things, I am sure his heart is more tender toward those who struggle.
bless his heart.


tiffunny 10:44 AM  

ahh - so sweet & such a touching story. My little boy struggles on & off with stuttering & pronunciation as well. As a mother it does break your heart to see your child struggle. That is just the sweetest thing ever though that your little boy said.

Leigh 11:22 AM  

I love that boy of yours... hoping he gets that wish.

LoveOregon 1:08 PM  

Hi Holly,

Its hard to have your kids struggle. And tempting to want to become Mama Bear when others make fun of him. Tell him about James Earl Jones -- one of most recognized and valued voices in the the world. As a child, he struggled with stuttering too. Its one of those making weaknesses into strengths stories.

Tressa 10:08 AM  

Do you remember me dealing with that really bad when I was his age too? Grandpa Stapley would always tell me to slow down cause my mouth couldn't keep up with my brain. :)
I still have little stutters occasionally, but it isn't too bad any more. I thankfully seem to have outgrown most of it
It is just that silly brain that is way too smart for the little body. You have so much to say that you can't get it out fast enough. Once I learned to slow down a little bit it really helped.

Christine Sweet 10:15 AM  

Our God heals!!!!!! That's the beautiful news! I am praying for him right now! In the meantime, I am praying that he is filled with confidence from the Lord, to completely settle into who he is NOW as a son of God, with gifts and joy to share. May he listen to God's voice even now and obey without hesitation or shame! May he spread the love in his heart with boldness!!!!!

Labyrinth Gal 12:57 PM  

I learned this from Tony Robbins years ago. I've only done a couple stuttering therapies, but they worked. One was on a 19 year-old who had severe stuttering, & one was when I was a substitute teacher for a 3rd grade class. I worked with the student while standing in line for lunch. It only takes a few minutes.

Stuttering comes from holding the breath. You can't get sound out without breathing while you talk.

Here's what to do:
Have him say words he's good at. Have him stand the way he does when he feels confident, breathe the way he does when he feels confident. As he says the words, ANCHOR him each time. You can touch him on the shoulder; make sure it's the same way each time. You can also give an auditory anchor by saying, "That's great." (Say the same thing each time in the same tonality).

After you've done this a few times, get him to say a word he has trouble with. But AS HE SAYS IT, fire off the anchor. As you do that, you've shifted his physiology & pattern, & he should be able to say that word. Then get him to say more problem words & keep firing off the anchor.

Good luck! :-) Hali

Sharla 8:15 AM  

What a sweet boy.

Pearson Tribe 3:27 PM  

Aren't you so grateful that he can tell you these things? It really will make all the difference in the world....keep it up.

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