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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Back on the Blogging Bandwagon....

Holy smokes! These last few weeks have been N-U-T-S-O!!! But it's time to stop procrastinating and get caught up again.

Two weeks ago my Little Miss turned 6. She is growing like a weed! She still loves life to the fullest and spreads sunshine wherever she goes. She has NO PROBLEM making friends, that's for sure! All of the mom's around are always asking if she can come and play...because she plays so good with everyone. Love that little girl of mine!


The next day Chubbers turned 3. He is still addicted to "Cars" and anything Lightning McQueen. He is the highlight of my mornings, with his crazy hair, sleepy grin, blanket in tow, and loads of snuggles! Thursdays are his favorite...because it's "cereal day". He will literally sit at the table and eat for a good hour. He kinda likes it! He's our "Why not?" kid. All of the others would ask "why?" all of the time....he asks "why not?" Gotta love him! This kid has to "pick" everything. When it's time to watch a movied, he yells, "I pick it! I pick it!" Or when it's time to get dressed in the morning...he has to pick it. Yes, he HAS to pick his clothes out. When it's time to change his diaper....well, you guessed it. He has to pick that one too. He still has absolutely NO DESIRE to potty-train despite waking up every morning with a dry diaper. No amount of shiny new "Lightning McQueen" cars or underwear or treats have done the trick. Ergh! He loves to be on the go and cries when we turn in to the neighborhood, because he knows we are going home. Silly little munchkin!

He chose to open this present first and once he saw it was "Makeen" related (Lightning McQueen....CARS) he wanted nothing to do with the other presents. Ha ha!

We hosted the end of the season party for J-Bear's baseball team. We set up the waterslide and filled up loads of water balloons for water balloon volleyball. We ate pizza, drank sodas, and enjoyed popsicles while the coaches handed out trophies. So fun!


We also hosted the end of the year "Knights of Freedom" homeschool party at our house. It was a fun semester studying Henry Ford, the Wright Brothers, Thomas Edison, and Albert Einstein. I was so busy running around that I never even got my camera out. Whoopsie!

Friday, May 21st the three oldest performed in the East Valley Mormon Choir's performance, "O, America" at Gammage Auditorium. Wow! Wow. Wow. Wow! Little Miss had performed with them before, but it was the boys first time in the choir. I must say they have all enjoyed being in the choir and are looking forward to it again. It was fun being able to attend the concert with my parents and little sister and her husband. William Joseph (who is simply amazing) also performed. I'd been lucky enough to hear him in concert before and every time he performs my body is just covered in goosebumps. What talent!!!!

I tried to snap a few pictures of the kids before the performance...it was a bit windy :)



I just had to include this last picture...because it makes me smile. Moose has been invited to what seems like a bajillion birthday parties lately. He came home from a party the other day and walked in the door....just. like. this.


Chocolate lover. Obviously!


Cami D. 4:20 PM  

LOVE the picture of B! Ha ha your kids are getting so big so fast! I LOVE that G wants to "pick it Holly" ha ha ha ha ha I miss you. A lot.

Jami 4:41 PM  

It's so funny how similar our kids are. My little guy Xander just turned 3 as well, and he is completely enamored with Cars and Lightning McQueen. Well, we hadn't had any luck with potty training until I bought this: http://www.amazon.com/Disney-Pixar-Cars-Potty-System/dp/B002WN2BOQ - It has a little "gear shift" on the side and it makes car noises. He loves it! And so far we're on day 3 with potty training and he's doing really well. :)

Tressa 8:03 AM  

I can't believe Miss is 6 and Chubs is 3! Wow, time flies. We are sure looking forward to seeing all of you this summer. :)

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