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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Our latest happenings...

I know I've been grumpy lately. And my kids have been feeling it. Brett's been feeling it, too. And sometimes my friends call...and get an earful, maybe a bit more than they expected. Sorry! Thanks for still being my friend :).

But sometimes, some time in the temple...and some visits from some awesome visiting teachers...and some special moments with my kids...help me to realize just how blessed I am. I AM BLESSED! So, so blessed! Big decisions stress me out, I don't really like change, and all of that wrapped together has had me in stress-out-mode lately. But last night, I tucked the kids in bed, put away my sewing machine, grabbed a needle and thread and a project I've been working on, and went and sat on my bed and sewed. There is something so relaxing about hand-stitching something. Maybe it's taking the time to slow down or maybe it's just the extra time to think. But it was good for me to sit in my room, sewing with the light from the lamp softly washing across my lap, and to just think about all that I've been blessed with. THAT is good for the soul! THAT brings sunshine to my soul!!!

So, sure...we've been busy with soccer...


And he just might like the snack time JUST as much as the actual game...

And this little guy started "Teddy Bear Preschool" with one of his best friends....
and he picked out this awesome Bakugan backpack....
What's he going to say when he has to leave his blankie in the car?
I did not buy ANY school pictures this year. Not one! {gasp} I know. My kids will be permanently scarred. Okay, maybe not. We went outside before school and shot a few before they left. Little Miss is quickly becoming a little jack 'o lantern :) She's got a few more that are wiggly...

She insisted on making her famous silly face...
These boys make me smile...
Hold the phone! What in the world? I just noticed Moose is without his silly bands. We would regularly have him take his bands off, that were halfway up his arm, so that the blood could flow freely to his hand again. Then he started wearing them up both arms. I'm not sure where they all went.



Okay, and drumroll, please. How long have I said that I was going to re-do my bedroom? Or actually DO it? Um, for years now. Like 4 1/2 years to be exact. And there's no better time to totally re-do a room than just before you move, right? I know. I'm brilliant! But I must say that it has been fun to have a project to work on while Brett has been gone hunting. I moved the mattress, took apart the bed, etc. The best part was while the new bed was being put together, my realtor called to say he was showing the house in 2.5 hours. If you could only IMAGINE the mess (I'd been ignoring my house all week). Lovely! Anyhow, he left a week ago to our room looking like this.....
And now it looks like this! Won't he be surprised when he gets home? I'm in LOVE with my new bed and all of the fun pillows that I made!!!


Now I just need to pick out a mirrored dresser to go on the side. I've got my eye on a few....just gotta narrow it down! Hmmm....I'm leaning toward this one....


Karli 2:34 PM  

Mmmm... that bed is scrumptious! Love it and ALL the pillows! You have been busy! I think it would look grand if you painted the nightstand white to match the bench at the foot of your bed too. Oh what fun!

StubbsFamily 2:36 PM  

Are you still doing homeschool? Cute new room!

lori 4:45 PM  

I love your make over! How did you do the blue ruffly pillow on the bed? Would you do a tutorial. I really love that one!!

Tressa 5:44 PM  

It turned out really cute Holl! I agree with Karli, the nightstand needs to get a new paint job. :)
And, you'll love your new bedroom set in your new house whenever that happens. :)

The McGraths 6:19 PM  

So cute Holly! I will have to say that Jared and I had that same bed when we 1st got married and My boys have the same beds as yours! I singlehandedly made them into bunks yesterday! We must have the same taste in furniture! Love the new bed and all those pillows!

PS- You are aloud to get grumpy every once in awhile. This mommy stuff is difficult! Cheer up Charlie!

PSS- how appropriate that your word verification is "giver"?

ellen 6:58 PM  

You are incredibly talented! I love your new bedding and pillows. You've inspired me to do a button one for each of my children. So you managed to pull it together before the realtor came?? Impressive!

So sorry you 've been in a valley. It happens to everyone. Some are just better at discussing it than others.

Take care and know that you are an amazing woman, mother and wife and you are such an inspiration to so many.

Keep your eye on the prize, sista!

Sara 12:33 PM  

So happy you're feeling more "sunny" today ;) This post was just what I needed to remind me of my own blessings, and brighten my day! It is so easy to get bogged down in the busy of life isn't it?!?
Thank you for such an inspiring post! Love you rnew room - yo are such a good decorator- you r decorating posts are always my favorite ;)

Heather 1:27 PM  

Holly, could you get any more talented?? Love the new bed and pillows....also am loving the lampshade!

melanie liljenquist 2:24 PM  


It was so fun to see you at Swiss Days. Can you believe we actually saw each other AGAIN so funny. I love Love love your new bed and fun Pillows how cute. You are so talented. I love everything. Where is the cute bed from?

TAke Care.


The Smiths 11:03 AM  

I'm a safe blog stalker. ;) I love your decorating posts. Would you mind letting me know where you got your quilt from on your bed? It is beautiful and I have been looking for one similar in color forever. Thanks. stephaa@hotmail.com

Life Is Beautiful! 7:39 PM  

Holly, ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!!! Love all those pillows especially the blue ruffly one :)

Sonda Bryce 12:28 PM  

Holly...Your children just get more and more beautiful. I know I should say handsome for the boys but for real! So dang cute. And your talents are endless! Good job on the redecoration! Looks amazing. I miss you!

Kim D 11:13 AM  

Love the new room! What color did you paint the walls? Beautiful

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