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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Someday I'm going to miss these days (supposedly)...

I often hear from mothers who are older and wiser than me, "Soak it up! Enjoy it while it lasts because someday you are going to miss these days." I smile and nod and say that I will and in the back of my mind think, "Seriously. You are nuts! You just don't remember how crazy life was with a house full of little munchkins." Oh sure...don't get me wrong...there are days that I ADORE being a mom...lots and lots of days...and then there are those moments or those days....or weekends, when I'd pretty much rather be mom of two...nicely spread out with a 5 year gap in between or something like that. This weekend was not my favorite...and Brett was gone hunting. Yay for me!

Thursday was actually a good day....busy (crazy busy), but good. I sent the kiddo's off to school, ran to drop Chubs off at my sister's house, then ran back to school to go on a field trip with Little Miss to the Stuffington Bear Factory - a ghetto-ish "Build A Bear Factory". I've gone with each of the other kids and I must admit, it is fun to see them light up while making their own bear. Their teachers must REALLY talk up the field trip, because they are always so excited that they can't seem to contain themselves. The tour guide was a bit freaky, but that's alright. I was thinking I could maybe have given him a lesson or two on shaving, showering, combing your hair, not wearing your pajamas to work, and not raising your voice and freaking out the young little children, but whatever.

We hurried back from the field trip, I picked up Chubs, ran home to wrap a birthday present, gather up soccer gear and piano books, and then went to get the kids from school. Straight to EVMCO choir practice - which for our family lasts from 3:20-6:00. Yes. Good times for the Brimhall family on Thursdays. The kids rotate through their choir practices and we sit in another room at the church, doing homework, rotating the kids through piano lessons, studying spelling words, reading books, etc. This week I had to leave in the middle of our Thursday fun to take Little Miss to a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese. I coordinated a ride home for her and ran back to choir to find Moose sobbing, wondering where I'd gone. Apparently he WASN'T listening when I told him I'd be gone when he was finished with choir, but that I'd be back soon. I think I'm going to need to have him start repeating every instruction that I give him...I'm pretty sure he's not listening to a word I say these days. As soon as Bear finished choir, we hopped in the car, ran to catch the last 30 minutes of soccer practice, grabbed dinner at Sonic, and went to pick Little Miss up from her friends house so that I could run back to the church to meet with the Bishop. We pulled up to the friends house...dark. Totally dark. Not a light on in the house. We knocked and knocked and called and called. No answer. Shoot. What to do? I was already going to be late to meet with the Bishop. I started calling neighbors trying to get the mother's cell phone number. Anyhow, in the end it turned out fine...and I got the kids in bed a good hour after bedtime. I crashed!

Friday morning, after getting the kids off to school, I thought I'd head to the gym before meeting up with my sister to take the little boys swimming. Hopped in the car, turned the key, "click, click, click". Really? Again. "Click, click, click." Nice. So instead of spending my morning exercising and swimming, I spent my time mowing the yard, waiting for roadside assistance to come and jumpstart my car, and then chasing a grumpy three year old, who really wanted to be swimming with his cousins, all around the dealership. All I have to say is, Dear Toyota...please learn how to make a battery that lasts longer than 14 months. That seems to be the record for us. Oh, and Toyota, I don't understand how you can feel right about writing 84 months across your batteries. Really? 84 months. Maybe 84-70. I'll get out my sharpie and write that on there for you.

I'll spare you all the details of my weekend...and just provide you with the highlights. I just can't seem to pick a favorite. {insert really sarcastic grin} Carrying a sleepy three year old into the boutique this weekend (Thursday, Friday, AND Saturday) along with all of my supplies to restock my booth, soccer games at 7:30 am, listening to that same 3 year old cry and carry on while I was trying to perform my "soccer team mom" duties at the games, cleaning my house spotless only to have a house full of friends quickly undo all that was done, more birthday parties and late nights with friends, Little Miss getting her clothes ripped while climbing over a fence because Moose had locked her out repeatedly - he wasn't laughing so hard when his privileges got taken away, playing the organ and being grateful I knew the songs well so that I could give my kids the "dirty glare" from the stand while I played, forgetting about a merit badge clinic that Bear was supposed to go to, etc. If I had to choose a highlight, it just might be my scatter-brained self left spray paint outside...which was found by Chubs and his friend. Hmmm... the back of my house looks a little different now.

And hunting season is just getting started. Life is great!
(will add pictures later when I figure out why my pictures aren't wanting to download...hmmmm)


Rebekah 1:03 PM  

OH NO!!! Can't you start to cut some things out of your schedule? Realistically, it just can't all be done.


ellen 5:23 PM  

My mom says you can have it all, just not in the same decade. :)

Susie 7:35 PM  

You'll be glad you took the time to write all these things down in a few years when you may be inclined to romanticize life with little ones! You can read through your notes and remember that it's not a bed of roses.

Hopefully, this week will go much better for you.

Karli 10:33 AM  

Umm... seriously could you can call me when you need a hand with the Chubs? Or just drop him off anytime for that matter... I'm nearly always home with little to do but drive my own self crazy with two restless boys. At least with Granty here, they'd play and stop telling me every 22 seconds, "I want to do something" :) Seriously, call me.

Emily 12:19 PM  

You should read this, hope it helps.


Devry 2:09 PM  

k so im laughing right now. probably shouldnt cuz i know how all that feels. but you described stuffington bear factory to a T!! i went with lindsay in kindergarten. and the whole thing of bryson not listening. must be the age or i guess just the personality cuz lindsay is the exact same way. i always make her repeat! haha! anyways love you holly! i think you are a great mom and you always seem to handle it all!

Positively Creative! 10:07 AM  

Ok...so I DO know how you feel and yes have always heard that too.."enjoy enjoy" but now that I have a 16 yr old little man...and driving..and dealing with girls and not having a serious relationship..oh how I wish I could step back into time..SERIOUSLY!! My brain, soul and knees are so abused from the constant worrying, heartaches and praying from not being able to lovingly "control" what my children do, see and hear that for me it has been a hard lesson to do and let my kids make thier own choices without my interference....this age where you are at is the MOST IMPORTANT....don't let a minute go without constant gratefulness..and I know you are...usually..:)love you!! and I am going to the boutique too..see you there!!

empaige 11:16 AM  

Thank you for keeping life real!I am a mom of four and about screamed when a girlfriend, a mom of two, said she was in dire need of a nanny. TwO reallly? One day we WILL look back on these days and laugh with tears in our eyes!

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