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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Mom, how will you make new friends?

2 weeks ago, as my dad and Brett were working on getting the shelving up in the new pantry, Bear and I were trying to "clean" up the house by sweeping up random drywall pieces, drywall dust, random nails, etc. I was the sweeper and he was the scooper. Man, oh man, how I LOVE one on one time with my children. I just love being able to talk and focus on each other without any other interruptions. As we were working on the office, Bear said, "Mom, I'm kind of ready to just move in here and to be able to just stop worrying about how I'm going to make new friends and what they are going to be like. I'm tired of worrying about it." We had a good chat. As we left that night to swing by and get a little DQ on the way home, he slipped his arm around my waist and told me how much fun he had working with me. I had fun, too, Bud!

A few days later, at breakfast, Bear said, "Mom, how are you going to make friends when we move to the new house? It's not like you can meet them at school." I told him that hopefully we could meet our neighbors and get to know them and that I am lucky to have great friends already.

He said, "Well, Mom...you could just put a sign in the yard that says 'Holly Brimhall lives here' and they would just come to your door." Ha ha ha! He thinks I'm famous, or something, because a few people read this blog. He DOES think it's cool when we are in public and someone will come up and tell me that they read my blog - like when we were at the Oquirrh Mountain Temple open house, at different restaurants, at Target, etc. If only it were so easy! But maybe I'll try it and see if it makes me some new friends :) Should I add some balloons to the sign?


Enjoy the Journey 7:24 PM  

Holly you ARE famous! Can you be my friend? We live closer now ;)

Leilani 9:37 AM  

Haha! Oh he is too sweet!
I am reading from England :)

Tori 6:23 PM  

Are you gonna be homeschooling this coming year?
I love one on one time with my kids too...Makes the world slow down a little bit more.
Congrats on the house!!!

Adventures on the Farm 7:21 PM  

LOVE it!!! that is too sweet-- and by the way MOM you are famous!! ;)

Rissa 11:35 PM  

Maybe you could add a picture. :-)

Jeni Michele 7:01 AM  

i absolutely love your work it's beautiful, and you and your husband are very crafty - i love that! i'd love to be your new friend if i lived near, but unfortunately i don't. my guess is you'll have no worries on making new friends :) you just seem like a very sweet person! your new house looks more beautiful by the day, congratulations! i'd love to be photography friends :) good luck with your new house!

Robin 5:35 PM  

That Bear knows more than you realize! There probably isn't a single one of us readers that would turn down being your friend!
You are amazing.

house of 7 2:33 PM  

Yep, he's right on! You are pretty much a celebrity. I saw you at Walmart but was too chicken to say hello. (It was like sighting Angelina Jolie at the market or something!)

Add a plate of cookies to your sign and balloons and you are golden. ☺

Good luck with the new house!

MyR 6:38 AM  

I'm SO GLAD I get to be your friend forever! I hope to love A LOT closer to you soon! I do think a sign is a pretty smart idea. haha!

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