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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Happy and Healthy....

Today marks the start of something new.

I've done some "Biggest Loser" competitions before and always ended them feeling more and more frustrated each time. Frustrated at other peoples success (in weight loss) and little results for myself. Yet I knew my effort and dedication, I knew how disciplined I'd been, which sometimes even made it harder for myself.

But this "competition" is different. You get points for your efforts, not for results. Whew! What a relief. No pressure. Right? Just do your best!

You can earn a max of 10 points each day. To earn a point you:
1. Drink at least 64 ounces of water.
2. 30 minutes of exercise.
3. No soda or alcohol.
4. No sugar, fast food, unhealthy snacks (like chips, etc).
5. Eat 2 servings of fruit and 2 servings of vegetables.
6. No eating after 7:00 pm.
7. Read something uplifting for 15 minutes.
8. Write in your journal (or your blog).
9. Express specific love, appreciation, or praise.
10. Work on a personal goal.

Okay, I LOVE it! My life will NOT revolve around endless workouts and the thoughts of "I can't eat that or that or that." There's just the recognition and awareness that, yes, exercise and eating healthy will bring more health and happiness. That there is a whole lot more to life than just that. That making time to read something uplifting every day brings you closer to the Spirit and makes you feel better about yourself. That taking time to write in your journal and reflect on your blessings (hopefully my posts don't get too boring) is important. Taking the time to truly give praise and appreciation from my heart will bring stronger relationships. And working on a personal goal...each day! Now THAT sounds fabulous! Taking time for myself to do something that I WANT to do everyday. Something for me on top of cooking and running kids around and cleaning and laundry. Something to look forward to. Working on something I want to work on or something that will better who I am. Yes, please!

A lot of this program I already do every day...or most every day. But it feels good to have a program to stick to...to challenge me. So here's to health and happiness! Yay!


Rebekah 1:52 PM  

THANK YOU SO MUCH for posting this! I'm going to do this as well. And, also like you, a lot of these things I already do every day but it will be so good to acknowledge and give myself "credit" for doing them! I adore this post!


Im in :) I can score a 10 everyday, lets see what happens

Letia 2:57 PM  

I'm doing that challenge right now, it is the 2nd round of it from my ward. 1st round I did awesome, this time I am struggling. It is doable though, and it feels good to check those boxes off.

Jessi 5:07 PM  

I love this!! Thanks for sharing it.

Stacey 8:25 PM  

I've heard of something similar to this.. but I like the adaptions I see here! After I have my baby I might have to start this! I don't think your posts could become boring... I love your blog!

Christie 8:55 PM  

I'm wondering if you could say where you bought the rug in your entryway? Super cute and just what I'm looking for for mine. Thanks!

April 4:49 AM  

I Love this!! It looks doable and fun!

Thanks for sharing!

Holly 6:14 AM  

Thanks guys! The rug is from Pottery Barn.

Robin 11:07 AM  

Hey- this is great, can I steal it for my RS lesson this Sunday?

lacieleigh 12:39 PM  

I really what some info on where you shop! I am loving every detail in your new home thus far!! I dont know how you find the time to pull it all together so fast!

Ali 7:29 AM  

Wow, that actually sounds like FUN! I think you found something golden there Holly. Something that builds you up and empowers you, instead of making us feel guilty (I think we're hard enough on ourselves, eh?!). AWesome!

alexandra 7:47 PM  

I love this! I'm reading a great book right now...One thousand gifts by Ann Voskamp. It fits right in with this challenge.

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