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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Time to PARTAY!!!

Man, oh man, I was so excited for school to end! I must admit we let ourselves get a bit overscheduled this spring and I was SO looking forward to the end of schedules. The end of early bedtimes, homework, school projects, practices and games, and recitals. I felt like May passed with the snap of a finger. All of the sudden it was over. And now I can breathe and take a peek at the pictures I took.

The very last day of school we decided to throw a few birthday parties. The kids had been waiting and waiting and waiting for the pool to be finished to have their parties. We started the partying by having Little Misses friends over for swimming, popcorn, dunk tank, cupcakes and ice cream sundaes.


Cupcake stand from: Here



Oh, yay! Just what she needs...another stuffed animal. Ha ha! She loves those things...


And then we gave ourselves 30 minutes to regroup, which really ended up being NO time to regroup as some parents picked up late and other parents dropped off early, for the older boys COMBINED birthday party. I have two words....HOLY CRAZINESS! The one and only picture taken at their party...
The boys REALLY enjoyed the dunk tank and the pool and the BBQ. It was fun! Super crazy, but so fun. And SO fun to see so many old neighbors! That was my very favorite part!

As I crawled in to bed that night, I was pretty much dreading throwing ANOTHER birthday party the next day for little Chubbers. I layed there in bed...half tempted to text the parents and call the party off...but I knew I couldn't do that. So one more party to go. It really wasn't bad at all! I even got to take a couple of pictures!



Throwing 3 birthday parties in a 24 hour period was not the brightest decision I ever made, but the kids sure loved it. Next year, I'm going to be spreading them out a bit more. Which I could've done this year if my life wasn't so overscheduled (something I'm TOTALLY going to be working on).


Heather 6:59 AM  

Aww it looks like everyone had a good time and I can't believe 3 parties in 24 hours! Whew! You go girl! I am hoping you will post more pics of your house now that you are getting more settled in and of the pool! I love your taste in decorating! Happy Summer!

ellen 7:32 AM  

WHERE oh WHERE did you get that red cupcake holder?!?!?!?!?!?!?

do tell: patton_ellen@hotmail.com

mindi 8:29 PM  

Please do share where you found that red cupcake holder!!

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