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Thursday, November 03, 2011

Someday I'm going to get caught up....

and it is going to feel MARVELOUS! Marvelous, I tell you. It overwhelms me a bit to think of all of the folders of pictures that I have never even opened. Pictures from Pagosa Springs back from the end of June, the kids first day of school pictures, trips (that would be PLURAL) to Greer, a trip to Roosevelt Lake, etc. Who knows what else I'm going to find. But it will be fun to open them up and relive those happy moments. So I'm forcing myself to sit here and get started. I've got one hour and 15 minutes to myself...a little bit of time before it's off to the races. Thursdays are our crazy days around here. With two kids running to choir (at different times of course), a soccer practice, and piano lessons for three kids - our Thursday afternoons are fun. Yes, let's call it fun.

It's hard to make myself sit here with my house in shambles around me. You see, we decided to start a big new project. We used to have a two story opening over part of the main level and we decided - Why don't we fill in that whole area and make a big hang out area for the kids? Yes, that would be fun. Let's rip up those walls that we just painted a few months ago and make a big mess. So decorations are piled on the kitchen counters, furniture is covered by blankets and plastic, whole rooms are taped off (to try to avoid getting those rooms FILLED with drywall dust). Lot's of fun! Workers are scurrying around me, adding lights and outlets and ceiling fans and such. A few more weeks and we will be back to normal...as normal as it is around here.

Okay. I'm off to edit some pictures and get a few blog posts ready to share. I've got loads of newborn sessions that need to be shared as well. And, yes, Christine :)...someday soon I'll be ready to share some pictures of my kitchen. As soon as I have a place to put all of those piles of decorations.


Heather 9:40 AM  

I am with Christine...I would love to see more of your beautifully decorated home! You have such great style and it helps me to come up with ideas for my own home.


Christine Sweet 4:15 PM  

Awwww... so sweet of you to CALL ME OUT on your blog! :) Kidding. Can't wait to see pics, although now that I've made peace with the fact that my cherry kitchen will never be creamy white, I'm afraid to see how GORGEOUS yours is! Contentment... Contentment... ConSHMENTment...

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