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Friday, August 24, 2012

Holly, it is NOT a wedding reception!

I know, I know. I have problems. I totally admit to it. I'm guilty.

Savannah's baptism invitations turned out gorgeous...had them printed with a bit of shimmer in the pearl finish. LOVED them! Like, a lot!

Her baptism day was so special! I spent the morning setting up the house for the brunch that we would be hosting after her baptism. And I know that Brett thought I went a little over the top with it all. But I LOVE to plan parties and LOVE the little details. That stuff makes me really happy. And quite honestly, the boys don't love when I do floofy things for them. This was my ONE chance. Well, maybe not my ONE chance, because hopefully she'll get married someday and that just might be over the top. But my one chance to do a fancy baptism brunch and I was all over that!

Savannah was over the moon excited when she woke up! We didn't have much time before heading over to the Stake Center. Our little tradition for each child's baptism day, is to kneel together as a family and invite the Spirit to be with us. It's always a tender experience for me!

Savannah got to sing a solo at her baptism "Jesus is my Shepherd". She did such a wonderful job! After she was baptized by her daddy, I slipped into the dressing room to help her change back in to her baptism dress. I wasn't prepared to feel so overcome by the Spirit. I've never had the chance to help one of my children right after they were baptized...Savannah's older siblings are boys, so Brett has always been the one to help them in the mens changing room. I opened the door, and there she was, dripping wet from head to toe, hands clasped tightly together under her chin, and a grin that stretched from ear to ear. Tears dropped on my cheeks and I felt so much love for her. Such a special experience for me!

She was lucky enough to have so many family members and friends and cousins and neighbors come to share in her special day. I did get one quick picture with a few of them before we rushed back home for the brunch.

My mom and dad had come into town and helped prepare a lot of the food. We served crepes with a variety of fillings and fruits, cinnamon rolls, overnight french toast with buttermilk syrup, mini egg omelets, etc. I didn't get a picture of the food before everyone dug in, but it sure was tasty. Love you Savannah Banana!


MegJill 5:44 PM  

WOW, SO BEAUTIFUL! You really do a wonderful job with the decorating and her outfit and hair, etc. I cannot wait to see her wedding!

Letia 7:27 AM  

Holly, you have an amazing eye and talent for these things...so go all out! I am sure it made S feel so special on her day!!

Andrea 11:07 AM  

Beautiful. I am inspired. My daughter will be baptized in 3 weeks.

Cami D. 11:16 PM  

Ha ha ha! I like Brett!

Ok so Savannah you are too cute for words Missy! Congratulations! HOlly I LOVE how you love to decorate, over the top or not it's magic-ness I could never create! On that note, wanna come decorate for my Enrichment night? Oooh, what a good idea!!! See . . . you love it . . . I hate it. . . GENIUS!!

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