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Monday, December 17, 2012

Brett's seminars made life crazy...

But we decided to try to make the best of it all. Having him work Monday through Thursday and then head straight to the airport to catch a plane and teach a seminar Friday-Sunday, just to fly home and start it all over again started to get a little old....especially when it was week after week after week. With no break. Okay. I'm not gonna lie. It started to get a LOT old. So I tagged along to a few of them. One time we went to Denver and a few weeks later I tagged along to New York City. C'mon. You know you would've too. New York City? Heck yes! I need to see if I can find the pictures from NYC. Apparently they never got downloaded. I must find them!

But a different weekend, we decided to take the whole family to his seminar in Los Angeles. Grant had never been to Disneyland and we thought it would be the perfect time to go. The day we were leaving I got these texts from Jarom at school....and they are too funny to NOT include....ha ha!

J: I'm not going to Disneyland because I have to much homework.
Me: Whatever. Yes you are.
J: I swear, I have SO MUCH homework...I can't go.
Me: You're going. Period.
J: Then I'll get 9th hour. The reason is I just have too much homework. Please understand.
Me: You're just going to stay home by yourself? Nope.
J: Can't go. PLEASE! I have so much homework I can't stand it. I can't go. I can't miss a day at school. Please let me be able to do my homework at home. I just have to much. Please understand. Work comes first, than play.
Me: Oh my heck. Knock it off. You can do your homework in the car and then play at Disneyland.

I was literally laughing out loud. What kind of kid BEGS to not go to Disneyland so that they can do their homework? I mean I know his grades are important to him....and I'm super glad about that....but c'mon, bud.

Needless to say, he went to Disneyland and had a GREAT time! We all did! Friday, September 28th, Brett got to join us...

 Grant, our little Lightning McQueen addict, LOVED "Cars Land"!

 I was too lazy to carry around my big camera, so my trusty dusty little ole point and shoot got the trick done for our whole trip :)

 Grant was in heaven when he got picked to do the Jedi Training!
 Except he was having issues "activating" his light saber....

The next day, Brett was off to teach his seminar and the kids and I enjoyed another day together at Disneyland and California Adventure!

 Passing time, posing for pictures, while waiting to ride Radiator Springs Racers...

 Savannah got soaked on Grizzly Rapids. Ha ha!

Hey, Nan. What do you think about the ferry ride? Yah. Me too.

And Sunday, we spent the morning at the beach, before heading back home that afternoon. It was a quick trip, but we loved it!

This picture cracks me up! The water was cold...um, really cold. Love Jarom's face....and Savannah's silly dance moves in the background :)

I'm pretty glad there are NO MORE seminars until the end of January! We needed a little bit of "normal" back in our lives. Not that life has been normal. It feels like it's been anything BUT normal. We bought a new building for Brett's practice and are remodeling that and working on cleaning out the old building and trying to get that sold. We are hoping to open the new office mid-January. We are pretty excited about it, because he will be SO much closer to home! Close enough to run home for lunch. Close enough for me to drop by when I'm out running errands and steal a kiss. Close enough to have him home earlier every night. Yay!


dick edmond 11:06 PM  
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Dawn 3:20 PM  

Great photos from Disneyland! I would love a little point and shoot when I'm too lazy to carry the "big camera", what kind of point and shoot do you have?

Tressa 10:58 AM  

I'm so sad we were sick and not able to meet you at the beach Sunday morning. :( Come visit SoCal again soon!

felicia 8:02 AM  

Fun! Where did you get your cute striped t shirt?

wrk59 10:59 AM  

Holly, I can't get to your photography page, all the links go to a search page. Is it down?

Vivian Lake 4:13 AM  

I just found you! I want to follow your blog but can't seem to find the "follow" blog button?

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