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Saturday, May 30, 2009

I always love....

attending a wedding... especially in the Temple. I LOVE the chance that it gives me to think back and reflect about the very best day of my life. The day that I married the perfect man for me. The day that I married my very best friend.

Friday afternoon, The Hubs and I left the hustle and bustle of life, entered the House Of The Lord, surrounded by family, to witness my cousin and his beautiful bride be sealed together for TIME AND ALL ETERNITY - not just "til death do us part". But for eternity... what a wonderful promise!

The sealer, a man with the proper priesthood power, told them their marriage should be a triangle - with Christ at the top, my cousin on one side, and his bride on the other side. And that as they strived to become closer to Christ (and to move up the sides of the triangle), that they would be automatically become closer to each other. Tears streamed down my face and I said a silent prayer of gratitude to my Heavenly Father for THAT lesson.

After the ceremony, I watched as my little Aunt "J" went up on her tip-toes and reached her arms up to hug her son. She cried and cried, and I couldn't hold back the tears anymore. I thought about how I would feel, how I WILL feel, when my son is worthy to be in the temple... to have chosen an eternal companion. The temple ALWAYS puts life into perspective for me and sometimes I wish I could just bring my pillow and toothbrush and move in. I just never, ever want to leave that peaceful place... a place unlike anything IN the world. But ALL that really matters in life is my relationship with my Savior and my eternal companion. With THAT in perspective, and as my goal of ALL goals, everything else falls into place.

As we left the sealing room, whispers spread through that hallway that Elder Richard G. Scott, an apostle of the Lord, was in the Temple. We stood around and waited and hoped that we would be able to see him. Unfortunately, that was not the case. Just knowing he was there, possibly just a few rooms away from me, was enough for me.


Mindy 5:13 PM  

What an awesome experience!! The lesson you shared is one that is needed here as well :) I can't wait (okay.. maybe I CAN..) to take my girls to the temple. It is such a blessing we live in the times that we do. Moving in isn't a bad idea at all..

Ken & Dorothy 6:07 PM  

I so wish that I could have joined the family there...but I had a calling months ago to be the Stake Craft person and couldn't get out of it, (A calling from our Heavenly Father isn't something you can get out of). I really wanted to come, thank you for sharing your experience...it made me cry tears of joy! We, (Ken, Kris, Brittany, & Kaylee) went to Flagstaff for the reception...was surprised to be the only Stapley Family there. It was beautiful, Lee & Julie did an outstanding job and there were lots of people.

Emily 7:12 PM  

My hubby and I were at the temple on Saturday night in Salt Lake though. Funny you mentioned Richard G. Scott, because he sealed the hubby and I. We were oh so blessed to have him perform our sealing.

Pecas 8:26 AM  

Thank you for sharing your experience in the Temple. It's so true how wonderful it is! I'm finding it hard to blog my spiritual thoughts. Thank you for your example.

Alicia King 2:08 PM  

thanks Holly for sharing your experiences...and what a thankful reminder too! and I love your new watermark...hopefully that keeps them away :)

my daughter just saw the popsicle picture and now she wants one!!!

Mari 2:32 PM  

Beautiful! Holly, I don't know much about the Mormon religion as I grew up Baptist and still am. Do you mind shooting me an email explaining Mormonism? hodgecm@msn.com. Thanks so much. I get confused as to who can enter the temple and who cant. You stated in your post that your son can't. Why?



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