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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Last night....

was Bear's last baseball game of the season... it was the championship game.

The evening began at the park, with the whole team and their families. There was pizza and fun for all. Towards the end of the party, coach gathered the boys around to hand out trophies and to tell the boys how proud he was of them. As he handed Bear his trophy, he announced that Bear was the most improved player on the team this season. That, to me, is worth more than anything... because I know the effort that he put in. The early morning practices, hours and hours of throwing and catching and time at the batting cages. I know that he didn't give up. I know that he had seen the growth in himself and was proud of his accomplishments!

They had a tough game, against a team that they had already beat before. But this time was different. Our team only scored 3 points... and Bear scored one of those. My heart is so happy for this boy, who so badly wanted to give up, but figured out that practicing and doing your best is WORTH it. So proud of you, bud!



Amber R. 5:20 PM  

I am glad to see you are back!! And I totally think it will be a fun challenge for you (taking pic's of your kids from different angles), you are a pro at the regular pic's anyway, right? (=

ryan, kristen, kate and sawyer 12:48 PM  

Holly, it makes me so happy to see that you are back and blogging! I totally see it as a victory over that yuckiness that you're back! Way to go! Can't wait to see more!

Ali 9:26 PM  

Hey HB, I am so sad for you, and I'm gonna keep checking your blog, cuz it feels good to reconnect w/ old friends. Gonna miss the pics. I took my blog private as well. Some crazy things that have happened to a few other friends. So sad the things people do. If you want an invite to my blog send me an e-mail: alitaylorbloginvite@yahoo.com

Otherwise I'll see you around sister!

Shelley 10:13 AM  

As a mom, it's definitely a proud moment when a child has success from hard work and determination. What a great boy!

By the way, AWESOME birthday bash!!

Kara May 7:37 AM  

Very cool shot! Thank you for having other photogs backs Holly - you are a gem. Hugs to you!

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