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Thursday, June 25, 2009

I think it's pretty dang awesome...

that you can pretty much stop anywhere in Utah and take pictures. Seriously... I can't remember where this was.... somewhere in Draper. I had taken the kids for a drive and wanted to take them by the new Draper Temple (which is AMAZING - the view {sigh}) - and we saw this field of poppies behind a fast food restaurant. You betcha... we pulled on over and took a few pictures of my only willing (and totally asleep) participant. She was a good sport about it though - being awoken out of a dead sleep - we are talking hunched over, drooling, oh yah - totally out. Dang, she's one cute little cookie!



southerninspiration 2:29 PM  

She IS a cute little cookie, and I cannot imagine a field FULL of poppies!! How cool is that? Great pic!


Wife and Mom 2:29 PM  

Stunning. Love the colors in this photo.

Letti 3:02 PM  

That field is beautiful. I love that about Utah. You have to search for places like that around here unless we head to the beach.

Tamee 6:35 AM  

Could a little girls be any more blessed with the best of both parents. As I looked at that picture of your princess, I see the adorable features of Brett, and the beauty of her mom. Lucky girls!
Your sister is a beautiful bride. It's hard to remember being the skinny pretty bride, when you are 60 lbs over weight and pregnant. Fun!
We won't be able to make it to the reunion, but it sounds great. It's a good change to have it at a pool and in the valley. Good luck with all the planning and food. One more reason to miss Claudette. You guys will go great.

Amanda 9:22 AM  

so sweet! WE need to spend a whole week there together with good models. How fun would that be?!?

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