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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

So I learned a little bit about myself in Utah....

I am NOT a wedding photographer. Really. Truly. As much as I admire GOOD wedding photography - believe me, I have my favorites - it is not something that I'm good at.

I DID enjoy dolling up my baby sis... fixing up her hair and make-up.... and taking some shots. I just could NOT think straight and couldn't seem to come up with anything creative after like 10 shots.

We went out to the temple a few days before the wedding.... to get all of the "formal" bride and groom shots out of the way. The sun even came out to shine for us. Wahoo!

I did get SOME that I liked....









Okay.... so this one deserves a little explanation. The smiles were starting to get stiff. So I said, "How 'bout we do some serious ones? Put your lips together." They start to lean in to each other... going in for a kiss... and I BUSTED up! Almost 13 years ago, when The Hubs and I got married... our photographer did the exact same thing - about 10 times. And EVERY TIME The Hubs would go in for a kiss. Ha! We had a good laugh... obviously!







Letti 3:08 PM  

I think your pre-wedding pictures turned out gorgeous. Beauty runs in your family for sure.

Mindy 3:11 PM  

Those are beautiful! I so wish that I had pics like those.. almost 10 years ago (ahhh!!) when my husband and I got married there, the awesome pedestrian plaza was under construction.. there was lots of lovely orange construction netting though. I am trying to talk him into re-creating the day, just to get more pics. :D That would require a chestal rejuvenation for me, and covering up gray hair for him.

Alicia King 3:12 PM  

these are absolutely beautiful! and thanks for taking a picture of the door knobs...I tend to forget to look closely at them when we visit! amazing!

Jennifer 3:21 PM  

Simply Stunning. You may feel out of your element, but your ability to capture beauty shines through. So fun to see you posting again.

Michelle P 3:36 PM  

I agree, just beautiful and how special that you could do that for your sister. Holly, really you could do weddings in a heart beat. Just because you may not be 100% in love with them doesn't mean that others aren't! :) Love them!! Glad to see you posting again also and glad you had a great trip. You're my idol!!

Lindsay 5:26 PM  

These are just beautiful. I love the textures. I'm shooting my first wedding in August and I'm excited but totally scared!

Ashley 8:13 PM  

What I learned from your pictures...Yes you DO do weddings! Are you kidding me? Holly you're amazing! Great work!

ellen 9:24 PM  

I'm sure your sister is thrilled with your photos; they are great.

Rox 5:09 AM  

I don't care what you say... THOSE were amazing! Love the pre wedding pics.. Great job!

Diana 8:17 AM  

Oh my gosh, if you're NOT a wedding photographer, then I don't know what is. The photos are beautiful. You really captured your sister and her husband's spirit. I love the one of them hanging off the gates, as well as the "laughing" one. So cute!

Becca Lin 9:17 AM  

Ummm...I LOVE them! Thanks so much! I love you!

Amy John 9:59 AM  

Hi! This is Amy, Kristal's friend. I just wanted to say that I thought those temple shots were AMAZING. I loved looking at them.

Salsa Mama 11:00 AM  

I'm glad you shared those! THey came out amazing! What a blessing that you have a talent to share with your family like that.

Sharla 12:08 PM  

These are beautiful.

Ann 1:54 PM  

Holly, I think these are fantastic! I wish my wedding photos (from NINETEEN years ago!) were this beautiful. I really needed to be reminded today of the commitment of marriage between man, woman, and God after our sad S.C. news today...these photos made me feel so thankful for the forever marriage I have! Thank you for sharing.

Ann in S.C.

heddomarie 1:55 PM  

I think you did awesome. I know how you feel though. I'm not big on wedding photography. But seriously, these are awesome, of course who would expect anything less than awesome from you! What time did you go? There are like no people there!

Amanda 5:51 PM  

oh yes you are!

Leah 11:00 PM  

Holly...what beautiful pictures of your sweet sis.....you could totally be wedding photog! I taught her choir for 1 year while she was at a Charter school in Thatcher...she is such a sweet girl....looks like she got a good one!

J. Paige 3:48 AM  

Beautiful as usual! And I'm in awe there are ten thousand people in the pix too. Did you have to edit them out of the shots or is temple square really that quiet in the mornings? Great job!

michelle 8:16 AM  

Holly, These are beautiful! You really do have such a talent and see beautiful things through your lense! I have been told that the hardest thing about wedding photography is crowd control, which I could see would be extremely hard at Temple Square in the summer! Thank you for sharing the beautiful work that you do! It really is inspiring!

Tiana 6:57 AM  

I think you did great! Your pictures are gorgeous- I love them! Don't give up on being a wedding photographer- I think that the more you practice the "more creative" you will get- since you were worried about not having any ideas. Those are great pictures!

Joneel 9:30 AM  

I pretty much feel like I'm being redundant in saying this, but the wedding photo's are so beautiful. You are truly one talented woman.

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