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Friday, June 26, 2009

My oldest sis...

and I are just 15 months apart. She's always been somebody that I've admired and wish that I could more like her in SO (maybe I should say SEW) many ways. Okay... so she's an amazing seamstress and is always making amazing dresses for her girls. I just don't have the patience that she does. I'm all about starting a project and finishing it a few hours later... anything longer than that I normally don't do!

Anyhow, I was super excited to take her little family out for a photoshoot while I was up in Utah...but dang it...that rain was killing me! Luckily it stopped, we jumped in the car, quickly found a spot, hopped out, started taking pictures, and 5 minutes later it started sprinkling. We took pictures for a few more minutes and called it quits. Luckily we worked quickly and got some great pictures. With cute kids like these though...you just can't go wrong.

Remember this little bundle of love?


Well, she's grown just a bit! I LOVE, love, love that we all have super chunka munka babies. Moose was wearing 6-9 month clothes at just 6 WEEKS old. He tipped the scales on the whole CHUNKY thing. Nothing better than a squish-a-licious babe!







And my fave from the night... because I always have to have a favorite.....


Michelle P 3:32 PM  

Just beautiful!!!

Is that your sis that makes the camera straps/bags that I just love? :)

Heather 6:06 PM  

Holly, love the pics of your sister's family. I like how the edges of the pictures look dark. Is this a special Photoshop file?

Heather Jeppsen 8:43 PM  

Love these and LOVE LOVE chunky babies. My niece is 19lbs at 4 months and I LOVE IT! (none of my own so I have to eat up the nieces and nephews)

Amanda 9:30 AM  

Gorgeous HOlly! I bet Tressa is Thrilled!

Tressa 5:29 PM  

Holl, those are awesome! That picture of Gavin and Kade brought tears to my eyes, seriously! They are all amazing. Thanks a million for our 15 minute photo shoot. :)

Jenn 9:07 AM  

Just love these! I found your blog after doing some blog hopping and love your sense of style and post processing! I would love to be added to a mailing list if you have one. I'd be very interested in any seminars you do on editing!!


Mindy 5:40 PM  

LOVE these! Amazing what you captured in just a few minutes :)

Letia 7:57 PM  

That is AWESOME! Those pictures are great.

J. Paige 2:36 PM  


Shelle 8:10 PM  

I love your work, it is simply beautiful! I would love to know what type, or where you purchased your texture file that you have been using, I love it! Thanks for always inspiring us.


holly, i have a question maybe you can help me with... I use PSE 6 for mac, i want to get better in photoshop but the info out there for it is so overwhelming..i've spent hours sifting through it all. Do you have any suggestions for helpful photo shop guides, forums, tutorials etc.??? same goes for any photography for beginners sites. thanks!

Robin 10:02 AM  

Beautiful as always- can't believe you got such great shots in just a few minutes.
I too would love to know what texture that is!!! Please share!

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