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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

The Wedding Day...

was beautiful and the rain held off - which was really, really nice. I got up nice and early to get ready and then snuck over to Tressa's house to hang with Becca, do her hair and make-up and get her all ready for her special day. We had a little bit of extra time - so I did Karli's hair too. That is a LOT of hair curling is all I have to say!

We enjoyed a yummy lunch with Tressa and Eric (thanks for hooking us up!) and Karli and Jared at the LDS Church Office Building Cafeteria. It may not sound overly delish - but it was pretty awesome and CHEAP! Bonus!

The wedding was beautiful and it was so much fun to see so many relatives there! Afterwards, we did all of the group shots on the temple steps and then headed to my grandparents house in Provo to set up the garden reception.


Sisters are awesome!
Little Miss found a magnifying glass in my grandparents house.  Fun!

Tressa made the cake - YAH, she's pretty dang talented!
The popcorn at the reception was a HUGE hit with this little munchkin!
Fresh cherries all over the trees. Yum!
Next up - pictures of our time in Duck Creek....


Sharla 7:43 AM  

Awesome pics, love little ones tie. I've never seen a cherry on a tree, so thanks :)

SHURTER'S :) 9:18 AM  

I just wanted to say... I'm glad you are still doing a blog... I was sad when you decided not to do it anymore publicly, but I understoud... Your pictures are wonderful, and I get so excited when I go to my blog (where I have yours linked to) and it tells me that you've updated! (sad, I know!) But thanks for keeping it up... and I also have your crafts blog linked to mine... you haven't updated in 8 months!!! I'm paitently waiting! :) ha ha

MMW 9:49 AM  

I love N peeking in the magnifying glass. FANTASTIC shot.

Also - you are such a beautiful family of sisters.

congratulations on a happy day.

Amanda 9:50 AM  

soooo fun! N is cracking me up!

christine 10:31 AM  

Great pics! I found your blog from when you were on twopeas and ilovephotography.

You mentioned that you did your sister's hair. I looks GREAT! HOw did you do that? I would love to know. :)

heddomarie 7:15 AM  

Awesome Shots! I love little miss's dress. I want one but I've only got a boy hehe. Hopefully someday I'll have a little miss that loves the camera like yours! :) She's a doll.

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