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Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Sorry guys! I've been missing in action lately. Life has been crazy....and I've been sick...and not feeling like myself. Um, no. I'm not pregnant. Whew! 

Ever have those times in life where decisions weigh heavy on your mind, when you take others problems on yourself, and let yourself feel their sorrows? Let them in so far that your body cannot handle it? Some dear people in my life are dealing with things that just make me sad. But somehow I've got to let them handle their own issues and just continue to love and strengthen them without letting it affect me physically. I did make it back to the gym this morning and that felt really good.

So, there's been THAT....and then I've been researching homeschooling. Why? Well, now. THAT is a great question. I'm not sure that I really even know the answer to that. Other than, my kids seem to be growing at the speed of lightning. My time with them seems to be less and less and each day. And I'm grasping, trying to hold on to each little dear moment with them. I find myself lingering longer after I've tucked them in bed, spending more time tickling and laughing. And it's great and I love it! I really don't like sending them away for the majority of the day only to have them come home and rush off again to scouts or music or dance or to play with friends. We have scheduled less in our lives this year and it's still just not cutting it for me. But I question myself. Will I be able to teach these sweet children of mine everything that is necessary for them to gain a good education? Will I turn them into freaky weird homeschooled children? Is this decision best for our family? Every single person that I talk to that homeschools their children LOVES it! Will I love it? Will I be able to let my house get dirty and be able to focus on them? What I do know is that I'd LOVE the extra time with them! I know that it would make their relationships even stronger! I know I would feel more fulfilled as a mother. Oh my goodness...open up those floodgates. I'm such a crier! My Bear is 10 and before I know it he'll be moving out on his own. I can't handle that thought. I feel like there is not time enough in the day to teach them the things that I want them to know. I want them to know so many things!

So, that's where I've been. Sick in bed. Or researching homeschool. 

I guess that I DID go to Utah last weekend to go to Swiss Days with my SIL, Kendra, super good friend, Devry, my sisters, Tressa and Mindy, and my aunt, Letia. Seriously, I haven't laughed that hard in a REALLY, really long time! Kendra and I laughed until we literally could not talk and tears rolled down our cheeks as we drove down the road in our cherry red "PT Cruiser" (long, but funny story). We all shopped together at Swiss Days, ate delicious food, stayed up WAY TOO LATE, and got up way too early. Kendra and I cried as we stood together in the brides room in the Salt Lake City Temple. It was basically perfect!

And I'm heading BACK to Utah tomorrow to teach another Picture Life Workshop! I can't wait to spend time with Amanda and teach these fun, fun ladies all that we can. Yay!

I didn't forget about the pumpkins, though. I'll pick a winner before I head out tomorrow. Put your last entries in before it's over!


melanie liljenquist 11:41 AM  


You really are too Sweet. I am sorry that you have not been feeling well, its hard to watch people you love deal with such hard times and I'm like you somehow we manage to take their problems and put them on our shoulders. About the Homeschool thing Wow what a big decision, I somehow wish we could just freeze these little ones forever I hate how live does get so busy and you feel like you rarely have enough time to even have one on one with each child. I'm not sure what the answer is but if you find one let me know. It was fun to see you at Swiss Days, we too had so much fun Shopping, laughing and eating. Well Thanks for all your fun thoughts you always share. Oh and about your Pumpkins, I made mine last year after I saw yours on your blog and I love them they turned out so cute so thanks for the idea. Call me soon.

Love, Melanie

Kristen and Ryan 12:55 PM  

Holly, I know just what you mean! You are so eloquent! All my friends are talking preschool and I totally broke down....and my daughter is only 3! I would be interested to hear what you decide, although I don't know if I'm brave enough for home school.
Have fun in Utah! Wish I was going!

April 1:14 PM  

Just thought I'd share that we are another one of those very happy homeschool families:) It has been the best decision I ever made. We've done it from the beginning but even still it takes some adjusting. I love all the extra time it allows us as a family and how close my children are(really they are best friends). There is a lot of very positive research out there including test scores, college acceptance and wonderful social skills. No need to worry about being able to teach these days either because there are some wonderful resources for homeschool parents to choose from and plenty of events to have them join.
I would like to share a very kind message board with you that has some very nice parents on it: http://www.fiarhq.com/~gbprnhrz/forum/index.php

Best wishes on whichever decision you choose!

Renee' Dezember 3:01 PM  

Its always good to get a good laugh like that in - and I've often thought of homeschooling myself - for some different reasons then you mentioned...but any reason a mom ?s homeschooling is a good one :) I am sure teaching my children at home will be different then teaching other peoples children in the classroom - lol Hope you start feeling better soon - and I can't wait to see who gets those great pumpkins :D

Down Home Happiness 4:28 PM  

I have been in your shoes one to many times. I know a little of what you are feeling. Homeschooling! I have done it, and LOVED it! My very best coach, and confidence came from 2 books. The Well Trained Mind is a great resource. Also The Book of Mormon. Seriously I questioned back and forth if I could do it and I was reading about Nephi and the amazing responsibility he had to build that ship. From that I had the most profound comformation that it was something I was capable of doing and that my desires were righteous. You will find your answers. It's not for everyone and that is ok. But know this...YOUR family is YOUR ship, you and your husband are given every tool you need. Nobody can do for them what you can do NOBODY! What a great and wonderful thing to ponder. Good luck if I can be of any help I will gladly tell you what I have used personally. I found some things I love and other things I don't love so much, but I learned a ton! Best of wishes!

SHURTER'S :) 5:03 PM  

The best advise I can give you is pray about it! Seriously pray!

I homeschool and God has really blessed us because of it. I could go on and on about homeschooling, and why I think it is the greatest!

But people are always going to give you their thoughts, but stick with what ever God tells you to do. Don't worry about what others think. You need to do what is best for your family!

Rachel 5:12 PM  

Hi Holly,
I just want to tell you that homeschooled children arent weird at all. My youngest 3 siblings were homeschooled from K-12 and they are all 3 well rounded adults with many friends. My mom was very diligent in making sure they got social interaction, they were in a club for home school kids and they took all their standardized tests together and did field trips and all of that. I think it was a great experience and I kniow that my brothers and sister have never felt they missed out because they werent in school.

Diana 9:10 PM  

I have felt the same about my kids growing up so fast and most of their childhood is spent in the classroom. So I've debated whether to home school or not. I've been lucky to find a good fit for us at a school in Gilbert with a tops program. My kids go to school from 7:30 am to 12:30 pm every day. I pick them up, we have lunch, down time, time for homework and extracurricular activities. We get to spend a lot more time together then we did with the regular schedule. They have a school like this in Queen Creek also. I drive my kids everyday which I don't mind at all. It's a good time to talk to them about their day. Check out Edu-Prize if you think it may be a good fit for your family and it's not too far from where you live. It's a A+ school. Hope you receive the peace and inspiration that will bless your family.

Jenna 12:03 AM  

What a beautifully written post. Thank you for giving me a little boost to be a better Mom today and to give my kids an extra squeeze.

I am glad you are feeling better to post. My biggest tip is to open your blinds in the morning. It helps me when all I want to do is lay in bed and read or sleep.

Let the sunshine in!

Labyrinth Gal 8:43 AM  

OK, seriously--my word verification OVESHIPA has the word SHIP in it. I'll take that as reinforcement for the comment from Down Home Happiness!

As a former classroom teacher, I say GO FOR IT! You have all the skills you need to home school.

There are so many resources for creating lesson plans, etc. Check out www.jensenlearning.com Eric Jensen has a wealth of information on the brain & how it learns. He has an AWESOME free newsletter (that I sometimes FW to Dr. B) and he has great books for creating an active, engaged, enriched learning environment (which you pretty much already have)!

You, of all people, can totally do this! :-) Hali

Labyrinth Gal 8:52 AM  

P.S. Whole System EEP is my friend when I'm supporting friends & fam who are going thru challenges. It helps me stay balanced & I offer it to them as well. I add a few drop to my water that I drink throughout the day. :-)

Anonymous 4:28 PM  

Moral of the story is this: Children are as socially healthy as their parents!

There are plenty of "weird" kids in the public schools and when you meet their parents you know why. Same goes for homeschool children. Their parents social health is vital to their growth. It isn't public or home school related at all. Your home rocks- you rock- your sweet husband rocks. Your kids are set sweety.

The hard part is that major jump! Not for everyone for SURE. But you'll know.

tawnya hood 8:41 AM  


I find it so interesting to see this on your blog. I too have wanted to home school since the instant we began our family, but I was lead to believe that my oldest really needed school for the social interactions. And maybe she did. I actually found a free Montessori school at one of Mesa's public schools and we LOVE the program and the teachers. But for the past few months, the thought of home schooling has been on my heart quit heavily and I too have been researching and talking to friends even more now about the idea. I know that we as a family will dive into it at one point- especially before our oldest goes into middle school. Have you talked to the kids to see what they think and or feel about it. I always keep the communication open with ours and there have been many random times that our oldest says how she wishes she was home schooled (and she does really enjoy her school). Just pray about it and listen to how you are directed and I know that you will make a choice that is right for you and your family.

Nicki, 5:17 AM  

Bless you. Your health and the well being of your family is far more important than a blog. My well wishes go out to you for improved personal health and the direction you seek to make a determination about homeschooling.

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