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Monday, October 12, 2009

Do you need a touch of flair for your camera?

Well, she decided to sell them on Etsy in addition to her website (which I have had linked to here on my blog for quite awhile). So, to celebrate, she is offering a giveaway to my readers! Post a comment to enter to win your choice of straps from her Etsy store. Do you want extra entries? You can get one by posting about the contest on your blog with a link to my blog. You can get yet another entry by marking ShutterlyChic as a favorite seller on Etsy. And one more for telling us all here in the comments which strap is your favorite (but no worries, if you are the winner, you can change your mind as to which strap you want).

The entry deadline will be Monday morning the 19th. At that time my sister will harvest all of the entries and she and her adorable kids will pick a random winner.

So, remember - leave one comment to enter once, leave a second comment if you link to the contest from your blog, leave another comment after you've marked ShutterlyChic as a favorite seller on Etsy, etc. Got it? Sweet!  Good luck!


Melissa 10:14 AM  

i've been wanting a new camera strap! my favorite camera strap is any one with pink on it, my favorite color!

Melissa 10:14 AM  

i added shutterfly chic to my favorite sellers

Melissa 10:14 AM  

AND i added the contest link on my blog :) www.happyfullmers.blogspot.com. hope i win :)

Jennifer 10:30 AM  

I would love a new camera strap!

Welcome to My World 10:31 AM  

how do you choose they are all soooo great! :) surprise me when i win! lol hey a girl can dream right! lol love ya!!

Mom's Place 10:47 AM  

I have been looking for something exactly like this for a few years now! I love love love the Esmerelda Camera Strap for DSLR!!!!!!

Jenny Lynn 10:54 AM  

i've been wanting a new strap!!!

Kendra Jean Photography 10:59 AM  

I love these! I like her fabric choices too. And I have been wanting to dress up my strap too...


Mom's Place 10:59 AM  

I blogged about this!!!

Mom's Place 10:59 AM  

I fave'd her!

The Kazmaier's 11:19 AM  

I love the "Green Damask”. I've been wanting a new camera strap with personality

Ashley Madsen 11:36 AM  

Entry #1!! I would love one!

Ashley Madsen 11:38 AM  

Loving the Green Damask strap

Ashley Madsen 11:38 AM  

I added her to my favorite sellers list

Kristen 12:01 PM  

Oh my camera would love one of these!

Bailey's 12:03 PM  

Polka dot perfection! Cute!

alexandra 12:08 PM  

Love, Love, these straps! Bought my first one at Holly and Amanda's workshop last year and it always gets tons of compliments! I love the Green Damask, but I already own it...so I'll go with Green Fields!

Jen 12:09 PM  

So cute! She is so talented!

Lyndy 12:33 PM  

I love a chance to win one! Thanks!

Sharon 12:43 PM  

These are SO cute, and I love love love the idea. My camera is such a drag (on my neck.. heehee) My favorite is any one with Brown on it.

Brandi 1:23 PM  

Ooh yes, I need some pizazzle for my poor camera! I am all about some black and hot pink!

Brandi 1:25 PM  

I added her to my favorite sellers list on Etsy too! I hope her business is booming :)

Tori 1:43 PM  

I have been watching her straps..and I hope I win this so I can have one :)!
Pick Me!!

Michelle 2:46 PM  

I already have one thanks to your link on the side of the blog, but I would love a new one!! :)

Michelle 2:50 PM  

My favorite is the polka dot perfection...so cute!!!

Adam, Hilly and Wes 2:57 PM  

So, so cute! Found this from Melissa and I will definitely be posting a link on my blog for an extra entry! Thanks!

Tammie 2:58 PM  

these straps are too cute....they add personality to your camera too! hope i win!!!!!

Adam, Hilly and Wes 2:59 PM  

I posted a link on my blog!

Emily 3:08 PM  

I do need a touch of flair and I love the green damask!

Christina 3:38 PM  

I would love a new camera strap! They are adorable. Your family is so talented. Me.. Not so much!
I would love any of them.. You pick!
Thanks for the chance to win!

SHURTER'S :) 3:44 PM  

I have one of her straps already, but would love another one!!!! Thanks! :)

SHURTER'S :) 3:57 PM  

I posted it on my blog! Thanks! And I would love one of the brown ones, I already have the black and pink one!

Melissa Rodriguez Photography 3:59 PM  

I LOVE the pink whimsy! So cute!

Melissa Rodriguez Photography 3:59 PM  

Added as a favorite seller on etsy!

kathy 4:13 PM  

me, me, pick me... I bought one of your sisters straps at your Utah Workshop. I would really love another... please!!! I'm thinking good thoughts will that help :)

Christine Sweet 5:05 PM  

Oh, how I need to rid myself of my not so glorious black Canon strap!!! I'd LOVE to win! Yay!

Christine Sweet 5:12 PM  

Just posted about the contest in my status on Facebook. Here's the link for proof! he he! :)

Christine Sweet 5:18 PM  

just set Shutterly Chic as a favorite seller! and she truly is! :)

tiffunny 5:23 PM  

This my 1st comment just to enter for the chance to win an awesome camera strap.

tiffunny 5:23 PM  

I joined Etsy & marked SHutterly Chic as one of my favorites!

Christine Sweet 5:24 PM  

Oh, and Black Snowflake is my FAVE!!!! I think. :)

tiffunny 5:25 PM  

Here was my literal thought process when I was deciding which was my favorite: "I would want the Perfectly Paisley . . (scrolled down) . . . well maybe the Green Fields . . ooh or the Green Damask . . . but wait I love the Brown Harlequin. And to be honest, I lingered at the Black Snowflake as well. This has always been my problem with her camera straps - thus why I don't own one yet cause I couldn't decide at the photo workshop last year and thought it would be silly of me to buy 5 of them!!!!

The Way I See It 6:59 PM  

These straps are beautiful!! My camera is dying for one of these. I'd love to be entered in the contest. Thanks for the opportunity!

Salsa Mama 7:51 PM  

I LOVE these camera straps!! They are the cutest!

ellen 8:08 PM  

I would love to win one!

Amanda 8:31 PM  

okayokay - i'll enter with a comment :) I love my tressa strap!

angeliclenore 8:50 PM  

Ohh.. I need a new camera strap too! Pick me! :)

angeliclenore 8:55 PM  

My favorite is the Black Snowflake camera strap! All the straps are stinkin' cute!

JB and Cindy 8:59 PM  

This straps are precious! I love changing out straps on my camera.

Anonymous 11:41 AM  

Anything the Stapley's touch is KILLER! Count me in...

A. Dillon

Blossom Photo Art 11:46 AM  

Would love one of her adorable strap creations! Very generous of your sister to share her talent.
Sue Benson

heddomarie 1:00 PM  

Oh my goodness those are darling!

heddomarie 1:00 PM  

I added shutterfly chic to my favorite sellers

Brandi 3:32 PM  

These are so cute! I love the Funky Fall strap.

Brandi 3:37 PM  

Added Shutterly Chic to my Etsy favorites.

Tanya 5:23 PM  

Oh, they are all so cute! I'd probably pick green damask, polka dots make me happy. Thanks!

Kim 9:26 PM  

Oh goodness are those cute....I have one but it's getting kind of dingy and would so love another one! Even if I don't win, I will be ordering one.


Kim 9:26 PM  

I added shutterly chic to my favorites! I love the Mary Engelbreit one and I also love the Hot Pink Floral one too....I'm all about the black and white polka dots!


Anj 10:19 PM  

Maybe a new strap would help me get my camera out more. My four kids are keeping me too busy. I love the funky fall strap.

*JULIA* 10:52 PM  


Jennifer 6:36 AM  

Would love one of these they look great.

Jennifer 6:38 AM  

I would have to say my favorite is the Funky Fall.

Robin 10:39 AM  

Oh yes, I've checked those out before from your link. Very cute!

Julie Ken 8:31 PM  

I like Black Snowflake best, I think... it would be hard to choose!

Heather 8:47 PM  

Whoo hoo, I want one please!

Defa's 6:23 PM  

I have never seen these. How cute!

michelled 5:12 AM  

I just saw those straps on Etsy and bookmarked the site for myself so I'd remember to go back to do some Xmas shopping! I would love one of these and will probably buy one for my friend too!!

yvette 9:15 AM  

I love the straps I hope I win one they are adorable

Melanie 12:48 PM  

Those are adorable!! My fav is the green damask...
Pick me. :)

Melanie 12:49 PM  

Added as a favorite.


Nicole Ray 1:33 PM  

I love all the cute straps! Yeah for giveaways!!

Gene Black 9:31 AM  

My favorite is Black Snowflake camera strap for DSLR's.

Gene Black 9:32 AM  

I added ShutterlyChic to my favorite sellers too.

Melissa 2:19 PM  

my xsi needs one!

Heidi 6:33 PM  

They are so cute! I would love to win one.

Dhana Lauren 9:00 AM  

love those camera straps! they are all gorgeous but i think i like the simply brown best. so fun! thanks for offering the contest. :)

Megan 10:29 AM  

Orange obsession. I tried to make one of these once but it didn't...really...turn out. Thanks!

Tressa 1:57 PM  

Ok, I am harvesting all of the entries right now.
Thank you everyone for entering. I'll be putting all of the entries in a bowl and then have my 6 year old pull one out. As soon as we have a winner I'll have Holly post it here on her blog.

PS Remember that camera straps make fabulous Christmas presents. And yes, I do sell gift certificates so the recipient of your gift can pick out their favorite strap.

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