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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Field trip to Joseph City...

So, this last week I packed up the kiddo's and a heck of a lot of "newborn photography picture taking gear" and headed out of town to take pictures of my cousins brand new baby, Pearcen. Is that the cutest little name ever? They are going to call him Pearce. {swoon}. Okay, so really Kristal is my husbands cousin, but I'm claiming her as mine - we talk way more than they do, anyhow. But she is literally one of the funniest girls I know. She's been there for me...through some tough things. I just think she's pretty awesome stuff!

What a cute little town that Joseph City is! Just driving down Main Street, I was pretty sure that I could be in photography heaven - for at least a few days! Cool old run down buildings and all. Oh yah! We're going to have to go back!

I had BIG plans for this photoshoot. Pearce on the other hand, didn't like my plans. Any of them, actually. But anyone who knows me, knows I don't give up too easily. Not when it comes to pictures, at least. Diets...sometimes. Pictures....NEVER! But we persisted and helped him drift off to sleep for a few minutes here and there. And we got some pretty amazing shots! It was worth all of the hard work! A few of my faves....

These last two, make my heart sing....and melt....and yearn to snuggle a little newborn on my shoulder....


ellen 8:44 AM  

Those are great photos!

Michelle 9:36 AM  

What an absolute doll!! I just love the buggy picture...perfect.

Mindy 2:14 PM  

He's even cuter than his name!! So precious...

Anonymous 9:01 PM  

Holly, did you know that Jason and I served our missions together? We served in the same area for a long time and he played a significant part in my experience there in Georgia and Florida. Small world. Awesome pictures! Awesome first week of homeschool!!! Awesome new baby for M. family!!!!

Burgess 11:44 PM  

The last one is the most perfect newborn picture I've ever seen in my life. GOOD JOB! CUTE KID!

Sarah Pace 10:18 AM  

I know you don't know me, but i'm one of Krystals friends. I am in love with your photos All of them! I'm an ameture photographer just learning and your pics are AWESOME!! Pearce looks adorable!

Amanda 11:41 AM  

loveyloveydovey! So awesome! Those last two take my breath away girlie!

Vonda G. 12:01 PM  

Those turned out perfect. You are really an amazing girl, Holly. Taking the day and heading up alone with your kids, just to spend some time with my sister and do something special for her. Thanks!!!

Alona 8:19 PM  

Hi - another of Kristal's friends blog stalking to see the pictures! They're awesome!

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