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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Do you ever just want to scream.....

UNCLE?!?! I'm feeling so behind on life. So behind on things that I'm dying to get accomplished. My house seems as if it is in total upheaval. Maybe it's because I decided to turn Little Misses room into my NEW photography studio for NEWBORNS (can't wait to show you my new website that I've been working on). Or maybe it's because the contents of her room are strewn around the house so that the painter can come tomorrow and paint her NEW room. What was once in that NEW room? The Chubs. Yes, the Chubs. Where did he go? Well, he is no longer sleeping in a crib....he is sharing a room with his older brothers (and they all think it is pretty dang cool!) The crib has been taken down for the first time in 10 1/2 years. What a strange, strange feeling.....

So, my house looks like a wrecking ball has hit it. And guess what? We are hosting Thanksgiving. And not only are we hosting....but it is the largest crowd we have ever hosted. You see, it will be my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary. My grandparents had 9 kids. And they all had a bunch of kids. And a lot of us, the "cousins", have a bunch of kids. They are all invited.....to MY house! Yep! All of those people. If only you could see my "to-do" list. I SO wish that I was not a perfectionist, that I could just let a million people show up at my house, with beds here, dressers there, decorations strewn about on the counters and everywhere else. But no! I have issues. I seriously know that I do. I've got curtains that need to be sewn, curtain rods to be painted, silly lists of Christmas decorations (that I don't have yet....but want to purchase...and have put up), a house to organize, food to prepare, crafts/entertainment for the children to throw together, Christmas presents to get purchased and wrapped and dropped off for FREE shipping to Utah (thanks Jen!), a quilt that I REALLY want to finish for Little Misses room, putting rooms back together AFTER the painter is finished, tables and chairs to collect from the neighbors, meanwhile not missing out on the gym and HOMESCHOOLING the kids and all of our other "after school" activities like scouts, basketball, music, art, and dance classes. Yikes! I'm tired! So, so tired!

Yet, here I sit...wishing I had the energy to get started posting some pictures. Remember that Amanda came to visit me a few weeks back? And we did 10 photoshoots? Yep! I've got LOADS of fabulous photos to share. But that's going to have to wait another week or so. Because, I have issues. And that's that!


Mindy 7:15 AM  

Wow! I don't know how you do it all! I can't wait to see your photography studio. I am sure it will be fabulous. Wish we could be there to add to the chaos on Thanksgiving :) But, we are going to have a pretty great Thanksgiving up here too. Really, I just wish we could all be together. Somehow, I just know you will pull it all together and it will be perfect. Happy Thanksgiving to you!

Letia 7:26 AM  

Your to-do list makes ME want to curl up in a ball and not move for 24 hours. I'm sure you will pull it off and it will feel fabulous to have your house put back in order.

lori 8:29 AM  

Sounds crazy and normal! ha! I understand! Frustrating, exciting, stressful, joyful all at the same time!!!

k 9:08 AM  

Oh Holly! THis post made me both laugh and realize I too have major issues! I can totally relate! But knowing you, you will get it done in time and the whole weekend will go off perfectly. You have extraordinary talent for calm and collected! I hope the best weekend for you and your large extended family! Those make the best holidays! Happy Thanksgiving!

Shelley 10:13 AM  

Right here screaming with you. I really want to get a lot done before Thanksgiving so I can really ENJOY the holidays. So much to do, so little time. Hang in there. I'm sure your home will look amazing.

Down Home Happiness 1:13 PM  

Sounds like you need to hire a babysitter that will do the homeschooling for you this week. Something has to go in order to get it all done. Good luck!

Long Family 10:02 PM  

You always inspire me. I've never met you, I don't even remember how I stumbled upon your blog, but I always leave motivated and uplifted. My blog is private now, but you'd like to know a little more about me.....so you know who is looking at your blog ;) and leaving you comments, my email is
blong2010@gmail.com I'm so glad even after all you've been through with this blog you're still here. I would greatly miss reading your posts if you weren't. :)

Toni 10:27 AM  

Holly, You may have said this before, but what kind of camera and lens do you use? Beautiful work!

Tressa 2:52 PM  

Holl, wow and I thought my to-do list was decently long for hosting Thanksgiving at my house. But, I wish we could be there to help you get ready and add to the chaos of Thanksgiving at your house. But the drive - ugh!
Love you lots!!

Heather 1:56 PM  

You are a crazy person. I can say this rude comment because so am I. This is why we bonded so quickly. Over craziness. :)

And to answer you question in the title... Yes.

Amber 7:10 PM  

Oh! I need to know why you have to take pic's of newborns AFTER my baby isn't a newborn? I am sure it will all look amazing!!!


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