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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Keepin it real....

Because life isn't always full of sweet treats and roses. At least, my life isn't.

Yesterday started out...just like it has been lately. No time for me to get to the gym, because we are adjusting to life and school online. Heck, I hardly even feel like I have time to get dressed or make late night trips to the grocery store. But back to the online school thing. The kids are doing that. Yep. I'm one of those people who is really hard on themselves...you know, those perfectionist types. That's me...to a T. I'm not proud of it and quite frankly I wish I could give myself a little slack. I'm working on that. Well, I'm trying. {sigh} But I have struggled with knowing that I was challenging the kids enough, providing them with enough material, pushing them enough to learn new things. Well, APPARENTLY I haven't...because this online school thing is kicking my booty...consuming our lives right now. But it DOES feel good to know that they are being challenged more. I'm going to give it a few months before I decide if this is going to be the best fit for us or not. We shall see!

Oh, but back to Monday....yesterday....yes, it seems so far away. We did our usual morning routine of breakfast together, scripture study, hugs and kisses to daddy as he left to go in a bit early to work in a few emergency patients. We started school...me running back and forth from one computer to the next...trying to help one with a question on an assignment only to hear, "MOM! I need you!" yelled at me again. Back and forth, back and forth. Hey, maybe I don't need to go to the gym every day. Oh wait! Yes I do! It keeps me sane! That went on for a few hours, with intermittent sprints to my room to check on Chubs, resting on my bed with a fever. FINALLY, it was time for lunch and I decided to check a few e-mails while the kids fixed and ate their lunch. I heard some giggling and rustling around followed by a loud SMACK. The screaming started. Not the kind of scream where you just sit there and wait for the injured to come and find you, but the "drop everything you're doing and run like a mad woman" kind of scream. Halfway down the hall, I was met by Little Miss screaming frantically, holding her bloody hands under her bloodier mouth followed by big brother, Bear, who kept saying, "I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to! I was just tickling you! I'm so sorry!"

I sent the boys downstairs while I assessed the damage. I. DO. NOT. DO. WELL. WITH. BLOOD. I tried to get her mouth cleaned up and noticed a few loose teeth. Not one. Not two. But three loose teeth. {BREATHE} Okay, I can do this. Called Brett at the office...had a bit of a meltdown. Little Miss told me to just pull all of her loose teeth out. Um, no. Amanda just happened to call...I had a bit more of a meltdown. Got a hold of the best dentist in AZ and he said that he would meet us at his office ON HIS DAY OFF. I told you he's the best!

Before we left to go to the dentist, I called the boys up from downstairs. I told Bear that I loved him and that I knew it was an accident. Little Miss and Bear and I hugged...we hugged and cried and just let the tears roll. Bear kept saying how sorry he was and Little Miss just kept saying, "It's okay! It's okay! I'm okay! It's all right!" all with a lisp as she delicately protected her aching teeth.

At the dentist's office, they took some x-rays, found her bone plate had two small fractures, pushed her teeth back to where they were supposed to be and sent us home. She gets to eat soft foods for a few weeks and we get to keep an eye on them, make sure the bruising goes away above her teeth, making sure the loose teeth set back up, etc. Hey, at least they are baby teeth!

I found these today....


And our freezer is now stocked with a bunch of these...


Good thing she likes soup and oatmeal and yogurt. At least I have a few tips on the whole soft food diet - thanks to the roll over and my broken jaw at the dunes a few years ago :)


Amanda 6:46 PM  

sweet jarom! love the flowers he made her!

ellen 7:48 PM  

Big hugs to you all...

Cami D. 9:42 PM  

Holy craziness. Love the sweetness from J and the friend that knows just when to call! I hope all is calm all is bright for awhile. Wait, did I just sort of copy a christmas song? HA HA HA!

Mindy 8:35 AM  

Poor little Miss! I hope she is doing well and enjoying her Jamba Juice!

Kim 9:34 PM  

Seriously Holly, I got short of breath just reading your post. I picture you running circles! J's apology letter is one of the SWEETEST things ever! You have raised such an amazing little boy to do that.

I hope your life settles down for a bit! You sound like you could use some stressless, uneventful days!


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