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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

It was probably totally wrong of me...

to be SO excited when Brett told me of his plans to take the boys up to the cabin for an overnight trip. I was instantly dreaming up a girly-girl weekend. Little Miss and I were planning a girls only party, including pedicures and popcorn, movies and coloring, cookie decorating and loads of giggles when Brett said that Jen was wondering if Little Miss could come and have a little girls weekend with her and her girls. I must admit my heart skipped a beat. Me...home alone? Sounds like paradise!

So I had all kinds of ideas swirling through my head. Should I stay in my pajamas the whole time, ordering food, watching movies, laying out to work on my tan? Should I lock myself in the house and organize like a mad woman? Should I forget the organizing and break out my stack 'o crafts that have just been calling my name for months and months? Should I schedule my two newborn sessions during that time and not feel bad for taking time away from the family? So many choices!

Well, the blessed day approached. I was SUPER cheery and helpful that morning. I mean, I ordinarily am that way {wink}. Hon...can I help you load the ice chest? Need me to pack some snacks for the road? Want me to take you by the hand, buckle you in the car, kiss you goodbye, then run inside and lock the door?

I waved goodbye to this truckload of my lovies....


and as soon as they were out of sight, I jumped in the air like a little leprechaun, heel kick and all, knelt on one knee and did a little cha-ching arm pump, broke into some awesome dance moves, and laughed out loud. I might have sounded a little bit like the wicked witch of the west. But hello! I had 34 hours of the house to myself ahead of me.

I did decide to do the newborn photoshoots and spent the rest of my time roaming the mall, scouring some antique shops, working on a few projects, going out to eat for EVERY meal, hit a few garage sales, and went to the temple (had such a spiritual experience while I was there). It was pretty perfect! I JUST might ask for that gift again for Christmas...except 3 days just might be perfect!


Christine Sweet 10:13 AM  

I'm with you on every level. Sometimes when I'm grocery shopping with my kids, I just think, "ahhhhhh, I need quiet to THINK!!! Oh how nice it would be to be alone!!!" But then just when life affords me the "luxury" of grocery shopping alone, I suddenly notice every other Mama with her kids and hunger to have them with me. So there's that... but then there's the oooooother times... I just LOOOOOOOOVE ME time!!! ALONE!!! Even a vacation alone!!! Anyway, I thought your post was precious!

HollyC 3:24 PM  

I can relate to this post for sure! I sometimes crave 'me time' then a case of mother's guilt rears it's head and I'm wishing they were home with me! I do think it's good for a Mom to have alone time...it's healthy...and fun!

Jackie 5:18 PM  

Your little leprachan kick and cha-ching arm pump was sooooooo funny! I actually pictured you doing it! ;) glad you had some alone time - we all need that sometimes.

Cami D. 1:12 AM  

Ahhh ah ah I can totally see the dance moves and cha-ching! You are my favorite.

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