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Monday, June 14, 2010

My sewing machine.....

has been sitting on it's shelf, feeling neglected and lonely. And every time I open up the closet to get something off of the printer or get out one of our pre-made Family Home Evening packets, I see my lovely stacks of fabric and my trusty sewing machine, sitting there, waiting. About a week and a half ago, I decided I was done (for a few hours) of cleaning the house and keeping it looking perfect and actually DECIDED to make a mess. Yep! I made a mess and I really enjoyed it! I cut and sewed and had the best time. The end result?


A happy Little Miss and a happy momma....and a bit of a mess to clean up. That's all right, though. It was absolutely worth it!
PS Don't you just love these little ruffly legwarmers? I think they look super cute on chubby little baby legs all the way up to little girls. I have them in stock (in a few colors - grey, cream, black, pink, hot pink) - $15 for the first pair and $10 for every pair after that.


ellen 8:50 AM  

Matilda Jane who? Holly brimhall is in da house!!!

Seriously, that is gorgeous! You are one talented lady.

Rachel 10:38 AM  

Oh how CUTE! I love the leg warmers as well. I would totally buy some cream ones.


Terah 12:57 PM  

Put me in for 2 cream pairs!

Amanda 2:12 PM  

are you kidding me???? You're amazing!

Jackie 2:33 PM  

I love those! And I love your backdrop. Is that just fabric? Is it a special kind of fabric? I would like to expand my collection of backdrops and I really like the pattern look for something different than the traditional muslin ones I see. P.s. it's always fun to read your blog!!

Holly 2:57 PM  

Ellen...ha ha! You made me laugh out loud!

Rachel...they'll be in the mail tomorrow. Thanks!

Terah...shoot me an e-mail - hollybrimhall(at)cox(dot)net - I have two cream pairs left.

Amanda...thanks! Can't wait to see you soon!

Jackie...thanks! Yes, just regular fabric from the fabric store. Nothing fancy!

Tressa 3:52 PM  

Way to take some time to make something fun. :) Very cute Holl!

Heidi 5:44 PM  

Hi. I hope you don't think I'm a stalker or anything. I don't remember where I found your website from, but I absolutely love your photography!! The lighting is always gorgeous and your pictures are stunning. I am very interested in taking your Picture Life Workshop and wondered what's next on the schedule. Do you have any workshops in ID or UT coming up this summer? I'm from the Seattle area but come down to Boise and the Salt Lake area every summer. If you could let me know that would be great. My email is on my blog. Thanks! -- Heidi

k hansen 8:52 PM  

Your daughter is beautiful, the perfect model! Love the leggings and the dress and the flower band and her face... ! ☺

Debbie 2:22 PM  

Beautiful job Holly! I can't believe how talented you are.

Your daughter just keeps getting prettier and prettier all the time. I started following your work and blog back when she was so little and had quite a bit of chub and roundness to her. She has become such a little lady, so tall and grown up like. I see the same in my own and wow, it really gets me sometimes.

Thanks for sharing everything you do! Your thoughts, talents, children and inspiration. Have a great week!

jill marie barrett 5:58 PM  

do you sell the dress too? amazing! i have a 5 year old and i would love one for her.

alicia.king 10:35 PM  

beautiful girl in a beautiful dress! this is why i want to sew!

Tabitha Frohardt-Johnson 10:29 AM  

Hi ... I found you thru Skye Johansen and I would love to get more ruffle leg warmers. Do you have a site to order from?


The M Family 1:42 PM  

how do I get a pair of cream leg warmers? adorable!


ErinKJ 12:52 PM  

HI! Love this outfit you made! Im thinking I NEED to make it for my little lady! Can you tell me what fabrics you used? Thanks! Erin

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