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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Warm fuzzies and dates with mom or dad.....

About a year ago we decided to try something new with our kiddo's. And since it has been working so well, I thought I'd share it with you guys. Maybe you'll want to try it...or maybe it will inspire you in some other way.

Brett and I talked one night about how we wanted to teach our children to serve each other happily. To reach out and be aware of opportunities around them to give service. We had also made goals to spend more one on one time with each of the children. But life had gotten busy and we just weren't doing AS good of a job as we'd hoped. Our solution? Mason jars and cotton balls. Sounds thrilling, right?


We introduced the huge jar of cotton balls at Family Home Evening one Monday night. We gave them each a mason jar, let them pick out a ribbon, and write their name on a label to put on their jar. We talked about giving service and how that helps both people (the person giving the service and the person receiving) and talked about how that makes us feel warm and fuzzy inside. We had the children suggest different ways that they could serve each other and then told them that they could earn a cotton ball for each deed of service performed. Once the jar is full, they get to go on a date with mom or dad as their reward. You can bet that they won't let us forget to take them on a date as SOON as that jar is full! So Chubs likes to help set the table in the morning (even though it's not his kitchen chore), Moose likes to help unload the dishwasher when it's not his turn, Little Miss likes to do the dishes, Bear likes to help me unload groceries from the car. Service around our house helps us feel warm and fuzzy!


Terah 8:57 AM  

Love it!

So, whose is the overflowing one? (;

We do something similar during the holidays. With each act of kindness/serving they get a piece of straw (aka raffia) to lay in baby Jesus' manger so that it's ready to keep Him warm when He (aka sissy's baby doll) arrives on Christmas Eve.

Gonna halfta steel your idea, too!

The McGraths 10:07 AM  

So cute! gonna do this! I was wondering what was with the cotton balls that I saw on the counter but always forgot to ask. What a great way to teach them about service and spend quality time one on one with mom and dad.

David and Amber 12:51 PM  

That is a super cute idea Holly.

Sonda Bryce 4:03 PM  

What a great idea! You are an amazing mom Holly! I love reading your blog and getting great ideas and keeping up with you and your fam! Way to be sista!

Jackie 8:18 AM  

Great idea. I am going to try this. Thank you for sharing! :)

Letia 10:42 AM  

So, I started this today and since I didn't have cute jars, etc. I just am using a 3x5 card and punching it. The kids are being so great they are going to fill it up today at the rate they are serving and picking up. What a change from yesterday when they were RUDE and grumpy all day long. Thanks for the idea.

stace 10:21 PM  

cute idea! I may have to try it too. Seems all my children like to do is fight with each other.

Kameron 3:23 PM  

have started this; may have to incorporate some sort of "when you whine and disobey, you lose cotton balls" policy... at least over the summer! geesh... : )

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