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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Go, Dogs, Go....

It's 9:27.

I've been up for 4 hours.

So far today, I have:
listened to 4 kids whine and complain from the moment they woke up
cleaned up spilled cereal - soggy, milky cereal from all over the table, chair and floor
took Chubs to the potty 9 times...6 of them false alarms
read Go, Dogs, Go 7 times and Commotion in the Ocean 3 times
got dressed...in clothes that are getting tighter and tighter by the day (time to start a new diet, I suppose)
found a pair of pants for a certain little girl who cried "I've looked EVERYWHERE and I just can't find them ANYWHERE!" I found them in 2.3 seconds...
asked Moose why on earth he was wearing dirty shorts and if he'd please change...he never did
inspected 3 lunches...1 of which was healthy enough to pass my standards...gave a mini lesson to the boys on what needs to be included (and eaten) at lunchtime
listened to relentless teasing and crying and arguing

Will somebody please remind me why I'm taking them out of school in 1 hour to take them ALL to the dentist? At the same time.... On purpose... And why I'm getting my teeth cleaned today too. Especially since I got my braces adjusted yesterday and I can't stand for my teeth to come in contact with....ANYTHING?

I just want to climb in bed and let the dog take care of everything today. Go, Dog, Go...surely you can handle the children MUCH better than I can....


Mandy 12:15 PM  

Sounds a LOT like my morning! I should have just gone back to bed because it has only gotten worse too. I ended up standing in the middle of Target crying while holding my 4 month old baby and listening to my 2 year ask for the hundredth time when he was going to get his treat for being good :)
Hope your day gets better!

(and thanks for sharing about your camera and how you shoot!)

Mom2my10 @ 11th Heaven 1:03 PM  

Aw, Girl, I can surely relate! We do it because they will give us grandkids when we grow old and then we can give them back and laugh when they start crying and whining. Also, that is why I still have my 2 1/2-year-old twins and diapers because I don't want to potty train them and have them have to go 18 times in 4 hours!...with an exclusively nursing 5-month-old on the boob at all times!

It will get better, I promise, at least that is what I tell myself everyday!

Sarah 5:29 PM  

We've all been there!

I had been meaning to ask for your advice/opinion, I hope that's ok!

We started KG with our oldest this week. I hate it, I really do! All that time spent away from family, and her sister, just feels so wrong. May I ask, what are your thoughts on that? I know you homeschooled for awhile and aren't any more. I'm really conflicted!


shawni 9:05 AM  

Hey Holly, I just got really distracted looking at all your gorgeous pictures. Beautiful.

That guy who built my chair is Pete at Brown Road Upholstery in Mesa. His number is 827-2749. He made a couch for my friend too that looks so awesome.

So are you guys moving? That blog of the house for sale is beautiful..is that yours?

Ann 2:54 PM  

I found your blog through Skye Johansens and have to tell you that I LOVE your pictures. You have a wonderful eye and take beautiful pictures. I spent way too much time looking at all your old posts. I did have to laugh at your boys nicknames-those are our boys nicknames.

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