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Friday, December 31, 2010


Today I turn 34. Life is good and I am so, so blessed. I thought I'd take a few minutes to write down 34 random things about me.

1. I am very claustrophobic.
2. I taught a handwriting/lettering class at the very first Arizona Scrapbook Convention.
3. I've always loved looking at pictures. In fact, when I was a little girl I'd sit and look at old pictures for hours and hours and hours at a time.
4. I used to practice the piano 1.5 hours a day. Now I'm lucky to practice 1.5 hours a MONTH.
5. I've never wanted to be anything but a wife and a mother.
6. Although, secretly I'd love to be an interior designer. I'd rather decorate someone else's home. It's too hard to decide when it comes to my own.
7. Which puts me in a predicament...since we have a new (to us) house that needs a LOT of help.
8. I spent my whole birthday ripping up carpet, tearing out carpet pads, scooping up broken tiles, helping put up drywall on new walls, and fretting about which rooms to put which kids in, which furniture to put where (after the remodel is done), which furniture I need to sell on Craigslist. HELP!
9. I dated one of my husband's best friends in high school.
10. I cannot stand being COLD.
11. It snowed here yesterday. What? I live here for a reason, people! Where is the sun and warm air?
12. I love ice cream, frozen yogurt, custard...yum! Best ice cream ever? Nielson's Bumbleberry Concrete. Heaven on a spoon, is what I like to call it.
13. I love freshly bathed babies and children.
14. I am not at all a pet person....but since we do have a pet, at least he's cool. He drinks out of the drinking fountain on the back patio, jumps on the tramp with the kids, hangs out with them in their fort, and slides down the slide with them. But that doesn't mean that I leave my hands out for him to lick...nope. They stay in my pockets. Bleck!
15. I wish I could nap...or sleep for that matter. I can only take a nap if I'm sick.
16. I love to read and wish that I had more time to do it. Just finished "Maze Runner" and am now reading "These Is My Words".
17. I am GRUMPY if my house is dirty.
18. I am horrible about printing and hanging pictures of my own children. But I'm going to be better!
19. Going gluten-free hasn't been as hard as I thought it would be.
20. I only like getting the mail at Christmas time...we got some amazing cards this year!
21. I've had 20 teeth pulled in my life. Small mouth, extra sets of permanent teeth, wisdom teeth, etc. Needless to say, I don't really like going to the dentist.
22. I got my very first cavity a few years ago.
23. I LOVE driving by myself...turn the radio way up and sing my heart out...it's the best!
24. I can't wait to get my studio set up at the new house.
25. I often feel like I still have SO MUCH TO LEARN when it comes to photography.
26. I'm lucky to be married to my favorite person in the whole wide world.
27. My favorite places to be are Greer and the B-13 Ranch.
28. I want to take our family to Hawaii.
29. I've never been to New York City.
30. I am NOT a dare devil! Roller coasters about do me in!
31. Listening to my mom and Little Miss play a game while my dad is snoring in the other room is making me really happy! They were a HUGE help today! Love them!
32. All of the birthday wishes through texts and facebook messages and phone calls have made me really happy!
33. I am one really lucky girl!
34. And I'm pooped! I think I'll have a bowl of ice cream...it is my birthday, you know...and then I'll snuggle up in bed and watch some TLC's "What Not To Wear"... (sometimes I wish someone would nominate me for that show).

Happy Day!


ellen 11:04 PM  

Happy birthday sweet girl!

Nicki 6:53 AM  

Happy Birthday Holly!

Mindy 9:00 AM  

I hope you got my text! Happy Birthday to you. I am so glad Mom and Dad are there to help. I can't wait to see some before and after pics. Wish I could be there to take you out for a bumbleberry concrete :) Love you!

Tressa 12:49 PM  

"What not to wear"?? Give me a break! LOL We all want to raid your closet for cute things for us to wear (assuming of course I could actually fit into your cute stuff!).
Actually, we all want to raid Little Miss's closet too. :)

Susie 2:21 PM  

Happy Birthday, Holly! You've accomplished so much in your brief 34 years. I hope you have a wonderful 2011!

Dawn 9:07 PM  

"These is My Words" is a great book! I recommend the whole series!!! Happy Birthday!

Stacey 9:52 PM  

Happy Birthday!!

A few years back, my oldest was very upset at me, and he shouted out, "That's it, NO more birthdays for you!!" He looked shocked when I exclaimed, "Thanks!!"

I loved reading your list... What a fun person you are!


jennifer kuhn 12:47 PM  

Happy Birthday, sweetie! It's crazy how much we are alike! :) Hope it was a great one for ya. We need to get together for a girl's night @ Neilsens!

Kristal 5:17 AM  

hahaha, you could never be nominated for that show. I LOVE everything you ever wear!
I love this list.
Your life intrigues me.
You're not mission out on the NYC thing. It was fun to see for a day, but it mostly just made me appreciate my life.
I dated a few of Jase's best friends too. haha
Um, come tell me how to decorate my house!
Alright, love the list, love you, glad you had an amazing birthday!

Heather 5:58 PM  

Happy Birthday my friend. You make 34 look glorious! :)

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