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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The most marvelous day in all of Brimhall-Kingdom-Land...

Monday morning started off quite normal. Brett up at 5:30 to go to the "new house" to meet workers and me up to start my day of laundry and kids and all that goes into getting them ready for their day. I decided to put a pork roast in the crockpot, because I knew the day would be busy and we hadn't been able to enjoy many home-cooked meals around the table lately - due to that new house remodeling FUN! If I keep telling myself that it's fun maybe I'll start believing myself. Maybe not! And all I really wanted was to enjoy a Monday evening at home with a delicious dinner and some family time.

Kids off to school - check.

Pork Roast in crockpot - check.

List of errands to run - check.

Chubs and I headed out for a day of good times - like running to Home Depot...then over to Lowe's...then back to Home Depot. That kind of stuff!

Then we met up with Cyndi for a little hair color and some hair trimming. While there I realized, "Oh shoot! Kids get out of school early all week! I'll call them and tell them I'll be home soon and to start on their homework."

Ring...ring....ring...ring...ring....ring....ring.....ring...ring... What the heck? Why isn't the answering machine picking up at least? Try again Ring....ring....ring....ring....ring.....ring....ring....ring...ring.... Now I'm starting to get worried. Then I get a text from my neighbor Cindi (not trying to confuse anyone - at least their names are spelt different) saying my kids are at her house and that the garage door wasn't working. What? Weird! (Thanks Cindi for rescuing my children and calming down my frantic Little Miss. She IS the only girl in the family and therefore is entitled to a bit of drama and overreacting).

I decide to leave with wet hair and hurry home to find a notice on the door - from SRP - that they have turned off our electricity. For real? I call Brett. He said that he HAD gotten a notice stating that they were going to turn off our electricity because the expiration date on our auto-pay credit card had expired. He thought he had taken care of it. Hmmmm.... Apparently not! Oh well. I'll just whip out my house key and go through the front door. Oh yah. My house key is inside...the ONLY house key we have, because our realtor has the other one. I'll call him. Oh yes. That's a good idea! Then I remembered he was in Colorado on business. Oh geez! Luckily the house key was in a lockbox on the house and one of his assistants came to let us into our own home.

Make a phone call to SRP. "So you are telling me that you can't come to turn my electricity back on until sometime TOMORROW?" Perfect. Just perfect.

For 27 hours, we endured life without electricity. I'm practically a pioneer or something now.


Leigh 3:48 PM  

4 times. Let me say that again - 4 TIMES, that has happened at the Stapley household.

I wanna come see your new house!

Tressa 7:23 PM  

At least it wasn't 115 degrees outside! Can you imagine heat and no AC?? AGH!
Sounds like you have been having more than your share of adventures lately! Here is to hoping that your adventures end soon. :)

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