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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Guess what guys? Mom is having another baby....

I stumbled out of bed as I do most mornings, a bit groggy, and sometimes a bit grumpy. It takes me awhile to get going in the morning. We gathered the children at the breakfast table for a protein/juice shake and some english muffins, I said the blessing on the food, and then Brett says, "Guess what guys? Mom is having another baby."

I looked at him a bit confused. A few of the kids said, "WHAT?" (a little disgustedly, I might add). The confusion on my face began to grow even more, when Brett blurted out, "April Fools Day!!!!"

Then I was even more confused!

"Honey. It's still March...for a few more days. April Fools Day is on Friday!" We laughed and laughed and laughed. Ha ha ha!

Anywhooooo...I just had to snap a few pictures of the kids together yesterday. They were making me smile :). First I caught Little Miss reading a book to the Chubbers...

Then the kids wanted a picture together...

Then they wanted to be crazy.....

Then Bear was found playing Beybladz with Chubs (which is his new addiction and I spend way more time than I'd like to each day playing this game)....

And then when I was tucking the littles in last night, I walked past Bear's room to find these ones all snuggled up together. I knew I had one shot and then it'd be over. Love these boys and love how much they love each other....


The Way I See It 5:15 PM  

Hi! Random question. Are you still selling those leggings? I would love some!

Amy 7:02 PM  

I'm a long time reader, first time commenter. And wow, you got me with the title! :) You have such a precious family and I love your photography!!

Lisa 7:56 AM  

I love your photography! How do you get your pictures so crisp and clean? I take manual and raw but mine don't look at all like yours! Do youdo any type of mentoring? I'm a stay at home mom that only does photography as a hobby.
I would love to ask you more questions but hate to fill up your comments section on questions! My email is Lisa.Linton@schoolimprovement.com. Thanks Holly! Btw..love all your house renovations. We have done that so many of times and they take up so much time and money BUT always worth it in the end!

Lamchops 8:24 AM  

That is the most awesome April Fools. That is great. Your kids are darling for sure. Good job getting the shots that are gone so fast.

kristal 5:06 PM  

aw man, I was all excited when I read your post title. haha. I did that to Jase a couple of years ago. I told him I was pregnant, and I wasn't, and I let it go on all day, and he was soo excited, so I felt horrible when I told him I was kidding. Pregnancy is the best april fools.

Carolyn 4:09 AM  

Awesome April fools! Your children are too darn cute, I love your photos!

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