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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Heaven help me...

I NEED to get this laundry room organized.


This has been the trickiest room for me. Maybe because it's because my LAST laundry room was had about 10 times the storage as this one...no joke. And I just can't decide where to put all of my sadly neglected crafting supplies or how or where to organize my photography biz stuff. Goodness sakes. In my last laundry room all was neatly organized. From wrapping paper and gift bags to stamps, paints, brushes, ink pads, paper punches, scrapbook paper, pictures, yarn, fabric, cleaning supplies, etc. It all had a home. And apparently right now, in this room, nothing has a home. I need help!

Maybe I'll just escape upstairs to my little reading nook and snuggle up with a good book.


Are you in love with my little lamp? Man, oh man, how I love TJ Maxx Homegoods. And yes, I know that little white flowery picture frame sadly needs a picture in it. All in good time, my friends. All in good time.


Now I just need a good book to snuggle up with. Which reminds me....I had all of my favorite books organized......in my last laundry room, too. Ugh!


Tressa 5:56 PM  

Well, your new laundry room is still about 20 times bigger than mine. LOL Whoever invented the idea of a "laundry closet" in the hallway was a flaming idiot! Just where am I supposed to have my many sorting baskets for dirty laundry? In a 3000 sq ft house with 5 bedrooms you have got to assume you will be drowning in laundry at all times. Stupid stupid people!

irisp 5:58 PM  

oh I feel your pain, I desperately need some more storing space in my laundry room.

But congratulations on your new home, it looks awesome, cozy and warm, just like a home should look like.

I just got home from the US and it was my first time there. GOSH I love your country and I would love love love to live there one day. But since the green card isn´t the easiest to get I might just have to live there in my dreams.

My Reading Blogs 6:36 PM  
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My Reading Blogs 6:37 PM  

I love your white frames! Could you please tell me where you got them from? Thanks so much!

MMW 10:21 PM  

PLEASE post pictures of your laundry room as you get around to decorating and organizing it. I am STUMPED with what to do with our laundry room - and I would love some Holly B Inspiration!

erin olson photography 6:39 PM  

where are those white frames from???

CrissyG 11:17 AM  

I would also love to know where the white frames are from. :)

anon 9:54 PM  

Hello: I just pinned your blog, but I'm concerned about somehow not honoring your request not to copy. Is pinning a picture to link back to your blog ok? If it is not, please post about it and I will take my pin down as soon as I can. Also, if that is the case, would you mind putting up a logo or something that is ok to pin? Your blog is lovely and I would love to pin it in order to return to it and to share with others. Thank you! :) -Adrian

Jessica and Deven 7:54 AM  

Love those frames, can you please tell me where you got them from? Thanks so much.

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