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Wednesday, March 02, 2011


I don't really understand how Little Miss is SO HARD on her shoes. I mean, look at these shoes...


They are two months old. Two months. And it's not like she wears these shoes everyday. She wears tennis shoes to school on PE day. Does she fill them with weights and drag them along the pavement? I look at them...and it just boggles my mind. I just don't understand how they can be ruined so quickly. She has even worn through the toes on REAL LEATHER COWBOY BOOTS. Is that even possible?!?! Apparently it is.

So, do I give her these? Or take them back?


The worst she could do it rub her toes off, right?


Hatch Family of Five 2:30 PM  

Those are fancy...like only on Sundays fancy! Good luck. Ours look similar. Not fun when you're the mom!

April 5:18 PM  

Those sandals are so pretty you have to give them to her!!!
Where are they from? Wondering if they might have those around here:)

Letia 6:25 PM  

Jace is the same way. I figured it out, he uses his shoes as a brake when riding his bike or scooter. I've even duct taped them together and made him keep wearing them. It doesn't matter the brand. I make him wear his shoes for at least a couple of months before I replace them.
I say you let her keep those, maybe she will be kinder on them since her toes are exposed :) And they are cute!

Tori 6:37 PM  

In Savannah's defense, YES you can wear the toes out of real leather cowboy boots. I have two little boys and about 15 pairs of boots to prove it.
On the other hand, maybe its time little miss goes to ballet class?!? Looks like she is doing well, standing on her TOES!

Robin 10:45 AM  

I think a lot of us can relate- I was JUST scolding my five year old about the worn toes on her boots and told her I'm not buying her any more nice shoes. It sure is difficult when you come across pretty things like those though...

Cyndi 12:06 PM  

Very cute sandals! Where are they from? Please share! I think the leopard shoes are from the Gap? I wish my girls could wear their slip on shoes but they are too wide for their feet!

K Bailey 12:21 PM  

I tell my kiddos to NOT sit in their knees when they are at school or waiting on the concrete...it's a battle!

Erica Hanks 9:58 AM  

I think Kayden's get like that from dragging his toes when he swings! Oye...someone needs to invent indestructible shoes!

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