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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Time to answer some questions....

So, my e-mail box is overflowing with questions about house stuff, etc. And oh how I wish I could sit down and answer each one individually. But I'm hoping if I just post my answers here that that will be okay. Yes please? Phew! Thanks!

1. Where are those cute white frames from?

Oh, the frames! I fell deeply in love with this frame company about 5 years ago. I've slowly collected them in a whole slew of colors - cream, black, red, pink, green. I'm highly addicted to them! Click here to see them. A little word of advice, set up a wholesale account with them or talk someone you know into setting one up - that's what I did (still a bit pricey, even getting them wholesale, but they are amazing!)

2. What color did you paint your house?

The main body of our house is painted Dunn Edwards brand Cochise and the trim is painted Dunn Edwards brand Swiss Coffee. Cochise is a fairly light tan color without any undertones. I love it and have had many friends use it in their homes, too!

3. What brand/color is the wood floor you put in, where did you get it, who installed it for you?

Okay, the wood floor. Here is what it says on our floor sample: Reward Granada Collection. Birch Baroque. REW 125 GB. We purchased all of our flooring (wood, tile, and carpet) from our friend who owns Red Mountain Interiors. If you are local, call them up. Ask for Mark. He can totally help you out!

4. Where do you buy Little Miss's swimsuits?

I've always been a stickler on modesty from the very beginning of her life. Even as an infant I never dressed her in tank tops or bikini's or anything. I want her to be modest. I want modesty to be comfortable and immodesty to be uncomfortable...which it is. I'm glad. Modbe Clothing makes amazing swimsuits. Their new swim line is not out yet, but I LOVE their suits. I probably have 5 suits for myself (maybe even 6) from them and have two suits for Little Miss. The tops are long and have plenty of coverage, but still provide the ease of the two piece. The bonus is that they are well made!

Did I miss anything? I'm sure that I did. E-mail away and I'll try to answer your questions!


K Bailey 11:59 AM  

Thank you for the suit info! I have the same views...and now she is ten and it's never a fight on what is appropriate or not. I've looked at those suits for me but not for her....so great help!

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