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Friday, April 01, 2011


I've had a bit of inner turmoil over choices regarding the education of my children. Do I keep them at the local public school, switch one (or a few) over to a smaller, more accelerated charter school, bring one home to homeschool again? So many choices...that it makes it harder for me to choose what is best for each child individually. The fears start to dart through my mind, like: "What if so and so can't handle the accelerated pace? Will it ruin their self-esteem? Will friends be lost? Friends be gained?" But Wednesday I took the middle two to be evaluated so that I could at least have the option to choose for next school year. Both did very well. They said that Moose was exceptional, off the charts, in his reading. I pretty much already knew that about him. His abilities AMAZE me! Things just seem to be naturally easy for him. But it felt good to hear it from someone else! And although I haven't completely made my mind up, the decision I'm leaning towards is feeling better and better.

Chubbers has accomplished renaming every person in our family, naming them characters from some Super Mario games on the Wii. He refuses to call any of us by our real names and he is really starting to confuse people. Our new names are: Brett - Bowser, Me - Peach, Bear - Luigi, Moose - Mario, Little Miss - Yoshi, Chubs - Sonic. So in the mornings I'm met with a cheerful tiny voice proclaiming, "Good morning, Peach!" Or he'll reach his arms around my neck, snuggle his nose in my hair and say, "I love you, Peachy!" And when you ask him to spell his name, he rumbles off as quickly as he can, "G-r-a-n-t, Sonic!" Ha ha! That kid is hilarious!

On Wednesday Bear received his Tenderfoot rank advancement and 3 merit badges to add to the 6 he already has. He's hoping to earn a few more, at least, before he even turns 12. Pretty darn proud of him and all of his hard work!

(He has a sucker in his mouth....just in case you were wondering!)


Tressa 3:06 PM  

I hear ya! Brinn has gotten into a good charter school for next year, but Tayla and Kade are on the wait list. Brinn is for sure going, but what do I do with the other two???
With Mindy moving away my decision to no longer homeschool is much more firm. But, it doesn't mean I know what they are going to do instead. Ugh!

Teresa M. 12:35 PM  

Please show us more of your decor. I would love to see the photo arrangement up the staircase, because that is on my "to-do" list. Also, will you share your pattern for your Christmas stockings? I love the size and the pattern. Or could you just come to KY and decorate my home? Your style is what I like.

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