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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Beau... {Gilbert, Arizona Newborn and Baby Photographer}

This chunk of love STOLE my heart! He's definitely the squishiest newborn I've photographed, weighing a whopping 10.5 pounds when he was born. He had to be at least 11 pounds by the time we got together for pictures. I loved chatting with Beau's mom...who just happen to have 4 kids all arranged in the same order as my own. We discussed our adoring hubbies, sweet kiddo's... and just life in general. I love that when my clients leave I feel like I've made a new friend. Here's a little sneak peek for Beau's mommy. Mmmmm....squishy goodness!










ellen 6:53 PM  

A as in Adorable!

Amanda 8:33 PM  

OH my... and I thought my baby was chunky! ha!! What a squishy sweet guy! Love these! ummmm .... why didn't you put that tree stump in your suitcase???

lisa mckeown 8:45 PM  

You are right, he is the cutest!!!!

Ashley Madsen 8:48 PM  

WOW That's a chunky guy. So sweet. Love those cheeks! Great job.

Christine Sweet 5:09 AM  

I think this is your best newborn session to date. Really good... and WHERE did you get that cool tree stump????

J. Paige 7:02 AM  

so sweet!

Kinga 10:45 AM  

hi, you do the most beautiful newborn session that I saw. Toddler wonderful!

Sharla 11:05 AM  

LOVE the second one.

Robin 4:37 PM  

Holy squishiness! That babe is a hunk! I'm dying over that last one!

Tressa 9:15 PM  

That is some squishy squishy love! That last picture is awesome!

Lissa Leigh 11:16 AM  

Oh he is SOOO marshmallowy!!! I love his squishy cheeks! You are so wonderful at what you do. I am Summer's sis in law...baby Beau's aunt:) I was SO hoping I could go with Summer to watch the photo shoot AND meet you! Darnit! Too bad my hubby had to work. Summer said you were just as nice as could be. Maybe one day MY husband will surprise me with a "push gift" to get my newborn photos done by you. So...I guess I better get pregnant again SOON!!!

Katherine Wrona 11:41 AM  

Amazing photos!

Susan 6:20 AM  

Adorably squishy baby and beautiful photos!

Whitny 11:50 AM  

I can't see any pictures. There is a problem with photobucket

Whitny 11:50 AM  

I can't see any pictures. There is a problem with photobucket

Lissa Leigh 9:26 AM  

You might think I am super crazy, but as I was dropping my daughter, Kenadee, off for her first day of school today, I'm pretty sure I saw you there. How fun that our kids are attending the same school. What a small world! Maybe next time I'll muster up enough courage to actually introduce myself and say hi. Ha ha! Is your daughter in 2nd Grade?



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