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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What have you been doing?

So I've gotten a few e-mails and a comment or two asking what I've been doing to lose weight. My workout schedule really hasn't changed much over the years...that has pretty much stayed the same. My schedule on a GREAT week:
Monday - 1 hour muscle class, 1 hour zumba
Tuesday - 1 hour zumba, 1 hour muscle class (see how I switch it up....ha ha!)
Wednesday - 1 hour zumba, 1 hour power yoga, and another hour of zumba (that one is at night)
Thursday - 45 minute muscle class, 1 hour zumba
Friday - 1 hour power yoga
Saturday - 1 hour zumba, 1 hour power yoga

That's almost 12 hours a week...but I normally only get in about 9 hours. Some days I have newborn photoshoots or just need a day to get caught up on everything I'm slacking on. You know, when nobody has any clean underwear and the only thing in the fridge is....well, nothing.

But what I've changed the most is my diet! I've always (well, almost always) watched what I've been eating, paying attention to calories, etc. But this time I'm doing things a little bit different. And it's working!!! In fact, as of todays weigh in (just about an hour ago) I am down 19 pounds! 19!!!! Can I get a woohoo? So my goal is to stay right around 1400 calories every day. And to divide it up fairly evenly into 5 meals. Here's my current typical day:

Breakfast - a protein shake. I am super picky. I'm sorry. I just won't eat something that I have to gag down...or plug and chug. No thanks! I like food. This protein powder is my FAVORITE (in vanilla, although chocolate is yummy too). My shake recipe: about 5-6 ice cubes, 1/2 C water, half a frozen peach (or banana or handful of berries...whatever you'd like. I do like the banana with the chocolate), a scoop of the protein powder, and a scoop (I just use the one that comes with the protein powder) of uncooked oats. Blend and enjoy. Yum!

Mid-morning meal - a protein bar. The trick is to find one that has a good ratio of carbs and proteins and 250 calories or less. I really like the Adkins Chocolate/Peanut butter one. My all-time-favorite-feels-like-I'm-totally-not-on-a-diet bar is this one. Delish!!! I get them by the case. Sometimes I just do half a bar and 10 pecans. Tasty stuff!

Lunch - I'll just tell you a few of my favorite options, but basically the whole idea is that you try to match up carbs and proteins and watch the calories. When I'm out running errands at my favorite place on the planet, Target, I grab a Chicken Marinara Flatbread at their little restaurant. In fact, I buy them in bulk. Ha! They always give me the strangest looks. One flatbread is 180 calories, 15g carbs, 11g protein. I eat a handful of carrots or an apple with that. Another favorite lunch is the Chicken Tortilla Soup from Costco. It comes in a two pack. 1 cup of that is 150 calories. So I can have a cup of soup, a small serving of fruit, and some veggies. And my other favorite is a pita sandwich. I get the Toufayan Bakeries brand Low Carb Pita. 1 whole loaf is 130 calories with 16g carbs and 11g protein. I cut it in half and stuff turkey, lettuce, sprouts, sliced cucumbers, etc in half a loaf with a smidgen of tzaziki sauce. Again, super tasty and filling!

Mid-afternoon - normally have a Chobani Greek Yogurt. They are around 130-140 calories and an awesome carb/protein ratio. Sometimes I'll have some fruit or veggies too. Or I'll sprinkle a little granola in the yogurt.

Dinner - I normally eat what the fam is eating for dinner. I do have a low calorie italian dressing that I use on my salad. And I just eat smaller portions...staying away from whatever has tons of carbs: pasta, rice, breads, etc.

That's it! Well, I drink a TON of water, too. I carry a big cup around with me everywhere I go. I try to drink 5 of those a day. Also, NO sugar! It's hard sometimes. Last night, I was at a church meeting and they were serving hot chocolate and chips and salsa and all kinds of other things. It's sometimes hard to say, "No thank you!" It makes it easier when you think about how happy you are going to be when you see the scale go down a teeny bit the next morning. And that makes it worth it. It makes it easier to say, "No thanks!"

Well, guess what? I pulled a few strings...and if you want to try the Protein shake or bars...you can use the code hollyb and get 20% off your order through the end of November. Sweet! Oh, and I almost forgot!!! Whenever I get crazy sugar cravings....which are happening less and less these days, I take some of this. It works!

Let's get SKINNY!!!


Letia 7:15 PM  

19 lbs. is SERIOUSLY amazing! I am a tad jealous!! Anyway, I love how you broke it down. It will help tons of people. I definitely have over-complicated things. I am so close to my goal and want to reach it so bad but I was about ready to give up. You've inspired me. I can do it and it will feel so good.

Lookiewhatidid 10:01 AM  

Congrats on your weight loss. I was watching Nate Berkus yesterday and saw Elisabeth Hasselbeck on. Did you know she has breakfast/protein bars out. Here is the website and store locater. Think I'm going to check them out....just in case you haven't heard of them here is the website. http://nogii.com/highprotein.html

Robin 8:40 PM  

Congratulations Holly! Thanks for breaking it down, and Holy Cow- two hours every day!!?? That's insane. Now we just need a photo of your new hot body- I bet you look amazing!
My secret to losing a few lbs was a tonsilectomy- I didn't eat anything for a full week,(though I wouldn't recommend it.)

Heather 1:08 PM  

Way to go, that is amazing reslults!! Thank you for sharing!! Do you take the Nutri-West vana when you get the sugar craving or throughout the day to prevent the sugar craving?? That is my biggest downfall is sweets!

Angi 6:03 PM  

Congrats Holly. Man, aren't those immuno bars fantastic. I bring them home by the case too. We can hardly keep them in the clinic even ordering them 12 to 15 cases at a time. I am so glad to see you eating health. I too have lost about 50 lbs. It has been 2 years and I have kept it off also. Eating better was the trick for me too. Exercise didn't do much for me. So glad you are doing so great.

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