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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Be Mine...

You are mine.

I am yours.

Today started out like any other Sunday. Well mostly. The usual showers and hair drying and looking for shoes and the right color of socks. The boys teasing each other and trying to mess the other one's hair and clothes up and consequently being ordered to sit in a certain spot and to "not move until they are moving to get in the car!" The only thing "different" about this morning, was that I actually ate what the family was eating for breakfast - not my usual protein shake. But that was it. No big deal.

Sacrament meeting was touching and some beautiful stories were shared. I was grateful to know that Jarom had been listening when he leaned over and said, "Wow, Mom. That was an awesome story!" I am going to have to get a copy of one of the stories and share it with you. It was beautiful!

Next up in the routine, Sunday School. Oftentimes the lessons are so outlined, so predictable, so Sunday school-ish. Very "let's read this scripture, then discuss it, then go to the next". Good. But Sunday school-ish. Today's lesson was so different to me. So touching. So perfectly made for me....and I didn't even know that I needed it. I wasn't searching for an answer to a question or seeking to feel the Spirit or striving to make any significant changes in my life, but today's lesson stirred up something inside me. Something that makes me want to be better, to more fully give my heart to my Savior. To be more committed to living the gospel. We were studying 2 Nephi Chapter 4 and talking about how Nephi must've felt as he was writing verses 15-35. His dad had just passed away and his brothers were so angry with him. In that moment I felt completely connected to Nephi...connected to his heartache. Maybe it's because the anniversary of Brett's moms passing was just this past week. I don't know. But my heart was soft and ready to feel more deeply today.

From Nephi's Psalm:

"For my soul delighteth in the scriptures, and my heart pondereth them, and writeth them for the learning and the profit of my children. Behold my soul delighteth in the things of the Lord; and my heart pondereth continually upon the things which I have seen and heard."

"My God hath been my support; he hath led me through mine afflictions in the wilderness; and he hath preserved me upon the waters of the great deep. He hath filled me with his love, even unto the consuming of my flesh."

"O Lord, I have trusted in thee; and I will trust in thee forever....I know that God will give liberally to his that asketh...therefore I will lift up my voice...I will cry unto thee, my God, the rock of my righteousness."

She gave us an opportunity to write down some thoughts and insights....any ideas or promptings. I received a few insights...some things I want to do, some things I want to change, some things I want to be better at. Sometimes the tears just trickle down my cheeks and other times they just well up and drip straight from my eyes to my lap...today my tears were the latter. I have so much work to do to become the person that I want to be.

Today after church as I walked past the front room, as I was setting up for choir...pondering the things I'd learned about myself today at church, I stopped and looked at my Valentines decorations hanging across the mantle "Be Mine". And I felt in my heart a message from my Heavenly Father, "You are mine." And as quickly as I felt it, I thought, "I am yours. I am. With all my heart. I'm yours."


Hatch Family of Five 6:59 AM  

How interesting to me that you posted this very post yesterday. Cory and I teach the 14-18 year old Sunday School class. We love it, but have found it difficult at times to help these "no it all" children understand the importance of having a relationship, a real relationship with their Heavenly Father and Savior. While studying last week I realized the struggle has come because I forget sometimes how to have that real relationship.

Thank you for your post Holly. I needed the reminder!

Rachelle 9:36 AM  

Thank you for sharing this...beautiful!

Andrea 9:24 AM  

Beautiful post. thanks for sharing your sweet thoughts. I needed to hear that today.

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