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Tuesday, June 05, 2012

We had a "HOOT" of a time!

For months, Savannah and I planned her birthday party. She had been begging and begging to have a late night with all of her friends. I saw an idea on another photographers blog for a NIGHT OWL party and I was instantly in love. Savannah and I had the best time planning out every little detail. From the invitations, to the menu, to the party favors, to the activities. Seriously so fun!

We made pink popcorn...
Photobucket Then we took that scrumptious popcorn and loaded these cute owl bags that Savannah and I put together with that delectable treat... Photobucket
Pretty cute, right?
And put the invitation on the back. I got the super cute clipart HERE...
Savannah literally could hardly contain her excitement! I made her some pretty darn cute "owl" pajammies and got her some darling owl earrings at Forever 21. Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
The wind was making me a little crazy that day! I just took some plastic tablecloths and taped them to the gazebo and then tied them with cute bows. The wind kept ripping the tablecloths down, so we had to go a little crazy on the tape. Tablecloths and hanging pinwheels are from Party City.
Photobucket The other pinwheels, I made. Photobucket
Bazzill papers now makes these awesome 12x24 sheets of cardstock. I used four of those 12x24 sheets of cardstock to make each GIANT pinwheel. Seriously so cute and pretty stinkin' easy to make!
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
The place-settings. I got the cute plates and napkins at Party City, the straws from Jo-Anns (I think) and the felt owls HERE. I got six turquoise and six hot pink. Then I just hot glued the owls to clips that I covered with cute polka-dot ribbons.
Photobucket Then came the best part of the whole night. I made 12 different owl pillows - a dancing owl, a sweet tooth owl, a wise owl, a crafty owl, a sunshine owl, a dreamy owl, etc. I got the pattern HERE. We wrapped all 12 owls and taped a little information card on each gift, upside down so that the girls couldn't read them. I numbered the back of the information cards 1-12. We had balloons tied up around the backyard. We told the girls that they had to each run and grab a balloon. The number on the balloon was the number of the gift that they got to open. Savannah was first to open her owl pillow - sweet tooth owl.
After they opened their owl, they got to fill out an adoption card and name their owl.
Photobucket Photobucket
The girls had so much fun opening their owls. They were the highlight of the party, for sure!
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
Then it was time for dinner! We decided to keep it simple and just served hotdogs, soda, chips, strawberries, and carrots.
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Savannah thought she was pretty funny with her owl stuffed up her shirt. Ha ha! Photobucket
Oh my! These girls made a mess in no time FLAT. Ha!
I attempted an owl cupcake cake. It turned out okay. Savannah doesn't even like cake.
PhotobucketAfter the girls spend a long time swimming, we did cake and ice cream and presents. It was fun to see the girls pretending and playing with their owl pillows! Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Happiest of birthdays my Missie Moo Princess Pie. Love you to the moon and back...twice!


Nicki 7:24 AM  

Cutest birthday ever. You rule supreme in crafts and photos and party themes - shucks, in the whole mommy department. (your husband did look a little afraid for his life venturing into a room full of high energy girls while holding cake - lol!) Happy Birthday to Savannah.

Erin 8:13 AM  

I started following you blog when it was mostly photography stuff but I fell in love with your style and your sweetness with your kids. I did the same owl cakes for my twins 1 year old party- I didn't think about how many things I'd have to pull off before they could actually eat them! I wanted to pin it so I could remember it, hope you don't mind? I just got my frist DSLR camera and your pictures are so inspiring of where I'd like to be!

Lacey 3:28 PM  

Aww! What a great idea! I had commented a million post ago about the school you have your kids at now. It's the same one we had our oldest at. She was there for kinder and 1st and we just LOVED the school. We did 2nd grade in Texas and are now back in Az. We are over on Power and Germann now and feel like the commute is too far to put her back at CBS. How my heart aches as I see all those cute girls I recognize from the years past! I love your party idea. My oldest will be 8 in September and this would so great for her. Thanks for sharing!

Tamee 6:58 PM  

Okay, we must move back just to get invited to birthday parties. And I see Bailey Winegar in those pictures. Bob and Kerri are good friends of ours. Tell Savannah Happy Day! We love her.

Letia 12:56 PM  

AMAZING! Savannah is one lucky little girl. That is the cutest party ever!!

ellen 10:16 PM  

Shut. Up.

Cutest party EVER!!!

Becky 4:50 PM  

Fabulous party! Do you have a previous post that shows your backyard? I would love some ideas for ours. Thanks as always for the inspiration!

Laurie 10:53 AM  

You inspired me to create this for my daughter's next birthday. Tell me the truth...how long did it take you to make those pillows? I want to know what I'm getting myself into!!!

melanie liljenquist 1:37 PM  


Could you be any Cuter!!! Love It!! So Dang Cute. You are so Talented. Hope your doing good.

Keep Up the Great Work!!!


Jessica and Deven 1:43 PM  

Could you please share where you got your HOME wall art.

Heather Woolley 10:54 AM  

Best birthday party i have ever seen. How are you going to top that for next year?! My goodness you set the bar HIGH!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea and everything you did for it. I'm dying to do this party idea for my daughter, but I'm pretty sure it wouldn't turn quite like this unless I hired you to do it for me! You are the coolest mom ever. The end.

Sharla 1:30 PM  

SO cute! Happy Birthday Savannah!

Jenni 9:18 AM  

goodness me. I do not even remember how my blog hopping brought me here, but it did. I have 3 sons & our baby girl just turned 2. your blog gets me very excited about the times ahead for my own daughter. Savannah is darling & your mother daughter trip looked like way too much fun! Ill have to do that with my own someday. Such a cute blog you have here! Do you make savannah's sweet outfits or purchase them?

The Whyte House 7:40 PM  

I just found your blog and this owl party is so sweet. Can you tell me where you got your HOME letters above your french doors? I saw someone else asked but didn't see a response. You can email me direct at lisarwhyte@gmail.com. Thanks, Lisa

Holly 7:15 PM  

Lisa, I got the HOME letters about 7 years ago from a local boutique that is now out of business. Sorry!

Maleigh Canon 1:14 PM  

I'd LOVE to know if you used a pattern for the adorable pajamas?! My daughter wants us to make Christmas pjs together so I'm looking for ideas now. Thanks!

Holly 8:53 AM  

Maleigh, I just used a basic pajama bottom pattern from Jo-Anns and added the ruffle on the bottom and tied ribbon at the waist.

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