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Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Kauai (Part 1 of who knows how many...ha ha!)

On July 9th, we bid farewell to the beautiful Oahu, loaded on to another airplane and headed to Kauai, where we'd spend the next 15 days falling in love with that island.

We spent our first day there loading up on groceries, getting settled, and exploring the beautiful Poipu beach.

The next morning, Brett and I hopped on bikes and rode around, scoping things out. We packed up a yummy picnic, grabbed the kids, and drove over to check out Waimea Canyon.

 And then found this awesome little spot down in Waimea, where we ate our yummy little picnic.
And we discovered Jo-Jo's Shaved Ice (which we ended up visiting a few times and earned my "Best Shaved Ice in Kauai" nomination). So tasty!

That night we took the kids to the Smith's Family Luau. We got Jarom to take a picture of us before we left. We seriously were the luckiest people on the planet to get to stay at one of Brett's patients vacation homes for FREE. I know. What? Who is that awesome? The yard was paradise...right on the golf course. Beautiful!

 See look...they love each other!
 Whoops. That didn't last long.

 The gardens at the Smith Tropical Paradise Luau were stunning! We loved exploring the grounds before the dinner and luau started.

 Trying to round up the kids to get a picture with me...
 Success....kind of.

The food was AMAZING! I actually liked it better than the food served at the PCC, but the dancing at this luau didn't even compare to the amazing talent we saw at the PCC. Still such a fun thing to experience, though!

 Jarom and Grant got up on stage and learned a little hula. I giggled. They are cute!

One of my favorite things about Kauai and staying down on the south shore is that anytime we left to explore another part of the island we got to drive through this...
The "tunnel of trees". I could not get enough of it!

The next morning we headed back to the airport, but instead of getting on an airplane, we loaded into a helicopter. We were all so, SO excited! I had taken some dramamine and given some to Bryson, too. We both get so motion sick, so I was a little bit worried how we'd do, but we were excited to get to explore so much more of the island!

I did really well....until about the last 15 minutes of our hour long flight. Swooping down into the canyons, even though the walls were covered in greenery and the waterfalls were gorgeous, I had to grab for the dreaded little white bag. And lose my breakfast. It was a total bummer. But still totally worth it. I would've done it again in a heartbeat!

I'm smiling and trying to hide behind other people, so you can't see the sweat marks on my shirt. Ha ha! So happy for the experience, yet so happy to be on the ground. I get sick on a swing, so I knew it'd be a little rough on my tummy. Love these people!
We spent the rest of the day at the beach and then headed over that evening to check out Spouting Horn. Fun!


Kristal 8:05 AM  

Your picture with the kids is great. Just how all of ours are. Drives me insane, but I'm going to be so sad when the day comes that they all sit there and look at the camera without touching each other or making faces. haha! Um, and YES that's lucky that you got to stay there for free. Jase has some patients from Greece that want him to come out and lecture next year. I'm SO hoping that happens! I need to get him to find some patients in Hawaii. haha! Your peacock shot is fantastic. Wouldn't it be fun to just go there alone with a camera? Ok, maybe that's the me who sits at home with a million kids all day every day speaking, but right now, that sounds lovely!

Sharla 2:29 PM  

Thanks for sharing Holly. Such beautiful pics.

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