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Monday, November 05, 2012

One of our favorite things about Oahu...

When we were in the airplane, heading over to Kauai, I asked the kids, "What were your favorite things we did in Oahu?" They said, "Going to the Polynesian Cultural Center and getting our pictures done with Natalie!"

We were lucky enough to have our vacation days in Oahu overlap with the amazing Natalie Norton's time there. So we hired her to take pictures of our little family while we were there. I was worried all day long that we might have to cancel, because of the near non-stop rain storms and crazy winds. I had spent weeks putting together outfits and was a little sick to my stomach thinking that we might not be able to pull off pictures after all.

We met her near this beautiful beach and she greeted me with a warm hug and high fives for the kids. We posed on the beach for a few shots and then we just played and laughed and played some more. She was right there with us, laughing and loving every second. We literally just had the best time being silly and running up and down the beach.

That night when I tucked the kids in bed, brushing hair off of foreheads with my fingers and smooching squishy cheeks, my sleepy Bryson said, "Mom...thanks so much for letting us get our pictures taken today. That was the best!" It really was.

I thought I'd just share a few of my very favorites, but I literally could not narrow it down. Well, I narrowed it down a bit. She gave us over 100 pictures that I'm head over heels in love with. Maybe you can just see for yourself why I couldn't narrow it down. (I did put my copyright stamp on it...although they were all taken by Natalie...I just don't love pictures of my kids on the internet with some kind of "do not use" stuff on it)

When Natalie sent me the link to my gallery, I had to look through all of our pictures at least once every hour. I'd sit there and look through them all, a huge smile pasted on my face and little tears in my eyes. Brett saw the tears and asked, "Do you like them?" "Um, I LOVE them! Everything about them!"


Natalie. 9:32 AM  

Families like yours make me love my job so so so much. xoxoxoxo!

Kristal 8:08 AM  

Love the last one of all 4 kids...kinda looking up right at water's edge. Great shot! All of em!

Lacey 8:50 PM  

So lovely- I am a huge fan of both your work! And how funny that she is in Az now but met up in Hawaii!

Beautiful images!

Denita 11:21 AM  

Hi Holly. I'm a big fan of your work! I absolutely LOVE the "Money Tree" picture...too funny! Would you mind if I downloaded it for my kids? I have two teenagers who truly believe that money does indeed grow on trees - they would get such a kick out of the picture. Thanks.

Holly 8:36 PM  

Absolutely :)...go right ahead. ha ha!

Mortensen Baby Farm 6:01 PM  

I'm drooling over your family pictures! We are headed to Maui in a few months and have a photographer set to take ours and would love to wear something similar to what you are wearing. Where did you find such a sassy outfit?
The pics are FAB!

Mortensen Baby Farm 12:31 PM  

I am obsessed with these family pics! I am a photographer and mother of 5 and to be honest a little annoying when it comes to someone taking our pictures because I am a control freak (working on it - ha!) We are headed to Kauai and want to have our family pictures done. Could you please (note: I'm on my knees here) tell me where you got your dress. It is exactly what i am looking for!

Holly 6:11 PM  

Thank you, thank you! I got my dress from Matilda Jane. I "think" it was called the cupcake dress....maybe not. Not sure why that just popped in my head. I know they don't currently sell it, but maybe etsy?

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